The 7 Best Online Real Estate Schools In Hawaii (In 2021)

Hawaii is a unique and desirable real estate market in the United States. With so many attractive destinations, it is always going to be a hot market. Because of this, getting your real estate license in Hawaii could potentially be very lucrative. In this article, we have covered the best online real estate schools in Hawaii. This can help get you started on your journey of selling real estate in a dynamic and beautiful place. By knowing all your options, you can find the one that will be best for you.

Real Estate Express (#1 Best Online Real Estate Schools In Hawaii)

Real Estate Express

The instructors and staff at Real Estate Express have helped tens of thousands of people get their license. As a part of The Colibri Group, they have partnered with many other real estate organizations. Because of this, they are able to offer all kinds of support.

Founded in 2011, Real Estate Express has been honing their curriculum to support all kinds of students. Since the beginning, they have made it their mission to make real estate licensing accessible. Because of this, their courses are easy to follow and designed for retention.

Real Estate Express has a huge variety of packages available for students. They have everything from the most basic education hours to exam prep and career building. Because of this, they had the most options for the most people.

Their Ultimate Learning Package contains courses that will not only help you get your license but jump start your career. This package contains the 60 education hours required in Hawaii as well as extracurricular hours. If you want to become a real estate expert, this package could be a good option for you.

Real estate Express is relatively low on the price spectrum. There is only a $100 difference between the basic package and the Ultimate Learning Package. Because of this, you might be better off taking the Ultimate Learning Package no matter what.

The CE Shop (#2 Best Online Real Estate Schools In Hawaii)

online real estate schools in Hawaii

The CE Shop has helped people get their real estate license all over the country. Their courses for fulfilling the requirements in Hawaii reflect that experience. They are a big operation but they understand your specific needs.

The staff at The CE Shop adheres to their core values. They believe in being student-focused and are committed to always improving their curriculum. Because of this, they’re always going to be up-to-date and current with new real estate license requirements.

The basic course package at The CE Shop is similar to other real estate schools in Hawaii. It will provide you with all of the 60 required hours needed to get your license. This package contains the education courses only and no other electives or extras.

The premium package that they offer comes with the same courses but also a few extras. These extras include elective hours for things like building your business and networking tips. They are designed specifically to pertain to the Hawaii real estate market and could be incredibly valuable.

One consideration that will apply to everyone when looking for real estate schools in Hawaii is price. The CE Shop has a wide price range for their courses which allows them to be accessible to all kinds of students. While the premium package is almost $500, the most basic one comes in at under $300.

One of the downsides of using The CE Shop for your online real estate courses in Hawaii is that they offer course for many states and not just Hawaii. While they will, of course, satisfy all the Hawaii real estate license requirements and will give you everything you need to get your license in the state, they are just not specifically tailored for Hawaii.

OnCourse Learning (Mbition) (#3 Best Online Real Estate Schools In Hawaii)

OnCourse Learning (Mbition)

Mbition is a new, state of the art online real estate school in Hawaii. Formerly called OnCourse Learning, they have been honing their curriculum for years. Because of this, they have a streamlined, efficient program that is accessible to all kinds of people.

Mbition prides themselves on their massive electronic library. They offer dozens of eBooks relating to things like Ethical Decision Making and the Essentials of Real Estate. These eBooks could end up being a valuable resource for anyone taking their online real estate classes in Hawaii.

Mbition’s class packages are varied and contain options for students of all kinds. Their Platinum Package has everything you need to ensure your success in the Hawaii real estate exam. This includes exam prep specifically designed to mimic the real thing and get you feeling comfortable.

Even the most basic package that they offer will be enough to cover your education hours requirement. This package is recommended only if you feel confident in your test taking abilities. Many people feel they need extra test prep, and in that case, you may want to opt for the Platinum Package.

One of the downsides of taking your online real estate classes in Hawaii at Mbition is their lack of location. Hawaii real estate is very focused on locality and community. If this is also important to you, you may want to try a more local school but Mbition will provide everything you need to get your real estate license.

Abe Lee Seminars

If you are interested in locally focused online real estate courses in Hawaii, Abe Lee Seminars could be for you. They only operate in the state of Hawaii and have dedicated themselves to the area. In a state that is so conscious of local culture and tradition, this is key.

Abe Lee Seminars prides themselves on being one of the most straightforward real estate schools in Hawaii. Because of this, they like to keep their courses as simple as possible. This makes them a great choice if you don’t want a lot of different extras or options.

All of their classes are taught in an online seminar format. However, they do give you the choice of a live streamed class environment or on demand video lessons. This choice between the two makes them accessible to all kinds of learners.

Abe Lee Seminars also offers a pass or no pay guarantee. This means that if you do not pass your final exam, you will not be charged for the courses. This helps many people feel confident that they will be given the best education possible.

