10 Best Online Real Estate Schools In South Carolina For 2021

When looking for the best online real estate schools in South Carolina, you may get overwhelmed. The number of real estate schools in South Carolina to choose from can make it difficult to know which one to choose.

We have done some of the leg work for you. This is a guide to the 10 best online real estate schools in South Carolina.

Reading through this will give you what you need to make an informed decision.

Working as a real estate agent in South Carolina can be an amazing career opportunity that pays well and affords you the work/life balance you have always wanted.

While many people dream of this possibility, not everyone achieves freedom from the 9-5 grind. As a real estate agent, this can be your reality.

By finding one of the many real estate schools in South Carolina, you will be able to proceed with your pre-licensing real estate classes in South Carolina.

AceableAgent (#1 Best Online Real Estate Schools In South Carolina)

AceableAgent south carolina

The AceableAgent course is a real estate school that keeps things simple. While many schools offer different packages for students to choose from, this school doesn’t.

For busy people that don’t need one more decision, it is perfect. AceableAgent offers their online course for $489.

You work where you want, when you want, how you want. The platform is user friendly and tech support is available during the hours their students work.

This is the perfect course for students that are still working or taking care of family while preparing for their real estate exams.

The CE Shop (#2 Best Online Real Estate Schools In South Carolina)

best ce school

The CE Shop is one of the most well known real estate schools in South Carolina. They offer courses that provide positive results and launch students into their real estate careers.

While many of the schools don’t talk about their students passing rates, The CE Shop wants to let people know how their students fare.

The CE Shop has a great overall passing rate and more than half of their students pass the state and national exams the first time. This is a phenomenal number.

Because this is a self-paced course, students that are really motivated to get the course done and start their career, can finish in as little as three weeks.

However, if life gets busy and the courses have to be fit in as they can be, it will take longer. Each student can do things differently.

Students love the The CE Shop which is shown in a 98% satisfaction rate among enrolled students  and 4.7 rating on TrustPilot. There is also support for students with both technology issues and classwork.

They do offer package options for their students which allows everyone to find something that works.

South Carolina students can choose to just do the courses. This also includes all of the resources that will be needed to complete the work. All of the packages come with the same resources.

The standard package comes with the exam prep package and pass guarantee. The next packages for South Carolina students is the value package. It adds the business building package.

The top package is the premium package and includes your first year renewal.

Real Estate Express (#3 Best Online Real Estate Schools In South Carolina)

real estate express in south carolina

Real Estate Express is a recognizable name in real estate education. They have a high success rate and students are pleased with their results.

Looking at reviews and passing percentages will tell you that. They are one of the top real estate schools in South Carolina with the satisfaction rate to prove it.

With four packages for South Carolina students to choose from, there is something for everyone.

If you aren’t sure that you will launch into a real estate career full-time or still have doubts about whether or not this will work out, you may want to choose the first package.

It is a basic package but it offers everything you need to make sure you have met the requirements. It comes with both the pre-licensing and the post-licensing courses.

It also comes with instructor support from state approved agents. As well as the textbook required for the course.

If you want to make sure that you are as prepared for the exam as you can be, you can choose the next package.

The exam prep package comes with every that the South Carolina basic package has with three additions.

The exam prep course, the don’t pass don’t pay guarantee, and the prep for success membership are all included in this package.

When choosing one of these real estate schools in South Carolina you may want to choose that offers options.

Real Estate Express offers another two options for students. Exam prep plus adds a real estate dictionary as well as instructor Q&A.

The last package, ultimate learning, has everything the others have but include a printed textbook and a one-year professional membership for South Carolina students.


Preparing students for exams of all kinds is what Kaplan does. They are one of the best online real estate schools in South Carolina because of their test prep expertise.

The courses that Kaplan offers to real estate students in South Carolina are completely online. The students can work on their courses when it is convenient for them.

Along with the convenience of on-demand classes, Kaplan real estate offers a variety of packages that will suit anyone’s needs and budget.

