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Best Real Estate Schools in Utah (Top 6 Online Courses In 2024)

Utah is a bit harder to find a good real estate school than other states. After careful research into what the state offers, we have uncovered the 6 best online real estate schools in Utah to get a pre-license education.

Becoming a real estate agent can be an exciting career. It is often a new career for those that would want to work for themselves.

There are several steps that need to be taken when wanting to become a real estate agent. The first step when you live in Utah is to take 120 hours of pre-licensing course.

Choosing an accredited online real estate school in Utah may seem like a monumental task. There are many to choose from.

But not all of them will be a good fit for every student. We have helped with some of the research to get you started.

We have put together a list of the six best real estate schools in Utah. We have put in the list the packages they offer and the aspects that make them the best.

There are some that are strictly online while others offer some live portions of the courses. Regardless of the school you choose they are all accredited and will prepare for the exam.

Not only the exam but your future career as a real estate agent as well. But as you choose make sure the school and what they offer fits your lifestyle.

If you need a completely on-demand course then don’t choose one that requires live webinars.

1. The CE Shop: Best Real Estate School In Utah

the ce shop

The CE Shop Utah

The CE Shop is one of the most popular real estate schools in Utah. They have the experience needed to get their students to a successful career as a real estate agent.

There are a few different options that they offer to the students that choose to take coursework with The CE Shop (Read Review Of The CE Shop).

The passing rate of The CE Shop students is a national average of 91%. Not only do they have a high passing rate but they also have a high satisfaction rate.

Of the students that take their courses, 96% of them have been satisfied with all aspects of the course.

The CE Shop has four different options for the 120 hour pre-licensing course. This helps the course fit into the budget of different students.

As well as offer extra aspects for those that want them.

The first package is the course only package. This is the least expensive but is only courses and the features that come with all of the courses.

Each package comes with the ebooks, downloadable resources, career resources, and digital flashcards.

In addition to this all packages include a real estate glossary, study schedule, and instructor led webinars.

The next option is the standard package. The only difference between this package and the basic package is the pass guarantee and exam prep edge.

The value package is the most popular package. It comes with what the first two come with and includes the business building course.

The most expensive package is the premium package. What sets this one apart is the post-licensing course package.

If you aren’t sure about whether or not this is the school for you, they do offer a look inside the courses.

On the website there is a video that shows students what the dashboard and courses look like. This is helpful for making a decision about the schools.

2. Stringham Schools: Utah Real Estate Course Online Review

Stringham Schools Utah real estate

Stringham Schools offers real estate classes in Utah. This is not all they offer but they are committed to making sure their students have what they need.

This is one of the real estate schools in Utah that offers various discounts. One of those discounts is a military discount.

If you think you qualify for this discount make sure you ask about it when you get information or register.

Another thing they offer is a free live test prep class. This is only offered on the first Saturday of each month.

To attend the free class you do have to RSVP because space is limited.

There is also a tuition reimbursement opportunity. They don’t give any information on their website.

However, if you are interested you can fill out the form on their site for more details.

Stringham schools is one of the real estate schools in Utah that offers a law waiver. If you are a lawyer in the state of Utah you can apply for a waiver.

Not only will you only have to take 24-30 hours of coursework instead of the usual 120 hours but you will also pay less.

There is a process to get the waiver. The instructions are on the website.

For non-lawyers they have to take all of the real estate classes in Utah. This school has one option and that is the agent online pre-licensure course.

Because of how they have structured their courses they are one of the best online real estate schools in Utah.

What is included with the course is also free exam prep, placement assistance, assistance after graduation, and the textbook.

Their online course is built using many different learning techniques and methods for delivering the information.

With the use of video, reading, audio, interactive aspects, and powerpoint they believe that this will keep students from getting bored with the material.

Once you have become a real estate agent you can come back to this online school for your continuing education.

They also offer brokerage classes as well. This is not something that all real estate schools in Utah offer.

3. Utah Real Estate School TSG: Best Online Real Estate Schools In Utah

Utah Real Estate School

Utah Real Estate School TSG is one of the best online real estate schools in Utah. They offer both live and online real estate classes in Utah.

One of the things that sets them apart is the way they have arranged their packages. They have three different packages.

Allowing students to take their online real estate classes in Utah in their preferred way. When it comes to real estate schools in Utah they offer a good amount of flexibility.

One of the ways you can take their course is the “read only” sales agent course. This is the most basic package.

The read only package only has the course and technical support. The course is call read only because there are no videos.

Students read the course work and answer questions to prepare for the exam. This package is expensive at $545.

However, it is the least expensive option at this real estate school.

