9 Best California Real Estate Schools Online (2021 Update)

Many people are interested in getting a real estate license in California as the earning potential is high, and you can schedule hours to fit your needs. Licensing requires the completion of an approved course of study at one of the many online real estate schools in California.

Each person learns differently, so most schools try to provide a combination of audio-visual and tactile learning content. Some people have flexible schedules and are more comfortable attending in-person classroom-focused real estate schools. Other people are busy holding down a job, a family, or other commitments that make it a necessity to be able to access course material at their convenience, such as that provided in online real estate classes in California.

Classroom Instruction vs. Online Learning

You can receive your real estate licensing instruction in a physical classroom setting or via online video or text-based instruction. Both methods offer advantages. Classroom courses provide access to a physical instructor and the camaraderie of working with other students. However, online real estate schools in California allow students to complete coursework on their schedule in the comfort of their home.

California boasts approximately 40 online real estate schools. There are advantages and disadvantages to each real estate school. Some students prefer just the basic course materials required to meet state guidelines, while others want to take advantage of additional study aids and resources. Whatever your preference, there is a real estate school that can provide what you are looking for. In this guide, we recommend nine of the best online real estate schools in California to help you find the right one.

Real Estate Express (#1 Best Online Real Estate Schools In California)


online real estate schools in California

Of all of the accredited online real estate schools in California, Real Estate Express offers the most choices in course options and supplementary aids. They offer four reasonably priced online pre-license course package options, or you can purchase courses individually.

Course Features

The most basic package is priced at $119. It includes the California Real Estate Principles, California Real Estate Practices, and six different elective courses to fulfill the state’s required 135 hours for your California real estate license. Additionally, you will receive three eBooks and instructor support.

Real Estate Express’s online course is text-based and features end of chapter quizzes and an Instructor Q & A, which provides live access to industry professionals to answer any questions. Successful completion of the end of course final exam earns a completion certificate.

The highest level package is priced at $449. It includes everything the Basic package offers plus exam prep practice exams, a 90-day Boot Camp, an exam-cram video, a printed textbook, and a one-year professional development membership. That’s everything you need for initial licensing and renewal licensing!

Pros and Cons

  • Pro – Career Longevity: If you want to take your real estate career to the next level, this course also offers broker training. And with all the professional development content included with their best courses, this is one of the best online resources for long-term career support.
  • Pro – A La Carte: Real Estate Express has content that will meet all 135 hours required to sit for the California real estate exam. However, you can always choose to take one or two of these courses to earn 45 hours at a time, which may be ideal if you’ve already completed some of the education requirement before this point.
  • Pro – Guaranteed Results: Under their Pass or Don’t Pay Guarantee, you’ll receive a full refund if you fail your California real estate exam after completing this course. That means the only thing you have to lose is your time.

Bottom Line

We consider Real Estate Express to be one of the best online real estate schools in California for reasonably priced pre-license real estate courses from a reputable nationwide company.


AceableAgent (#2 Best Online Real Estate Schools In California)


AceableAgent in California

Aceable Agent has been in the online education business since 1992. Since then, this company has offered  real estate education to several different locations; however, their online real estate courses in California just received accreditation in 2020.

Course Features

Their pre-licensing course includes the most updated Real Estate Principles, Real Estate Practices, and Legal Aspects of Real Estate offered in a self-paced PDF format.

The course was written by experienced real estate professionals and is easy to read through. Courses are downloadable to any computer and are specifically designed for use with any mobile or tablet device.

  • The Essentials: This basic package offers a self-paced PDF study format that meets the 135 hour requirement from the state of California. You can also contact your instructor for support via email, and there’s a 30-day money back guarantee that allows you to try it for a month without making a full commitment.
  • Ace The Exam: For about $75 more than the basic package, this option includes 75 videos and 70 supplementary audio lessons. You also get over 1,300 practice questions and another real estate eBook to help you study.
  • Ultimate Interactive: This costs over $100 more than the Ace The Exam package, but it offers private tutoring and other live features. If you’re interested in checking out Aceable Agent’s library of live and pre-recorded webinars, or if you want to ask questions to your instructor in real time, this is a fantastic deal.

Each course is followed by a final exam that earns you a course completion certification. Aceable Agent is so sure you will find success with their classes that they guarantee to refund your money if you don’t pass the state licensing exam by the end of the third try.

