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8 Best Real Estate Schools In Florida (2023 Online Courses)

In 2019, Pearson Vue reported that only 47% of first-time testers passed their exam to become a real estate sales associate in Florida. The Department of Business and Professional Regulation, and FREC, requires that students pass this exam with at least 75%. Using one of the online real estate schools in Florida can help you to pass the exam.

There are many online real estate schools ready and happy to help students pass this exam with flying colors. You just have to seek them out. Read on to find out more about what traits make up the best online real estate schools.

There are some things that students just need when looking for online Florida real estate courses. Some things to look for and/or consider include whether a course is FREC approved or not.

FREC is the Florida Real Estate Commission. They regulate the exams and requirements to become a real estate agent in Florida.

Other things a student may want to consider when looking for a school include whether the institution is online, or not. This also might determine if the classes happen live, in real-time, or if students just view pre-recorded videos. If it has a physical location that a student will be attending, they might want to look into the city, possibly Orlando or Jacksonville, and area the school is in.

Does the school have good pass rates? Do other schools have comparable offerings for a cheaper final cost? Other features, tools, or resources, such as quizzes, or class format, can be extremely useful, especially for a self-guided class.

1. Colibri Real Estate: Best Online Real Estate School In Florida

best online real estate schools in Florida

Colibri Real Estate offers many appealing options for the discerning student considering online real estate schools in Florida.

Course Features

They have multiple course bundles ranging from $81.90 up to $279.30. All packages include the required 63-hour course, instructor support, and 3 supplemental e-books about Real Estate.

The higher tiers include services such as exam prep, a dictionary, or specialized instructor question and answer time. The highest tiers include further tools like a print textbook. A course to guide students through the 45-hour post-licensing test is another bonus feature included with one of the advanced courses.

Colibri Real Estate’s higher tiers also offer memberships. Their basic Prep for Success program is for beginner realtors, but they also offer the 1-year “Professional Development” membership for those who are further along.

This website also offers individual courses without the extra materials and guidance of the other packages. Students looking for a very hands-off, self-motivated learning experience may wish to use these.

Pros and Cons

  • Pro – Comprehensive Education: Other online Florida real estate courses don’t offer some services Colibri Real Estate does. Their courses include important adaptations that consider many easily overlooked aspects of your career, such as establishing your practice and finding clients.
  • Pro – Personal Assistance: This school offers live support anytime you need it; even their lowest-priced course includes instructor feedback via email. Just like a professor in a traditional setting, the team at Colibri Real Estate is there to help you succeed.
  • Pro – Excellent Instructors: Speaking of professors, it’s also impressive that their team has a humbling 80 years of experience. These leaders are the same ones available for questions from students.

Bottom Line

This school has helped over 350,000 professionals move forward in their careers to become realtors in Florida. If you’d like to join them, this is a fantastic educational resource!


2. Aceable Agent: Florida Online Real Estate School Review


Aceable Agent Florida

Aceable Agent offers a basic pre-licensing real estate course for $81.90. This is a huge deal in comparison to competitors whose classes can often push upwards of $400 per course. Additionally, the impressive student reviews and reputation shows just how valuable this school is at this price.

Course Features

Aceable’s basic package includes the required FREC approved courses. All the class material and the final exam are taken online, which makes it easy for students to take the program at their own pace. While this means that the class can be finished in as little as a few weeks, it doesn’t have to be.

Aceable Agent offers many tools to users to help make learning easy and accessible. An extensive prep guide offers test tips and tricks. Additionally, many students laud Aceable’s mobile app for making it easy to access on both mobile and PC seamlessly.

Testing preparation includes assessments throughout the course. With thorough material that includes vital mathematics skills and comprehensive study guides, it’s clear that this school has high standards.

Some other features Aceable offers include the special interactivity of their classes. Pop quizzes, games, and study guides are integrated into the material to help students learn the components fully.

Aceable also boasts experienced support teams available Monday-Friday for help via email. They also have a student concierge available 7 days a week.

Pros and Cons

  • Pro – Professional Approval: This company is endorsed by Chris Heller, the former Chief of Operations of both Mello Home and Keller Williams. The accomplished businessman praised Aceable’s course as the “Only pre-license course that’s developed by Harvard Education experts.”
  • Pro – Extra Assistance: On-staff mentors help students through the licensing process step-by-step. Meanwhile, realty instructors and other professionals in the industry are available for more in-depth questions during the learning process.
  • Con – Vocabulary: Out of all the excellent study materials this course offers real estate students, the absence of vocabulary building resources such as flashcards or a glossary is concerning. This means you may not fully understand all the professional terminology of the real estate industry.

Bottom Line

Basic, simple, and among the cheaper options, Aceable is a great program. It stands out among the competition of real estate schools in Florida, and is one of the best options you can choose.


3. The CE Shop: Real Estate Classes Online in Florida

ce shop

the ce shop

This online prep course is a great option for those in the industry looking to continue their education. As their motto says, they truly do “Innovate Career Education.”

Course Features

The CE Shop offers 3 different course tiers for those looking to get their license.

  • Tier 1 includes the basic course, practice exams, and a prep guide that they claim gives students a competitive edge.
  • Tier 2 includes several unique features. A course focusing on building your business and one for building a real estate business specifically. This also covers materials to help students decide if they should venture into commercial real estate as well.
  • The CE Shop’s highest tier adds a course for the required 45-hour post-licensing exam.
  • The CE Shop is confident that students will benefit from their online Florida real estate courses and experienced staff. So much so that all of their courses include a money-back guarantee.
  • For post licensees, The CE Shop also has resources for the post-licensing course and other continued education needs. They can also help those looking to upgrade their license.

Pros and Cons

  • Pro – Dashboard Design: Anyone navigating this course will recognize how well made and easy to use the dashboard is. It’s also accessible on your smartphone or iPad, although there is no official mobile app for any of those platforms.
  • Pro – Unlimited Exams: Included with this course is an unlimited number of practice exams pulled from a large library of practice questions. Thanks to that you’ll always have something new to work on.
  • Con – Guarantee: It’s concerning that The CE Shop doesn’t offer a pass guarantee for their lowest-priced bundle. This means you might save some money on your first purchase, but there’s no guarantee that you’ll avoid having to spend money on another course if you fail the licensing exam!

4. Prep Agent: Online Real Estate Courses in Florida

prep agent

Whether you’re interested in become a sales associate or broker, Prep Agent can provide the necessary study materials to help you pass your test and start working quickly.

Course Features

  • National and Florida-specific practice questions
  • Sales associate and broker training
  • 75+ video lectures and 70+ audio lectures
  • 100+ page exam prep eBook
  • Interactive vocabulary exercises
  • Live and prerecorded webinars (Premium only)

Pros and Cons

  • Pro – Well-Rounded Education: Signing up for Prep Agent will provide you with a very well-rounded education. You’ll know enough about the real estate practice, on both the state and national level, to be a successful broker or sales associate.
  • Pro – Audio Lectures: There aren’t many online real estate schools that provide audio-only versions of their lectures, but Prep Agent happens to be one of them. This means you can easily study for your exams while focusing on other tasks or commuting.
  • Con – Subscription Based: Unlike our top courses, Prep Agent requires you to pay for the length of time you need to study. This isn’t a bad deal if you plan on spending a year on prep, but their monthly and weekly prices are far higher.

Bottom Line

There are lots of great features to this online course, but it’s not the best fit if you only want to spend a few months preparing for your exam. Still, the Premium package is a great way to stay up-to-date with all the latest changes in your industry.