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Florida School of Real Estate Review (We Help You Decide)

Getting a real estate license is an exciting opportunity that many people are taking advantage of. If you are considering going to Florida School of Real Estate, you may be wondering what they offer. In this Florida School of Real Estate review, we will cover all of their programs, courses and learning experiences.

UPDATED: February 2023

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Overview Of Florida School of Real Estate


Florida School of Real Estate is located in Jacksonville, Florida and has been operating there for years. They have worked with students that have come from all over the state to help them pass the real estate exam. Because of this, they have a wide range of experience and a diverse curriculum and teaching style.

They have one location in Jacksonville that you can attend if you are dealing with in-person classes. Located near the beach, it is a great environment for learning about the Florida real estate market. If you are someone who needs a nice setting for your education, they are a great option.

Florida School of Real Estate is very connected to the Florida real estate market. Since they keep their school relegated to one area of the state, they can keep it focused. The key to any business is specialization and they understand this important consideration.

Since they are so connected to this specific area, they are a great choice for specialized students. If you want to work in the Jacksonville area, you could do no better than Florida School of Real Estate. They know the market and can impart that region-specific knowledge to you as a student.

Student Experience

The student experience at Florida School of Real Estate is very focused on the real estate exam. Since this is one of the aspects of getting licensed that people worry about the most, this is important. They want you to do as well as you can on this crucial exam and feel confident while taking it.

Many of their students felt that the course material was very detail oriented and comprehensive. Since real estate transactions are incredibly complex, this is a good feature for any real estate school. Being thorough may make the courses difficult, but it will only serve to make you a better agent.

They are also focused on giving you the necessary tools that you need in your career. Many real estate schools in Florida just try to get you to pass the exam and then that is it. However, Florida School of Real Estate wants you to succeed in the business as well.

If you are taking your classes in-person, you will also get the benefit of the instructor’s experience. Since this is the person you are learning from, their involvement in Florida real estate is important. Many students have felt that they benefited from this experience and could then apply it themselves.

Florida School of Real Estate Teaching Style

The teaching style at Florida School of Real Estate has been described as being very fun oriented. Since the material can be somewhat dry, they really try to make it entertaining and engaging. Not all professional and real estate schools give you this consideration in their instruction.

They also try to keep class sizes as small as possible to allow for personal interaction. Many real estate schools will try to cram as many people into a class as possible. This can be detrimental to the learning experience and they try not to do this.

Since the class sizes are small, they are able to offer quite a bit of personal interaction and attention. Many students feel this happens to be their greatest asset as a real estate school. Getting that kind of face to face experience is key when you are learning something this detailed.

They also have a focus on making the material easy to understand for their students. This comes from years of experience in real estate education. Being able to present the complicated material in an accessible way is a great feature. They want you to be able to digest the curriculum in a way that will be fun and easy to follow.

In-Depth Look At Florida School of Real Estate

course option for florida school of real estate


Florida School of Real Estate has a unique way of teaching students the principles and basics of real estate. By keeping their class sizes small, they are able to give an extremely personal experience to students. They are also able to do this by only having one instructor for their in person courses.

The instructor, Al, has a singular vision for what he wants his students to walk away from the course with. He has developed his curriculum over the course of many years and has worked with many students. Because of this, he is able to present his curriculum as his own unique vision.

Many students have felt that Al is an extremely entertaining and humorous instructor. Since the material can be somewhat dry, this is a very important quality for him to have. If you are laughing, you are engaging with the material in a meaningful way that is going to help you.

Students have felt that Al’s energy and enthusiasm for the subject is incredibly infectious. Because of this, they felt excited to come to the class every day. This engaging and positive attitude has a way of keeping students enthralled with the class and learning better.

Florida School of Real Estate Course Options

There are two ways that you can get your 63 hours of Florida real estate education completed. One of them is to take the courses in person at the school’s physical location in Jacksonville. The other is to take them online in a self-guided way at your own pace and on your own time.

Depending on what your schedule is like, you may want to take the courses in person. Al’s infectious style has a way of getting students to retain as much information as they can about the subject. If you can manage to get there every day, this could be a great option for you as a student.

However, not everyone has the ability to go to the in-person classes. You may not be in Jacksonville or you may have a full time job or other obligations. In this case, taking the self-guided online courses may be a good choice for you.

The self-guided courses were put together and developed by Al as well. Even though you are not there in person, you can still get the same knowledge and material as in-person students. This makes them both great options for getting your educational requirements completed.

Student Resources

Florida School of Real Estate does not have many of the student resources that some of the bigger schools have. Other schools offer things like career development and networking opportunities for former students. However, Florida School of Real Estate does not have these extra features.

However, they are not completely without extra features and helpful resources. They offer an exam prep course for just under $60 that includes exam simulations and drills. These drills and simulations can be incredibly helpful for getting used to the state and national real estate exam.

