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Best Online Real Estate Schools In Louisiana (Top 5 Courses In 2023)

Here’s your guide to choosing the best online real estate schools in Louisiana. There are many schools in the state, but we uncover the top 5.

Choosing a career in real estate can be a gainful endeavor. Whether you choose this as a career right out of high school or decide to break free from the 9-5 rat race, real estate is a move in the right direction. Becoming a real estate agent in Louisiana is a great opportunity to help home buyers find exactly what they are looking for while you get to be your own boss.

There are several online real estate schools in Louisiana that set the bar high as far as real estate education goes. We have done some research and put together a list of the five best online real estate schools in Louisiana to help you get started in your new career.

1. Colibri Real Estate: Best Online Real Estate School In Louisiana

real estate express course in Louisiana

Colibri Real Estate is a national chain. And although that means it has a national reputation, they still offer specific materials that can help professionals in Louisiana meet their educational needs and start working in the industry.

Course Features

When something in the real estate industry changes in Louisiana, Colibri Real Estate updates their online real estate classes in Louisiana accordingly.

Colibri Real Estate is like the other schools on our list and are fully accredited. They have met all of the requirements of the state of Louisiana real estate board to become a licensed school. Similar to other real estate schools in Louisiana that offer online courses, they have several different packages to meet the needs of their students.

All of the options are budget friendly, but the right course for you will depend on what you want to get out of the package.

If you’re only interested in the pre-licensing courses, then you will want to go with the basic package. It’s less than $200 and comes with the books needed as well as instructor support. This is the perfect package for students that are intrinsically motivated.

For those students that need a little more help getting motivated or want to have more features in the package they choose, there are three other options. They build on one another by adding some extra features to help you in your learning as well as new real estate career.

  • Exam Preparation: Includes everything from Basics, plus exam prep course and pass guarantee
  • Exam Preparation Plus: Includes everything from Exam Preparation, plus real estate dictionary, live exam cram, and instructor Q&A
  • Ultimate Learning: Includes everything from Exam Preparation Plus, plus print textbook and 1 year of professional development

One of the most notable things that the higher packages add to their real estate classes in Louisiana is the don’t pass don’t pay guarantee. However, the best deal by far is the Exam Preparation Plus package since it includes a live Q&A session with your instructor.

Pros and Cons

  • Pro – Excellent Reputation: Colibri Real Estate has a high rating from previous and current students. They maintain their reputation by keeping up to date on the industry standards and changes, which has helped hundreds earn their real estate licenses.
  • Pro – Great Support: They also have some of the best and most helpful online support. Colibri Real Estate knows that the students in Louisiana are going to be attending classes at all hours of the day, whether late at night or early in the morning, so they can provide assistance during flexible time slots to accommodate their needs.
  • Pro – Guaranteed Success: The Colibri Real Estate pass guarantee is a great feature and worth paying for a higher package. If you don’t pass, you have the opportunity to take the course again for no charge or get your money back.

Bottom Line

The Colibri Real Estate exam prep package fully prepares students by supplying them with practice tests and exam tactics. When it comes to online real estate courses in Louisiana, Colibri Real Estate has what it takes to help their students become successful.

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2. The CE Shop: Online Real Estate School In Louisiana

the ce shop louisiana

The CE Shop is not only one of the best online real estate schools in Louisiana, they are also a national chain that serves a large population of the country. Their courses are the most up to date because they have their finger on the pulse of the real estate industry.

Course Features

The video below will give you a very thorough look at the inside of The CE Shop program:

Students can be sure when they choose The CE Shop that they will be receiving a high quality education in real estate. It is easy to say that they are one of the best online real estate schools in Louisiana.

Students in Louisiana that are interested but still on the fence can try The CE Shop without any strings attached. They also have a demo video that walks prospective students through what the online platform looks like. The video is below:

This takes away the mystery and questions that may exist when looking at one of the online real estate schools in Louisiana.

Like many of the other CE Shop real estate courses the online real estate courses in Louisiana are offered in four different packages.

