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Arkansas Real Estate School Review (Is It For You?)

If you live in Arkansas and have chosen to pursue real estate as a career there is one particular Arkansas real estate school that could be just what you need. That is why we wrote this Arkansa Real Estate School Review.

UPDATED: November 2022

Our Overall Rating

Overview of Arkansas Real Estate School

Arkansas Real Estate School is a school that offers required education to prospective real estate agents across the state of Arkansas. Their goal is for their students to excel not only in the coursework but also in their careers as agents.

Arkansas Real Estate School has earned a reputation as a top real estate school in Arkansas.

The school has an almost 11-year history. It was established in 2010 by two people who shared a passion for real estate and education.

Danny Been and Allison Chambers not only joined forces to start the Arkansas Real Estate School but they also built the curriculum that is in use from the ground up.

This allowed them to provide the most relevant and up to date information available to propel the students towards success. Because they own the curriculum, it can be updated as needed.

A New Chapter for Arkansas Real Estate School

In 2013 one of the founders made the decision to step away from the Arkansas Real Estate School. This could have ended the school but the other founder stayed and continued to grow the school.

Through persistence and a strategic partnership, Arkansas Real Estate School has continued its mission of bringing premier real estate education to the state of Arkansas.

While the main school is located in West Little Rock Arkansas, they expanded to Mountain Home when they bought Camp Real Estate. This has opened up the opportunity to serve not only the north-central areas of Arkansas but also the southern parts of Missouri.

As one of the top schools in Arkansas, the Arkansas Real Estate School has served a large number of students. Their success rate and personal experience have given them what they need to attract motivated students.

This is an Arello certified school. All of the coursework is qualified and will count towards the requirements to be licensed in the state of Arkansas.

In-Depth Look at Arkansas Real Estate School

Arkansas Real Estate School course

As part of the Arkansas Real Estate School review is an in-depth look at the most pertinent information about the school. This will include a detailed look at their course offerings as well as how they structure the courses.

This will focus on the customer and technology support they offer the students including the instructor support.

Pre-licensure Course Offerings

Arkansas Real Estate School does offer more than the pre-licensure courses but for this section of the Arkansas Real Estate School review that is what we will be focusing on.

During any other year there would be live in person courses offered in conjunction with the self-paced online course. However, they are not currently offering an in person option.

They have replaced that option with a live streaming course. This gives you the instructor support of an in person class with the safety and convenience of an online platform. They do plan to start offering in person classes again in May of 2021 if possible.

The live streaming options do not take away from the rich atmosphere of the course and the curriculum. It will still have all of the materials and content as the in person course.

Both the online self-paced course and the live stream course cover topics such as basic real estate principles as well as Arkansas real estate law. There are some basic differences between the two course platforms.

Besides the price, the live streaming option is different from the self-paced option in how it is structured.

Students must be present during the scheduled class times and must be fully present. This means there shouldn’t be any multitasking. Both courses are 60 hours and can be done in as little as two weeks.

However, if you are on the self-paced program you can take up to a year. It is up to the student how much time they want to dedicate a week.

Other Course Offerings

The self-paced platform does offer continuing education courses but Arkansas Real Estate School does not offer self-paced post-licensing or brokerage courses.

That doesn’t mean they don’t offer those course programs. They are available but only through live streaming at this time.

The post-licensing courses are only 18 hours long and have limited offerings. If you are needing to get your post hours in so you can renew your real estate license in Arkansas then you will need to sign up early.

You will have to clear your schedule during the class times as these are not self-paced and require interaction.

The brokerage post-licensing courses are set up this way as well on the live streaming platform. This course is 30 hours long and is only offered a few times a year. The course goes for three days and lasts all day from 8:30 am to 6:30 pm.

That is only the post-licensing but Arkansas Real Estate School does offer the full brokerage licensing course. This is a 60 hour course that is offered several times a year for 6 days over two weeks.

The continuing education courses that are offered on the self-paced platform are also offered as live stream courses.

States Arkansas Real Estate School Serves

This school does only serve those individuals that will be practicing in the state of Arkansas. However, there are real estate agents from neighboring states who sell homes across state lines.

Agents that are interested in doing this can go through the Arkansas Real Estate School to become licensed in Arkansas. The second campus is located near the southern Missouri border to easily serve those residents.

With that being said, the school is only accredited to license for real estate sales in Arkansas.