The next option is the “become a real estate agent” package. This package is similar to the “read only” package but it includes videos as well as other perks.

There is group and private tutoring, all classes are offered live if the student desires, and a textbook.

This course package also has instructor videos and legal scenarios for added practice.

When it comes to real estate classes in Utah, the next package is a very popular option. The real estate licensing course bundle is popular even though it is $647.

This package has everything the second package has along with two additions.

There is the ExamPrep Testing Preparation program along with the Real Estate Agent Field Guide.

One of the other things that sets them apart from other online real estate schools in Utah is the fact that they offer all of their classes live every month.

4. Institute of Real Estate Education: Utah Real Estate License Online Course

Institute of Real Estate Education is a top online real estate school in Utah. They actually wrote a real estate law book for Utah that is used by many of the real estate schools in Utah.

There are many reasons why this real estate school would be a good choice for students. The first is their pass rate.

Based on their website their passing rate is actually 30% higher than some of the other online real estate schools in Utah.

This is a huge difference and gives students that choose their school confidence in their coursework.

They also offer some financial incentives for choosing this school. One of those incentives is the money back guarantee.

There are times students might decide it isn’t the time to take real estate coursework, their lives could change, or they simply change their minds.

Institute of Real Estate Education understands this. That is why they give you 15 days to get your money back.

There is also a passing guarantee. If you only take three months to take the course and have done all of the practice you will be eligible.

If you don’t pass the first time, the school will give you a credit when you take the exam again.

The school will also match the price of any of the real estate schools in Utah if you find a better price.

They understand so well that life tends to keep happening even when you are trying to change careers.

If you get past the year mark and have finished the course then the school won’t make you pay full price to finish.

There will be a discount and you don’t have to start over.

5. Agent Professor Real Estate School: Utah Real Estate Classes

Agent Professor Real Estate School is one the top online real estate schools in Utah. They are exclusively online and do it well.

They have designed their online real estate courses in Utah in a unique way. This school wants them to be fun and interactive.

But they also designed them to give students real interaction with real estate professionals. There are several different ways to interact with this course.

Part of the appeal of these online real estate courses in Utah is the different learning methods they have used. When designing this course they wanted to present the material in different ways.

The Agent Professor Real Estate School also has a huge test bank of questions that students have access to.

There are more than 2000 test questions that students can use to prepare for the exam. This database is updated regularly.

An updated question database is the best way to make sure students have the most current question types and information.

Registering for the course is easy. There is only one plan and it is $450. However, currently they are running a customer appreciation special.

The course is now $100 off. With enrollment you get access to the course information for one year.

One of the great things about this program is the fact that you can skip around. Students don’t have to go in a certain order.

They only offer one way to take these courses. There are no package levels with added features.

However, each student does have access to great support and tutoring. They do all they can to help students pass the licensing exam the first time.

6. Harman Real Estate Academy: Utah Real Estate Course Review

Harman Real Estate Academy is one of the best online real estate schools in Utah. This is because it is one of the oldest and well established real estate schools in Utah.

They have a variety of offerings but are best known for their online self-paced courses. These courses are designed for students that are busy and need a flexible schedule.

Their website is very clear about what a student can expect if they decide to sign up for their classes.

There are 43 lessons that each student will have to complete to finish the class. And while they are an online class they do offer an option live class twice a week.

You don’t have to sign up for the in-person class. If you are a student at the Harman Real Estate Academy then you can just show up.

This adds to the flexibility that they offer. If a student can happen to make a live class one week then they can just arrive.

If they can’t then they can just do all 43 courses online. Students also get practice exams, the textbook that is needed, and national exam prep.

The course is all inclusive and the instructors do their best to prepare the students. They are one of the more expensive online real estate schools in Utah.

With that being said they did lower their prices to $399 for the whole course. While it is a higher price, the flexibility and ability to go as fast or slow as you would like is an advantage.

There is a student log in on the website but it doesn’t seem like there is a mobile app.

Utah Real Estate Licensing Requirements

In addition to the licensing requirements there are pre-course work requirements. Anyone that wants to be an agent but be 18 years old.

There is also a requirement that you not have a felony or a misdemeanor involve theft or dishonesty.

Once you get past those requirements a student needs to take the 120 hours of pre-licensure coursework. This must be done at one of the accredited real estate schools in Utah.

The coursework has a final exam that students have to pass with a 70%.

At this point you will take the Utah state examination. Upon passing students will apply for their license.

This must be done within 90 days. After your application is approved you will receive your license and be ready to work with clients.

Utah is not a state that requires the sponsorship of a broker but it would be a good idea to have a mentor of some kind.