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5 Best Real Estate Schools In Arkansas (2023 Online License Courses)

In this review of the best online real estate schools in Arkansas, we will cover many aspects. Things like scheduling, price and curriculum are important to be mindful of when choosing. With those factors in mind, you can find an online real estate course in Arkansas that’s right for you.

The real estate market in Arkansas has been steadily growing for the last few years. The population growth alone is enough to encourage new builds and new buyers from all over. Between 2010 and 2018, the population of Little Rock, Arkansas increased by 5.9%.

This boom in population can only mean one thing: there is a need for housing. A need for housing means that there is a need for people to sell that housing. This is why now might be a great time for you to look for real estate schools in Arkansas.

The median home value in Arkansas is $133,924. In the last year, though, the rates have appreciated by 4.45% and 8.45% in the last two years. This means that home values are on the rise and with them come commissions.

One of the benefits of beginning a real estate career in Arkansas is the low cost of entry. While housing prices are on the rise, those prices are relatively low. This means that buyers and renters are clamoring for position in the market and you are there to mediate.

1. Colibri Real Estate: Best Online Real Estate School In Arkansas

Real Estate Express arkansas

Colibri Real Estate offers education packages that can be chosen based on your needs. They are a little more basic than some of the other online real estate schools in Arkansas. However, they do offer a few perks that might suit the right person.

As far as complete education packages go, Colibri Real Estate is relatively low priced. A very basic package will run just over two hundred dollars which is quite low. However, this package would only be suitable for those who are disciplined and self-reliant.

One of the benefits of using Colibri Real Estate for your real estate school in Arkansas is the Q&A. Some of the packages offer instructor Q&As where you can ask questions and clear up any misunderstandings. All of the instructors are state approved, so this is a good opportunity to ask any Arkansas-specific questions.

Colibri Real Estate is a good choice for those who have some experience already. The basic package is affordable but still satisfies the minimum requirements. Because of this, it might not be the best choice for true beginners.

Colibri Real Estate offers a 90-day boot camp by Sherri Johnson that is meant to be a career kickstarter. In this extra course, you will receive tips for lead generation and proven strategies for generating results. This could be worth its $100 price tag just for the lead generation tips alone.

While it is an accredited real estate school in Arkansas, Colibri Real Estate is not specifically targeted to the area. However, they have everything you will need to pass the Arkansas real estate license exam so they are a great choice.


2. The CE Shop: Online Real Estate Course In Arkansas

CE Shop best online real estate school in Arkansas

The CE Shop has a huge variety of packages available if you are looking for real estate classes in Arkansas. No matter what level of knowledge you are at when you start, they have a package to fit. However, they all satisfy the basic education requirements for an Arkansas real estate license.

Many of these packages are extremely thorough. Some contain extras like test prep and Arkansas-specific market analysis. For these reasons, many of the packages are on the pricier side of the spectrum. However, depending on how prepared you want to be, it might be worth it.

Some of the extra features that are included with the Arkansas license packages are very useful. For example, the AR Sales Pre-Licensing Premium Package includes three extra courses. These courses cover things like building your sphere, building your business and an intro to commercial real estate.

The CE Shop is ideal for people who want to dive head first into the business. They offer packages that are top of the line and include everything you need to get started. This makes them a good choice for people who want the most preparation.

The CE Shop offers an exam prep-specific course that will help guide you through the final test. This could be especially useful if you want to have an idea of what the exam is like. Many people like a lot of preparation and sample questions to ensure there are no surprises on test day.

Because of their slightly higher prices, The CE Shop might not be best for part-timers. The extra courses in the packages would not be of use to people just looking to sell on the side. If you don’t need all the extra classes, there’s no reason to take them.