This is not unusual when it comes to real estate schools in South Carolina. Often there are different package offerings.

Kaplan has a selection of four different packages that range from pre-licensing to exam prep and post licensing.

The basic pre-licensing package is just for the 60 hours that are required for the state licensing board.

This is one of the most affordable packages. Priced at $389 it includes the essentials required to pass your exam. However, there are things that are offered in the other packages that will give you a leg up.

One of the packages has the pre-licensing plus the post-licensing course work so you are prepared for your first year of practice.

It also comes with the exam prep material as well. This package is more expensive but is worth the investment. $549 to be prepared for everything the first year will throw at you.

If you want to take it a step further then you can do the career launcher package. The only thing that is different about this package is the business course.

It gives you real world experience to launch your business. However, it is almost $800 so make sure you are ready to commit.


Hondros is one of the most reputable and well known real estate schools in South Carolina. They have programming and classes that serve the needs of the students.

The agents that come out of this program are ready for the real world of real estate practice due to the course work offered at Hondros College.

They have also been in the business of real estate education for 50 years. Educating a large number of real estate agents lends to their credibility.

This is a fully online and on-demand program. But that doesn’t mean you will be left on your own during the course.

Hondros has top faculty that are real life practicing agents that know the ins and outs of the industry. They are available to help students and answer questions.

The Hondros pre-licensing package already includes the 30 hours of post-licensing course work as well as exam prep.

They believe that you will be successful and stay with this career so they created a package that includes everything you will need.

Because this is a fully online class, there are bound to be some technical issues. That is why they have an amazing support staff to help with any issues that may arise.

You can choose to take the 60 hours of pre-licensing separately and with no exam prep but the course alone is $550. While the package that includes everything is $780.

If you have the ability to do the package it is the better value for your time and money. However, there are separate options available if you need to space things out.

Premier School of Real Estate

As one of the best online real estate schools in South Carolina, the Premier School of Real Estate has a reputation that is worthy of their name.

This is a school that offers the flexibility that is needed to accommodate the busy lives of students. Because many real estate students are changing careers, they typically still have other jobs.

The way Premier School of Real Estate has set up their course, it is ideal for students that still work their “day job.”

The on-demand classes and different packages to choose from give students the freedom to make the choice that is right for them.

It can also be tailored to their schedule. The first plan that students can choose from is the silver package. This package is the basic offering.

This includes the 60 hour pre-licensing course for your licensing requirements. It does also include a digital textbook as well as online support during the course.

The pricing for the silver package is $359. This is one of the more affordable options for students. There is no payment plan option so it will all be due up front.

The next option is the gold package. This package is for those that are ready to dive in and commit to this career change.

It does not only include the pre-licensing course but also the 30 hour post-licensing course as well as exam prep. New agents will have to have those post hours during the first year of working.

If you can, it is a good idea to go ahead and get the gold package so you are ready for the first year. It is one less thing you will need to think about.

This option is slightly more expensive at $419 for the package.

Fortune School of Real Estate

Fortune School of Real Estate is not traditionally a school that offers online courses. They chose to add these classes in response to the global pandemic.

As many would be students went to quarantine out of concern of getting COVID, Fortune responded with live instructor-led courses through Zoom.

As with the other online real estate schools in South Carolina that went online recently, the price of the course is that of an in-person course.

It is also one of the more expensive courses on our list. However, the quality of this school will be worth the price. Especially when you pass your state licensing exam.

Priced at $475 it may be cost prohibitive for some real estate students. They have added an online self-paced real estate course that is slightly less expensive, for $435.

There are a few differences between the online instructor-led courses and the online self-paced. The main difference is the schedule.

With the instructor-led course you have to be in the class when it is going on. It starts and finishes when the school has scheduled it to do so.

While the on-demand course is self-paced. There is a tuition window that you have to stay in so make sure to clarify that before enrolling.