They also offer a one stop shop area on their website for getting fingerprinted and applying for your license. Other real estate schools leave you on your own for these aspects of pre licensing. By having these resources on their website, you can get these all done in one place after passing the exam.

They also offer access to the Sales Associate Candidate Handbook on their website. This handbook is a great study guide for people getting ready to take the real estate exam. By studying this handbook, you can get a good idea of what will be on the exam and be prepared.

Florida School of Real Estate Pricing

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In-Person Classes

The in-person classes at Florida School of Real Estate come in at $335 for all their iterations. At this price, they are worth taking for nearly any type of student and learner. As far as the national price spectrum goes, these are on the lower end and are very affordable.

The in-person classes can be taken over the course of 15 days or 20 days. They can also be taken in the morning or in the evening. Depending on what your schedule is like, you can choose which one of these iterations will be best for you.

If you are someone who has a lot of time to dedicate to your classes during the week, 15 day is a good option. You can be ready to take your real estate exam in just over two weeks, which is a short period of time. If you are incredibly eager to get working on your career, this could be a very good option for you.

If, however, you are a busy student, the 20 day course could be a better choice. By spreading your classes out over three weeks instead of two, you can be more leisurely. Even though it takes longer, this option could be much less intensive and easier to digest.

Online Course

The online course is delivered in a series of narrated videos and instructional PDFs. If you are someone who doesn’t have the time to go to an in-person course, this is a good option. You can complete your 63 hours of pre licensing education at home on your own time.

The online course has two package options available to you. For the most basic package, the cost is just over $225. At this price, most people can afford to take it without having to break the bank too much. If you are confident in your academic abilities, this could be a great choice.

The other package includes an exam prep element and comes in at just under $270. For under $50 more, you can have access to practice exams and other drills that could be very helpful. If you are a nervous test taker, this package is a great way to be as prepared as you can be.

Even though you are not in the classroom with Al, he did develop these online courses. Because of that, you will get access to all the same information and expertise as the in-person courses. For someone who has a full time job or other family obligations, this is a great alternative.

Pros And Cons Of Using Florida School of Real Estate


  • Enthusiastic Instructor – The enthusiasm and positivity of the instructor will make or break nearly any course that you take. By all accounts, Al has a great attitude and tries to make the material as interesting as possible. Because of this, you are more likely to retain the information and be engaged with the curriculum.
  • Specialized Knowledge – Because Florida School of Real Estate only has one location, they are knowledgeable about the area. If you want to work in the Jacksonville area, this is a great place to get information on the local market. The courses can be very helpful in understanding what is going on in a fluid and dynamic industry.
  • Application Center – On their website, they have an area that is specifically dedicated to the license application process. Many people get stuck when they have to figure out how to get fingerprints and a background check done. Florida School of Real Estate has all of this in one place.
  • Small Class Sizes – One of the best ways to learn in a classroom environment is with small class sizes. Many real estate schools try to put as many students in one course as they possibly can. Florida School of Real Estate takes an opposite approach and gives you a personal experience.
  • Affordable Tuition – The tuition for all of their classes is extremely affordable. At under $300 for all of their packages, nearly anyone can afford to get their Florida real estate license. Compared to other real estate schools, this is next to nothing for a comprehensive education.


  • Vague Website – There is not much information on their website regarding their history or experience in the industry. Much of the information will need to be gleaned from student reviews and testimonials. Because of this, you may want to do more research regarding their history and experience with the real estate industry.
  • One Location – There is only one physical location for Florida School of Real Estate. Many other schools have multiple locations all around the state they operate in. Because of this, if you want to take in-person classes and aren’t in Jacksonville, you may want to look elsewhere.
  • Guarantee – There are quite a few real estate schools that offer a pass guarantee for their courses such as Colibri Real Estate. This means that you do not pay tuition if you’re not able to pass the course. Florida School of Real Estate does not provide this type of guarantee, which may make some students nervous.
  • No Networking Opportunities – Florida School of Real Estate does not have any networking events for agents and brokers. Many of the larger real estate schools have events where you can make meaningful connections. If these connections are important to you, you may want to find another real estate school.

Conclusion And Verdict

Almost all former students at Florida School of Real Estate loved taking their classes with Al. They felt that he had their best interests in mind and wanted them to succeed. He has written positive personal responses to almost all of his online reviews.

If you are looking for a small real estate school with a deeply personal touch, they are a good choice. Their small class sizes and single instructor make them a great option for people who learn best with encouragement. This can be an important factor in their success in the class and on the exam.

Our Florida School of Real Estate review will hopefully give you a better understanding of their philosophy. Knowing the things that they offer and how they execute it can help you make the right decision for your education. Your success in the business is directly affected by your real estate school and the knowledge you gain there.