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Gold Coast School Of Real Estate Review (Is It For You?)

The real estate market in Florida is booming like never before. With so much opportunity, many people are looking to get their real estate license at Gold Coast School of Real Estate. In this Gold Coast School of Real Estate review, we’ll cover everything you need to know about their education system.

UPDATED: July 2024

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Overview Of Gold Coast School of Real Estate


Gold Coast School of Real Estate was founded in 1970 as a single real estate school in Southern Florida. Since then, they have evolved into a one-stop-shop education center for many different industries. With this expansion has come a wealth of opportunities for all kinds of people.

In 1985, Gold Coast School of Real Estate merged with The Success Academy. With this merger came a larger area of operation and an expansion of all their services. By working together, they were able to create much more space and time to service their students.

In the 1990’s, Gold Coast Schools began to offer a wider variety of education to students in Florida. They were able to expand their services to industries like construction, appraisal and insurance. Their main area of expertise, though, remained in the pre licensure of real estate agents and brokers.

In the mid-2000’s, they started offering their courses online and in a web-based format. Because of this, they were now able to offer services to the entire state of Florida. This allowed them to become one of the most predominant real estate schools in the country with 6 different locations.


Because they have been around for over five decades, Gold Coast Schools have a tremendous amount of experience. They have been working with students from all over to give them the professional education they need. This has allowed them to tailor their courses to all different types of learners and people.

Students have different needs depending on the person, and Gold Coast Schools understands this. Because they have been around for so long, they are able to work their curriculum in a way that is accessible. This makes it understandable and easy to digest for almost anyone from any type of background.

Due to their years of experience, they understand that the material covered for real estate agents is complex. This has allowed them to figure out ways to make it engaging to someone who is new at it. If a student is interested in the material, they are much more likely to take it in and remember it.

Since they have been offering online courses for so long, they also understand what it takes to make them useful. Not all online courses manage to be entertaining and immersive. Gold Coast School of Real Estate understood this right away and put it to use with their web based courses.

Teaching Style

The teaching style at Gold Coast Schools is based on the knowledge and experience of the instructors. There’s a lot to learn when it comes to getting licensed, so they do their best to impart it efficiently. By having the teaching experience to do this correctly, they are able to give you the best education possible.

The style is also based on the humor and good attitude of the instructors. Anyone who has taken a class with a less than passionate instructor knows how hard it can be. At Gold Coast School of Real Estate, they do not have this issue, making them a great choice.

They also place a huge emphasis on patience with their students. Because of their experience in the industry, they have seen all kinds of people come and go. By adopting a caring and empathetic attitude, they are able to be much more empathetic to peoples’ needs.

Because many students are coming back to education after a long absence, Gold Coast Schools adjust for it. They know that many of their students are going to be nervous and a little bit apprehensive. Their years of teaching experience makes this easier for both the instructor and the student.

In-Depth Look At Gold Coast School of Real Estate

Gold Coast Schools courses


The instructors at Gold Coast Schools have been involved in teaching as well as working in the real estate business. This gives them a unique perspective on the material and the ways in which it is best communicated. By having the experience in both aspects, they can give you the best possible combination of practical and conceptual advice.

The co-owner of Gold Coast School of Real Estate, John Greer, has been in the business for years. He began his career working with students with learning disabilities to help them pass the real estate exam. This experience led him to develop the curriculum taught at Gold Coast Schools today.

Many of the other instructors have been involved in the business for years as well. They all have spent time working with people from all different backgrounds and with different needs. This allows them to have an empathetic and caring approach with everything they do.

The instructors at Gold Coast School of Real Estate have all spent time working in different areas of the industry. Many of them were real estate agents before becoming teachers as well. This is the kind of practical experience that allows them to have a mix of real-world scenarios and conceptual ideas.

Course Options

Gold Coast School of Real Estate allows you two different course options: in-person and online. Not everyone has the ability to go to a location and sit in a classroom with an instructor. Because of this, there are options for you that are just as valid and engaging with the material.

For the in-person classes, you will be in a classroom with the instructor as well as the other students. In the state of Florida, you must go through 63 hours of real estate education. Some people find it is much better to do this time in a room with live people.

If, however, you can not get to an in-person class, they also offer an online, web-based version. This means that you can get all your education hours taken care of from the comfort of your own home. For people who are getting their license in their free time, this is an excellent option.

Both of these choices will be suitable for getting your required hours done as well as passing the exam. It depends on what kind of learner you are and what else you have going on in your life. The nice thing about Gold Coast School of Real Estate is that they can accommodate almost any student.

Student Resources

Getting your real estate license is one thing, but getting a job in the business is quite another. Because of this, Gold Coast Schools offers many resources for their students in enhancing their careers. By taking advantage of these resources, you can get a head start on your career while still getting your education.

One of the best resources they offer is their regular Career Fair. These Career Fairs are great opportunities for you to network with other agents and brokers in your area. Not everyone has access to the kind of contacts you need to get started, so these are a major plus.