Since there is only one class package, there is only one option for the price of tuition. At just under $500, Abe Lee Seminars is towards the middle of the price spectrum. However, this price includes their locally-based, thorough curriculum.

The downside of taking real estate classes in Hawaii at Abe Lee Seminars is the lack of options. Since they only offer one package, you are limited in what you can take. Not everyone will need everything included in the curriculum of their one package.

Carol Ball School of Real Estate

Carol Ball School of Real Estate was started in 2001 by a lifelong real estate agent. Carol Ball has nearly 40 years in the business and understands what it takes to get your license. If you want to benefit from that experience, they could be a good choice.

One of the best things about Carol Ball School of Real Estate is that they are so local. With offices located in Wailuku, they have established themselves in the state and the state of mind. This is very important if you want to know the ins-and-outs of selling in such a unique place.

They offer classes in both an online seminar format as well as self-guided lessons. The self-guided lessons are powered by Continuing Ed Express and written by Carol Ball herself. This combination of personal touch and ease-of-use makes them a great choice.

One of the nice things about being able to take the webinar course is the short time commitment. The live webinar courses are done in two weeks making them perfect for students on the go. If you are trying to get your real estate license in your spare time, the live webinars could be your best choice.

As far as price goes, they are a little bit expensive coming in at around $900. However, this price also includes hard copy textbooks. Many students find that hard copy textbooks encourage more retention of the information.

One of the downsides of Carol Ball School of Real Estate being so locally-focused is a lack of accessibility. If you are not located on the island of Maui, you will have to pay extra for textbook shipping. Adding this on to the already pricey tuition could make them less accessible to some students.

REMI School of Real Estate

Founded in 2005, REMI School of Real Estate was one of the first online real estate schools in Hawaii and the country. This experience in their specific field has made them a premier destination for future agents. If you are looking for that kind of prestige, they could be a great choice.

The founder of REMI School of Real Estate, David Catanzaro, has been in the business for 40 years. His students have praised his experience and understanding of a beginner’s needs. He is not only the founder, he is also the head instructor.

REMI School of Real Estate has many different packages for many different needs. They do not just offer pre-licensure courses, they also have electives and other continuing education. This means that you can keep going back to them for refreshers and extra courses.

Because they offer so many extracurricular courses, you can design your own education experience. Many people find this to be a major perk since no one will need every single extra course. If you know what type of learner you are, this could be an incredibly valuable feature.

The basic real estate agent pre-licensing course comes in at around $300. Most of the other individual courses that can be added are around $40. Because of this you can mix and match your own coursework to suit your needs and budget.

Maui Real Estate School

Maui Real Estate School is dedicated to getting students their license to sell real estate in the Maui area. However, their classes are still applicable to the entire state. If you are interested in selling specifically in Maui, they could be a good option for you.

Many online real estate schools in Hawaii boast a bedrock of local knowledge. However, Maui Real Estate School is even more narrowed down to the area. The key to successful business is specialization and they understand this.

Maui Real Estate School offers three different types of real estate classes in Hawaii. You can either take the classes in person, through a webinar, or on demand at your own pace. This makes them a great choice if you would like a lot of learning options.

The online courses allow you to start as soon as you sign up. They also include career advice and hard copies of textbooks and other hand outs. This is a perfect package for a dedicated self-starter and independent learner.

There is a rather large difference in price for the different types of classes. The online self-guided lessons come in around $400. The live webinar classes and in-person classes are around $900. Depending on your learning style, you may be better off with the self-guided lessons.

The downside of using Maui Real Estate School is that they are so focused on that market. If you do not plan on working in Maui specifically, you may want to look elsewhere. This can either be a strength or a weakness depending on what your goals are.

Overview To Hawaii Real Estate License Requirements

To get your real estate license, you must complete 60 education hours at a real estate school in Hawaii. These hours must be accredited by the state and approved in order to take the license exam. In most cases, you will also have to pass a final exam for the course itself.

In Hawaii, you must pass an FBI criminal background check before taking the state license exam. After passing, you must also acquire Errors and Omissions insurance. This insurance will protect you and any brokerage that hires you from liability due to mistakes.

Once you pass your background check and get your errors and omissions insurance, you must then find a sponsoring broker. This means that you have to sign on with an existing brokerage that will help you manage your career. This is meant to protect both you and any of your potential clients as you are starting out.

Final Thoughts

Getting your license is a big step and choosing the right real estate classes in Hawaii is an equally big step. It is important that you know what kind of learner you are in order to know your ideal learning environment. Having this information will help you make the right choice and start you on the right path.

Choosing between a live webinar environment or self-guided lessons is important with real estate classes in Hawaii. Most schools will offer both, and knowing which one you will thrive in can be a major benefit. In certain cases, it can also save you money.

By reading this review of the best online real estate schools in Hawaii, you have already started your journey. By considering every angle and knowing what you need to be successful, you can also be ahead of the game. Education is all about what you put into it and getting your real estate license is no different.

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