The website doesn’t mention materials or textbooks. Most courses do include a textbook in the price either as a physical copy or a digital copy.

Sea Coast Real Estate Academy

Sea Coast Real Estate Academy is one of the many online real estate schools in South Carolina. They have a reputation for preparing their students well for the exams.

This course is set up to offer you everything you need to succeed when you take the exams. There are sections in the course that will teach you every aspect of real estate.

It covers the basic principles of real estate such as laws and government controls as well as real property. You will also learn how to price real estate properties and finance.

The class is comprehensive and will teach you about how closings and settlements work, proper set up of relationships between the agent and the brokers in addition to contracts and ethics.

When you register for this course it includes the book that you will need but if you don’t live in the area and need it to be shipped then you will need to pay $25 for shipping.

The course itself is up there with the other courses as far as price goes. In total, without book shipping, is $350.

If that isn’t in your budget, don’t worry. Sea Coast Real Estate Academy does payments a little differently.

You can pay a deposit when you register for class of $150. There will be a second payment due before class starts of $200.

This is a great option for those that don’t have the full $350 upfront. These classes are not on-demand.

There is an instructor that will be teaching life from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm. This can change from schedule to schedule.

This is a great schedule for those students who still need to work while attending real estate classes in South Carolina.

Ray James Real Estate Institute

When it comes to online real estate classes in South Carolina, Zoom has become a popular method of having them.

The Ray James Real Estate Institute is another online school that offers online real estate classes in South Carolina via zoom.

How this course is set up allows for students to finish their required 60 hours of pre-licensing courses over eight days. While this may seem like a tough course load, it will allow you to launch your real estate career sooner.

Unlike on-demand real estate classes in South Carolina, a live class does have a schedule that you are subject to.

This has both benefits and drawbacks. While the speed is a benefit the fact that you will have to take time off of your current job to complete them is not ideal.

One large benefit to having a live class is access to an instructor. This course goes from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm. That is an adequate amount of time to ask any questions you may have.

Because of the Zoom classes, the class size is not limited. It can be a class of two or a class of 200 without missing a beat.

All of the course materials and formatting have been approved by the real estate commission of South Carolina.

The pricing on this class is reasonable but is still priced more like an in person class then an on-demand class. At $374 for tuition it is still affordable.

This is one of the real estate schools in South Carolina that offers more than pre-licensing courses. They also offer courses for aspiring brokers as well as exam prep.

Pinnacle Real Estate Academy

Pinnacle Real Estate Academy has not always been one of the online real estate schools in South Carolina. They have become an online school out of necessity.

Due to global pandemic, they were allowed to offer online real estate courses in South Carolina. This has opened up their school to a new demographic of students.

While the course that they offer is not a true online course, the class sessions are offered on Zoom as well as in person on their campus.

Because this is not a true online course, the sessions are not on demand. They are scheduled and students must set aside time to attend them.

If you sign up as an online student then you will get a book shipped to you. This is the textbook that the course uses and exams will be based on.

The cost of the book is included in the course price. While traditional online real estate classes in South Carolina are usually less expensive than in person classes, that is not the case with this one.

Because it is basically the in-person class with Zoom sessions, the pricing is the same, $425, online or in-person.

That price does make it one of the more expensive schools on our list but you will have weekly access to a live real estate professional during class.

This can be invaluable when you are working your way through online real estate courses in South Carolina.


Choosing one of the real estate schools in South Carolina is the second step when it comes to getting your license. The first is to know the requirements.


You have to be a citizen or legally able to be in the United States. You also have to be 18 years of age or older to start the process.

Those interested in becoming a real estate agent also need to have a high school diploma or equivalent.

If you check those boxes you can move on to the other requirements. Candidates have to have a background check and complete the pre-licensing coursework.

As well as submit the exam application and pass the licensing exam. After you pass the exam you have to take the 30 hours of coursework to be fully licensed.

To continue on, you will need a broker to sponsor you then apply for your license.

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