The Courses Only package is the most affordable and provides you with the bare minimum needed to meet the state’s education requirements and sit for the licensing exam. It also includes:

  • Business eBooks and other career resources
  • Digital flashcards and other downloadable study materials
  • Glossary of real estate terms

But if you want more features and options to help launch your career, check out one of the other three options.

  • Standard Package: Everything included in Courses Only, plus an Exam Prep Edge course based on state and national guidelines
  • Value Package: Everything included in Standard Package, plus a course on building your real estate business taught by experienced experts
  • Premium Package: Everything included in Value Package, plus a 45-hour post licensing course for Louisiana real estate

The top packages offer things such as exam prep, pass guarantees, and professional memberships. The top package also includes the post-licensing course that Louisiana real estate agents have to take the first year of licensing.

Pros and Cons

  • Pro – Free Trial: Choosing the correct real estate school can be difficult. The CE Shop for Louisiana understands this, which is why they offer a free trial. Even if you’re only a little curious, I highly recommend checking out this risk-free demo to get an idea of what this course can do to help you pass your exam.
  • Pro – Satisfactory Results: The only thing that is higher than their passing rate is their student satisfaction rate. The national student passing rate for students in Louisiana that choose the CE Shop in 91%. That is an outstanding passing rate, but it’s only beaten by the 98% satisfaction rate of this course’s students.
  • Con – Unnecessary Features: If you just need some help passing the exam, some of the extra features included in The CE Shop’s more expensive packages won’t be very helpful to you. Still, this is a great way to learn more about the business itself after you’ve earned your license.

Bottom Line

With such a great value, this is the best way to quickly pass your exam and kick-start your real estate career the right way.

3. Prep Agent: Online Real Estate Course in Louisiana

prepagent louisiana

Thanks to a well-designed course and live assistance from qualified instructors, Prep Agent is a great option for a wide range of students. Whether you prefer a self-driven learning style or prefer to study in a group, there are features to this course that will appeal to you.

Course Features

  • 75 video lessons
  • 70 audio lessons
  • Hundreds of digital flashcards
  • Recorded/live webinars (Premium only)
  • Interactive vocabulary worksheet (Premium only)

Pros and Cons

  • Pro – Experienced Teachers: Every aspect of this course has been designed by highly qualified real estate professionals. They have years of teaching experience to draw on during lessons.
  • Pro – Free Exam: Anyone interested in this course can get a feel for it without paying. Just try out the free practice test on Prep Agent’s website.
  • Con – No Adaptive Learning: Unlike other courses, Prep Agent doesn’t adjust your course load to focus on the areas in which you need more help. Instead, you must do this yourself without much guidance.

Bottom Line

Prep Agent’s staff make the learning experience simple and easy. You won’t regret completing their course, since you’re guaranteed to earn a passing grade.

4. Mbition: Louisiana Real Estate Classes Online

mbition Louisiana

When it comes to real estate schools in Louisiana there is an online school that really stands out. Mbition, or OnCourse Learning, has years of experience setting Louisiana students up for success.

The real estate classes in Louisiana that Mbition offers can be taken in a few different ways. They are offered as a package deal or they can be taken as individual classes.

How you choose to take the pre-licensing courses in Louisiana through Mbition is your choice. However, a package does offer more features and a greater value.

The three real estate classes in Louisiana that they offer as a package are under $300. There is sure to be a package that works for your needs and your budget.

The first package that Mbition offers is the Silver solution. This package is the most budget friendly and has the bare minimums that are needed to be successful in the course. A package like this is great for those that need little help staying motivated.

The Gold Solution has everything that the Silver solution has with two notable additions. This is the exam prep course and the first pass guarantee. It is a great value for a few dollars more.

Platinum is the final package that is offered by Mbition. This is the top package and the highest priced package.

It adds the textbook needed for the course as well as exam prep tool kit to help you pass your exams. Any of the packages offered by Mbition will help you succeed in the first part of your real estate career.

Mbition is one of the top real estate schools in Louisiana with the results to back up the claim. They also offer different books and resources for purchase to provide additional help as you launch your new career.

