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3 Best Online Real Estate Schools In Nebraska (2024 License Classes)

This is the definitive guide to the best online real estate schools in Nebraska.

Nebraska is a great state to practice real estate in. Real estate is a lucrative career choice for those that want to put in the time and effort to grow their business. Choosing to get a real estate license in Nebraska, whether as a first career or a next career, can open doors to work/life balance.

Doing that requires enrolling in one of the accredited real estate schools in Nebraska. This is where a student will take the real estate classes in Nebraska that are needed for licensing. There are three top online real estate schools in Nebraska that check all of the boxes.

1. Colibri Real Estate: Best Online Real Estate School In Nebraska

Real Estate Express in Nebraska

As one of the best online real estate schools in Nebraska, Colibri Real Estate (read the review of Colibri Real Estate) has everything students in Nebraska need to be successful in their pursuit of a license. This school is a national chain that makes sure they are up to speed on the real estate laws and trends.

The Nebraska real estate license school doesn’t just offer the pre-licensing courses that are required. They offer so much more to help students truly launch into their careers.

There are also resources and courses to help agents stay in their careers. Continuing education is imperative for agents in Nebraska to continue on strong as a real estate agent.

The laws and best practices for real estate change often and continued education helps keep students current.

Colibri Real Estate online real estate courses in Nebraska have four different packages to choose from. They are all affordable but do allow for more room in the budget. They also offer different features to students to choose from.

It may be difficult to choose which package is right for you and your current lifestyle. However, Colibri Real Estate wants to help. That is why they put together a video going over the packages and what makes them different.

The videos are a great view of the courses and what they really offer. When real estate schools in Nebraska offer students a look into the courses, it puts the students at ease with their choice.

The video is below:

Colibri Real Estate offers four packages regardless of the state. However, the packages do vary in features and prices from state to state.

Colibri Real Estate does offer affordable prices that fit into most budgets. They also have the features that students need to be successful in their pursuit of a real estate license in Nebraska.

The basic package is just that, basic. This is the package that has the required online real estate classes in Nebraska. That includes the Nebraska real estate practices and principles as well as the 30 hours of Nebraska license law course.

The basic package also includes instructor support and the textbooks needed as ebooks. At less than $200 this is the most affordable option.

The next package up is the exam preparation package. This one has everything the basic Nebraska package has but adds exam prep and prep for success basic membership.

Package number three is the exam preparation plus package. It continues to build on the first two with more features that will help Nebraska students. This one adds a real estate dictionary and instructor Q&A.

The last package is the most expensive and comes with the printed textbook and a one-year membership for professional development.

None of the packages come with the post-licensure courses that will be required during the first year of practice. However, Colibri Real Estate does offer them. They also offer exam prep outside of a package deal.


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2. VanEd Real Estate School: Nebraska Real Estate License Classes Online

VanEd Nebraska

VanEd Nebraska real estate school

The next school on our list of best online real estate schools in Nebraska is the VanEd Real Estate School.

This is a school with a long track record. They have been teaching students how to become real estate agents since 1997.

Their Nebraska pre-license course provides all 66 hours needed by the state for real estate education and will give you everything you need to pass the state exam.

The VanEd platform is modern and works on any device so you can take the course any time and anywhere. If you’re waiting in a coffee shop and have a few moments you can login from your phone or laptop and start right where you left off before. You can actually start and stop and the amazing platform will let you know right where you were the last time you logged in.

Unlike most real estate schools which do not let you see the course until you pay, VanEd actually gives you a 5-day free trial so you can look around and start the course to see if it meets your needs. The time you spend in the free trial is even counted towards your time in the course should you decide to move forward!

This Nebraska pre-license course comes with every required module you will need to learn real estate in the state and even comes with exam prep and textbooks!

3. REEsults Coaching School of Real Estate: Online Real Estate Course In NE

REEsults Coaching School

This is one of the top real estate schools in Nebraska. It is not a national chain and only serves the population of Nebraska. This is an advantage because they only look at one state.

Being able to specialize down and only focus on Nebraska means that the school will be as up to date as possible. They can also be experts in Nebraska real estate.

This school was designed with convenience in mind. They wanted to make taking the courses easy in the midst of a busy life. That is why they offer two different types of online courses.

The first option for Nebraska students is the fully online option. This is the basic package. It is a self-study course that is completed on the students’ schedule.

There is a drawback to this course option. There is no instructor support. The students are completely on their own.

This is also one of the most expensive options in Nebraska. Costing $430 for the course, it may be difficult for those that are not self-motivated to do well in the course with no support.

The other option is a type of hybrid course. This is a fully online course but does include coaching and tutoring sessions for students enrolled.

The tutoring and coaching session are unlimited with this package. This is an expensive option costing $600 for the fusion hybrid course. However, it is valuable to have access to live tutoring and coaching with current instructors that are professionals in the field.

This school has combined with VanEd Real Estate School. That is how they have been able to provide this course material and platforms for student use.

Even though this is an expensive option, REEsults has received amazing reviews from their students. Their website shows 120 five star reviews.

That is an impressive satisfaction rate for any online real estate school. They also offer an exam simulator program that gives a look at what the real exam is going to be like. This gives students an edge when they go in for actual testing.

Pre-Requirements To Get a Real Estate License In Nebraska

Every state has pre-requirements that must be met before they can be eligible to receive a license to practice real estate in Nebraska. The pre-requirements can vary from state to state.

In Nebraska, prospective real estate agents must be 19 years of age. They also must have a high school diploma or equivalent. Students can also show proof of completing a homeschool program to satisfy this provision.

Requirements To Get a Real Estate License In Nebraska

If the pre-requirements are met then it is time to move on to satisfying the requirements to get a license. The first requirement is to complete the pre-licensure coursework through one of the accredited real estate schools in Montana.

This can be one of the online real estate schools in Montana or an in-person option. Certification of completion must be obtained from the program to be able to move to the next step.

An application for a real estate license in Nebraska must be completed as well as a background check. If there is anything on the background check then a written statement must be submitted before an applicant can sit for their exam.

After the exam is passed a license to practice real estate in Nebraska will be issued.