Pros and Cons

  • Pro – Audio Content: For some students, audio lessons are essential to ensuring they can successfully prepare for their exams. This allows you to multitask and study while doing chores, traveling, or exercising.
  • Pro – Affordable Tutoring: Although restricted to their highest-priced course, Aceable Agent still offers one of the most affordable packages for students interested in live tutoring. In addition to the hour of 1-on-1 tutoring included with the Ultimate course, you can also quickly ask questions live to your instructors during webinars and the Q&A.
  • Con – Flashcards: One area in which Aceable Agent doesn’t offer much assistance is vocabulary. A lack of digital flashcards or other vocabulary building exercises means you may not have a solid grasp on all the necessary terms in your profession.

Bottom Line

While not the most comprehensive online real estate license prep option, Aceable Agent is an affordable, accredited option.

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The CE Shop (#3 Best Online Real Estate Schools In California)


The CE Shop

The CE Shop offers some of the most engaging course material, which combines reading passages with real-world decision scenarios. The scenarios provide an opportunity to apply what you’ve just learned, so you are prepared to pass the exam.

Course Features

Online text-based pre-license courses include Real Estate Practice, Real Estate Principles, and Real Estate Finance. In addition to the course, The CE Shop offers downloadable reference materials and 24/7 access to instructors and tech support.

  • Sales and broker training
  • Digital flashcards and glossary
  • Business eBooks and other career resources
  • Accessible from mobile and tablet devices
  • 91% student pass rate
  • 30-day money back guarantee

Pros and Cons

  • Pro – Readiness Indicator: Your course dashboard automatically updates to show your progress as you work your way through the course. This prevents you from spending any more time on your study plan than is absolutely necessary.
  • Pro – Course Bundles: The CE Shop offers 3 different courses covering real estate licensing. These can be purchased together for a lower price, which is what I recommend if you’re interested in any aspect of this course.
  • Con – No Audio Lessons: People who like to learn while doing other things will be disappointed to see no audio content in this course. A lack of audio lectures means it will be more difficult (but not impossible) to study while doing chores or exercising.

Bottom Line

Innovative course material, reasonable pricing, and several continuing education options make the CE Shop an excellent choice for pre-licensing and continuing education courses.


CompuCram (#4 Best Online Real Estate Schools In California)

As its name implies, this company offers a computer-based cram course for state and national real estate exams. They can help you greatly improve your working vocabulary of real estate terms and concepts.

Course Features

  • Unique question formats
  • Digital flashcards
  • Mobile and tablet compatibility
  • Adaptive learning and readiness indicator
  • Six month access period

Pros and Cons

  • Pro – Qualified Instructors: Each teacher has years of experience in real estate and education.
  • Pro – Free Demo: Anyone interested in this course can try out a free demo to see if they like the material before paying for anything.
  • Con – No Live Learning: Unfortunately, Compucram doesn’t offer any live learning options for real estate exam prep.

Bottom Line

Compucram is an excellent course for anyone interested in self study materials. They also offer a guided, computerized curriculum that can help you learn quickly and efficiently.

Allied Schools

online real estate schools in California

Allied Real Estate School is a popular choice for those interested in one of the most affordable, approved online real estate courses in California. Unlike many other real estate schools, they only offer online courses in California and Texas.

You have the option of purchasing courses individually or taking advantage of their FastTrack packages. The Basic FastTrack program includes the two required Pre-license Courses and one of seven elective courses, eBook study downloads, practice exams, and access to live instructors and 24/7 support.

When you upgrade to premium and premium plus packages, Allied provides exam-cram videos, digital flashcards, eBook dictionary, hard copy textbooks, and membership access to webinars, job aids, and professional development courses.

Allied Schools are so confident that you will pass the California Real Estate licensing exam on the first try that they offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you don’t.

OnCourse Learning (Mbition)

Mbition course

Mbition (formerly known as OnCourse Learning) is one of the well-recognized online real estate schools in California with a nationwide presence in 41 states. They offer text-based online learning delivered in small modules that can be easily read and understood.

Silver, Gold, and Platinum solutions range from $129 to $339. All course packages include three courses required for real estate licensing in California, such as Real Estate Principles, Practices, and Real Estate Finance in eBook format inclusive of exams and instructor and technical support.

Upgrades to gold and platinum packages provide Mbition’s proprietary MathMaster tool to help students understand the math required for real estate transactions and prepare for the licensing exam. Mbition also offers other study aids and interactive review games for enhanced content retention.

Mbition courses and exam prep tools are all optimized for mobile devices. Student support is available both online and via phone.

Mbition is a budget-friendly course program with unbeatable test prep study aids and resources.