Support Offered

Many online real estate schools have customer support, technical support, and instructor support to help students succeed.

Arkansas Real Estate School does have support in place depending on the type of platform you use. The live streaming courses have the instructors available during the class time and by email during the off hours.

The Arkansas Real Estate School does offer Technical support. The hours are very specific and only during the work week.

The tech support office can be contacted by phone or email but if you have a problem on the weekend you won’t get help until Monday.

They do have a phone number and other contact information for easy and convenient contact if questions arise.

Along with not being clear about the support that they offer there is also no guarantee offered for the course. There are real estate schools that offer guarantees if the student doesn’t pass the Arkansas licensing exam the first time such as Colibri Real Estate.

Arkansas Real Estate School does not offer a guarantee like that. However, there is a refund policy for online self-paced courses.

The stipulation is that it must be requested within three days of registration. If you don’t like the platform and you aren’t pleased with the content you can contact the school via phone or email to make your request.

Other Requirements

While it is true that life happens, Arkansas Real Estate School does require 100% completion of the course to get credit. This means that they require 100% attendance to the live streaming courses or in person class when they resume.

They do understand that emergencies happen and in the event of a true emergency, students need to contact the school to make arrangements for a makeup class. The Arkansas Real Estate School expects students to prioritize class attendance.

To receive credit, in addition to full attendance, students need to pass the final exam. Each student will have two chances to pass. After the two chances there is the option to pay for a third try.

If the exam is not passed on the third try then the student doesn’t get credit. There is the option of retaking the course at a discount but the school must be contacted for this option.

Arkansas Real Estate School Pricing

Real Estate School Pricing

The pricing does vary between courses and platforms for the Arkansas Real Estate School. For the pre-licensing course that is self-paced the price is based on the package you choose.

There are two available packages. One is the basic package. This only has the course.

The basic package is $450. It does come with a digital copy of the required textbook. If students want a hard copy they will need to pay $40 plus a $5 shipping fee.

The second package available is the Complete package. This has several other features to help prepare you for the final exam, the licensing exam, and your new career.

It comes with the mandatory courses, exam prep, MathMaster, and the required textbook. This course package is $495.

The exam prep courses and MathMaster can be purchased separately for $50 each.

The live streaming courses are usually the price of the basic self-paced package but they are on-sale due to the pandemic. The course, materials, and book are all priced at $400 for the pre-licensure live streaming course.

The live-streamed post-licensure courses are less expensive than the post courses. The real estate agent post courses are $225 and include materials and books.

The live brokerage course is $575 while the broker post-license course is $300. These courses all include what is needed for the course.

There are also continuing education courses offered. The live stream courses are $60 while the self-paced option varies depending on the course choice. They range from $25-$75.

Pros and Cons of Using Arkansas Real Estate School

At this point in the Arkansas Real Estate School review it is time to look at the pros and cons of the school.


The pros do outweigh the cons and this list is made of mostly factors that affect convenience. We like the course options and they do have a refund policy among other beneficial factors.

  • Varied course options
  • Refund policy
  • Multiple locations
  • More than a decade of experience
  • Experienced Instructors
  • Great response times


The cons on our list come down to features that would set them apart negatively from another school. Guarantees, technical support, and a flexibility with attendance tend to be important to real estate students.

  • Limited technical support
  • No guarantee
  • Only serves Arkansas
  • No flexibility on attendance policy

Conclusion And Verdict

Arkansas Real Estate school has many wonderful things to offer students.

The option to take courses at their own pace online or attend a live-stream class that offers more instructor support is one of our favorite things about this real estate school.

We also appreciate the experience of the school and the instructors. This adds value to their school and directly benefits the students.

The two locations that serve different parts of the state makes it more convenient with in-person classes.

We didn’t like that the technical support was limited, especially since they have self-paced online real estate courses.

This can be inconvenient and frustrating for students trying to work on the course over the week or after hours.

There also isn’t a guarantee. It gives students confidence to see the school offering a guarantee however, Arkansas Real Estate School doesn’t have one.


While there are things that we don’t like about Arkansas Real Estate School, there are more things that are positive and beneficial.

Students will excel at this school with the curriculum and staff as long as they are motivated. We would recommend this school.

However, we still would encourage you to see our guide to the best online real estate schools in Arkansas to see our top picks for that state.