On their website, they also have a Career Opportunities section where you can find job listings. The people posting these listings know Gold Coast School of Real Estate’s reputation and system. Because of this, you are already at an advantage for having gone there to get your license.

They also offer a referral program for students who bring in other students to take classes. When you refer somebody, you will receive credits if they provide your name and student ID. These credits can be redeemed for free continuing education courses or other courses offered by the school.

Gold Coast School of Real Estate Pricing

Gold Coast Schools pricing

In-Person Courses

The in-person courses at Gold Coast School of Real Estate come in at just under $500. While this is not a small amount of money, it is relatively affordable for all kinds of people. Many other real estate schools cost upwards of $1,000, so this is a good deal for most students.

The in-person courses can be taken in either 4 week evening classes or a 7 day intensive class. Depending on how much time you have in your life for this undertaking, either of these will suffice. If you are eager to get started in your new career, the week long crash course could be a good option.

The in-person courses are a great choice if you are someone who benefits from working with others. By being in the room with the instructors and other students, many people find that they learn much better. If you can make the time for it, it may be worth the extra effort it takes to attend.

The benefit of the in-person courses lies in the value of immersion. Being able to gleam knowledge from an actual instructor can make the curriculum easier to understand. Working with the other students in the room can also help you retain the information more efficiently.

Online Full Service Package

The full service online package offered by Gold Coast School of Real Estate can be done at your own pace. This means that it is perfect for students who have families or other full time jobs. Many people who get their real estate license fall into this category, so this is a great option.

The full service online package comes in at $425 total. Not only is this option easier for many different students to achieve, it is also cheaper. For this smaller amount of money, you can get your license from home and on your own time.

This package includes the basic courses in digital form, as well as a 2.5 day “exam cram” section. This section can be done in person at any of their locations. Many people find it to be incredibly helpful to work with an in-person instructor on studying for the exam.

This package also includes the ability to digitally sit in on any of the in-person courses. This means that you can live stream courses online as they happen in real time. If there is a section that you need extra help understanding, this could be a great feature.

Online Basic Service Package

The online basic service package costs $100 less than the full package at $325. If you are a student who does not have as much capital to get your license, this could be a great choice. For this very small amount of money, you can get all your required education hours completed.

The basic service package includes the same material that is in the other packages. You will get all the information you need in order to sit for the state and national real estate exam. However, it does not include the “exam cram” section or some of the extra material.

If you are someone who is a nervous test taker, this may not be the best option. The real estate exam is one of the things that people get the most anxious about. However, if you are confident in your academic abilities, this package should be more than sufficient.

One of the things this package is also missing is their “1001 Q&As” sheet and the textbook. If you want to be sure you have all the materials handy, it might be best to take the full package. Having all the materials available to you and on hand could be a helpful feature.

Pros And Cons Of Using Gold Coast School of Real Estate


  • Decades of Experience – Since Gold Coast Schools has been open since the 1970’s, they have seen trends come and go. The real estate market is incredibly fluid and is constantly changing. Because of this, they know what information is most pertinent and current in the Florida market.
  • Live Stream Access – Being able to access the live stream when taking the online courses is a great feature. This gives you the best of both worlds and allows you to get the in-person feel from home. Not all real estate schools allow you this access, so it is a major plus.
  • Career Resources – Not all real estate schools offer the kind of career resources that Gold Coast Schools does. The career fair is a great way for new agents to network and find brokers to work with. By taking advantage of these resources, you can get access to the contacts you need in order to succeed.
  • Referral Program – Gold Coast School of Real Estate’s referral plan is an excellent feature as well. By encouraging former students to refer friends, they create an environment of trust. This translates to a better education experience for everyone in the long run.


  • No Pass Rate Stats – Many real estate schools offer statistics for how many students pass the real estate exam. Gold Coast School of Real Estate does not have any stats like this on their website. Because of this, you may want to shop around and find a school with a proven pass rate.
  • No Guarantees – There are a great deal of real estate schools that offer pass or no pay guarantees to their students. Gold Coast Schools does not have any guarantees like this. Because of this, you may want to look for a school that has this insurance as a backup. Colibri Real Estate is a real estate school that has a great pass guarantee.
  • Basic Package is Too Basic – For the price of the basic package, there is very little that comes with it. If you can not afford to put as much money down, this could be a problem. Missing out on the exam prep could prove to be an issue if you are someone who likes to be prepared.

Conclusion And Verdict

Many former students of Gold Coast Schools found their classes to be helpful and comprehensive. They felt that their instructors were passionate and knowledgeable and had their best interests in mind. This is an incredibly important thing to look for in a real estate school no matter who you are.

They also felt that their courses were entertaining and engaging. The material covered in a real estate class has a tendency to be very demanding. Because of this, the fact that they were engaged the whole time is very helpful.

By reading this Gold Coast School of Real Estate review, you now have a good understanding of their process. Getting your license can be intimidating, but incredibly rewarding. Now that you know all there is to know, you are well equipped to make the right decision for your education.