6 Best Online Real Estate Schools In Tennessee For 2022

Looking for the best online real estate schools in Tennessee? We have the answers you’ve been looking for!

Getting your real estate license in Tennessee is a rewarding and potentially lucrative undertaking. With so many people moving from big cities into rural, less populated areas, there has never been a better time. Wherever there are homes being sold, there are real estate agents collecting commissions.

In this review of the best online real estate schools in Tennessee, we will cover every aspect of pre-licensure education. Not all real estate schools are the same; it’s a good idea to know their differences. By preparing yourself, you can enroll in classes with the confidence that you have all the information.

Real Estate Express (#1 Best Online Real Estate Schools In Tennessee)


reexpress tennessee

Real Estate Express is a national chain of online real estate courses. They service states all across the country and have taught all kinds of students. Because of this, they are incredibly accessible and open to many different learning styles.

Aceable Agent (#2 Best Online Real Estate Schools in Tennessee)

Unlike our top pick, Aceable Agent only provides test prep materials for a handful of states; Tennessee is one of them. And while their narrow focus means their curriculum is extremely state-specific, there’s still enough emphasis on the national component to ensure you receive a well-rounded education.