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1. Colibri Real Estate


Colibri Real Estate is our best overall online real estate school winner. They have a long track record, great course content, amazing packages and overall, the best education.

2. Aceable Agent

aceable agent (4.7)

AceableAgent is our winning pick for the best learning platform. Their interactive learning interface is the best on the market but they have  limited package options.

3. The CE Shop

the ce shop (4.6)

The CE Shop is our best choice for the most package options. They offer packages to suit just about anyone with any budget but, not our overall best pick.

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There are literally thousands of real estate schools on the market. Each one has unique fee structures, different course modules, different teaching methods, different pass rates, and even various levels of support and response times. Choosing the wrong real estate school is critical and if you choose the wrong one, it can cost you a lot of time and money. Our real estate school reviews are second to none. We have personally contacted most of the highly popular real estate schools throughout the US and have reviewed many of them so we know which real estate schools will work best in a particular situation. Read more about us

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