Mbition doesn’t only offer pre-licensing courses, they also offer the post licensing courses and continuing education real estate agents will need throughout their careers.

They also have a blog that can help keep students and real estate agents up to date on the Louisiana real estate trends. With valuable resources placed at the finger tip of the students, Mbition has secured their place among the best real estate schools in Louisiana.

5. Burk Baker School of Real Estate & Appraising: Online Real Estate Class in Louisiana

Burk Baker School of Real Estate is one of the real estate schools in Louisiana that offers online real estate courses. Unlike some of the other real estate schools in Louisiana on our list, this is not a national chain.

Burk Baker School of Real Estate was started by an individual instructor with a passion for the real estate industry. Established in 1981, this school has almost 40 years of experience preparing real estate students in Louisiana for their real estate careers.

This school offers both online courses and in-person courses throughout the state of Louisiana. The online courses will be the focus of this section, but we wanted to point out the versatility of this real estate school.

It is also an affordable option with different packages. You can even split up your pre-licensing courses if that is what you choose to do. This is often helpful if time and budget is an issue.

Each of the online course package options allow for up to a six month subscription. The full course package does offer different subscription times. For example, you can choose six months, three months, or 30 days.

It will depend on the time in which you can finish the course.If you choose a subscription time and find that you won’t be able to finish then you can request an extension. All extensions cost $50 to obtain.

The subscription time also determines the price of the package. With all of the packages and courses costing less than $400 there is an option available for every budget.

If you choose the full course package, but a smaller subscription time, you will still get all of the package features that are available.

However, choosing a different package will change your features. They also offer post-licensing courses as well as brokerage courses for those that want to open their own office.

This is one of the real estate schools in Louisiana that offers options to their students. They have appraisal courses among other courses for students to choose from.

There are also other resources available that will help you on your journey to become a real estate agent and beyond. They have study aids on their website as well as links to outside resources to help you succeed.

With the experience offered by Burk Baker School of Real Estate and their focus on Louisiana specifically, students will have the tools they need to become successful agents.

6. Bob Brooks School of Real Estate & Insurance: Best Real Estate School in Louisiana

The Bob Brooks School of Real Estate and Insurance is a great school in Louisiana that offers resources and courses to help students launch a career in Real Estate.

This is something that they are passionate about at Bob Brooks. One of the things we like about this school that sets them apart is that they offer free lessons. This is a type of trial run for students.

The first six lessons of the Louisiana real estate pre-licensing course are free to try for students that are interested. You won’t need to input a credit card to access these and you aren’t required to continue with the Bob Brooks School of Real Estate.

The trial is free of obligation. It does give students a first hand look at the materials and platform so they can decide if this is the course for them. Not every course is for every student so we appreciate a school with a free trial.

If you decide that the Bob Brooks School of Real Estate is for you then you can enroll in the full course for less than $300.

With this course you will only have three months to complete the course work. This is plenty of time to complete this fully on-demand course. However, life happens and if you need another 30 days you can get an extension for another $25.

The course comes with all of the materials you need including videos, access to instructors, reading material, and quizzes.

This Louisiana real estate pre-licensing course also comes with Ready, Set, Pass. This is the Bob Brooks School of Real Estate exam prep course.

This school also offers courses such as brokerage licensing as well as the post-licensing courses that agents will need during their first year of the practice.

This is a great option for real estate students in Louisiana for all of their real estate licensing needs.

Louisiana Real Estate License Prerequisites

Becoming a real estate agent in Louisiana does have some prerequisites before students can take the courses.

For Louisiana prospective students must be 18 years old or older. They also must have a high school diploma or equivalent to proceed.

If you meet those, then you can move on to the requirements.

Louisiana Real Estate License Requirements

All students must complete the 90 hours of pre-licensing coursework from an accredited school. It can be online or in person.

Once that is complete and they have passed exams they will need a background check. Provided students pass the check, they will then be able to apply to take the state and national exams.

Louisiana does require agents to have a sponsoring broker. Before your license is granted you will need to find one.

Louisiana real estate agents have to give proof of their omissions and errors insurance before they receive their license.