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10 Best Online Real Estate Schools In Virginia (Top Courses of 2023)

Looking for the best online real estate schools in Virginia? Then this is for you.

Becoming a real estate agent in Virginia is a good career move. You can eventually be your own boss and strike a great work/life balance.

But there is a process to becoming a real estate agent in Virginia. You have to take courses, find sponsors, and pass exams.

The best way to do this is through an online real estate school. We have listed the 10 best online real estate schools in Virginia to get you started

1. AceableAgent: Best Online Real Estate Schools In Virginia


AceableAgent virginia real estate course

AceableAgent offers real estate classes in Virginia that are completely online. The option that they give is also budget-friendly.

For people that are looking for affordable online real estate courses in Virginia can find them with this learning company.

While AceableAgent doesn’t offer a number of different packages for students to choose from, they do offer a user-friendly platform.

Students can learn and move forward at their own pace. This is common with online real estate schools in Virginia.

However, their platform is unique. You can take your courses on any device. If you are sitting in a doctor’s office and have some time you can get on your phone and work on your courses.

This is not something that all of the platforms offer. Also, not all of the real estate schools in Virginia offer a learning app.

AceableAgent is one of the best online real estate schools in Virginia because they are so user friendly.

Students that have a busy life and are trying to change careers while raising kids and continuing to work have found success with AceableAgent.

2. Colibri Real Estate: Best Virginia Real Estate Course Online

Real Estate Express virginia

There are many real estate schools in Virginia. Some of them are online real estate schools in Virginia such as Colibri Real Estate.

This school is one that offers a few different packages but they all meet the standards of Virginia.

If you are wanting to become a real estate agent in Virginia then you will need to be licensed. In order to get a license, you need to take real estate pre-licensure courses.

60 hours is the minimum for being able to test and Colibri Real Estate can help you do that.

Colibri Real Estate offers real estate classes in Virginia that will fit almost every budget and schedule.

They offer four different packages for students to choose from depending on the needs they have.

The first package is the basic package. This is a great option if you have an abundance of self-motivation.

You can also benefit from the basic package if you have some experience in the real estate field. This will only come with the courses, instructor support, and three e-books.

But if you need more information, support, and extras then one of the other three packages might suit you better.

The two highest packages come with instructor Q&A. This can be very helpful when it comes to navigating the courses and how to start off right in the business.

3. The CE Shop: Virginia Real Estate Course Online Review

the ce shop

CE Shop real estate school in Virginia

The CE Shop is one of the completely online real estate schools in Virginia. It has options for many different states and Virginia is one of them.

If you are wanting to get your real estate license in Virginia then you will need to go through the pre-licensure online real estate courses in Virginia.

Once you choose a school it will be pretty easy to follow the steps but the course work will be challenging.

The CE Shop has a couple of different packages to choose from. These choices have different attributes and will end up costing a different amount of money.

If you are on a budget trying to get your real estate license in Virginia then there is an option for you.

The options that are available for those who take online real estate courses in Virginia through The CE Shop are as follows.

  • Standard Package
  • Premium Package
  • Value Package

All of the packages include the 60 required hours to take your test in Virginia.

The higher packages also include extras such as business building courses and for the highest package, you get post-licensure courses as well.

4. Mbition: Online Real Estate Classes VA

Mbition virginia

Mbition is one of the best online real estate schools in Virginia because they have tailored their courses to the Virginia requirements.

They offer several packages with various online real estate classes in Virginia. One of the great features of this learning program is that you can choose to take courses separately.

If you don’t have the budget to do the whole package but want to get started, that is an option with Mbition (formerly called OnCourse Learning).

But if you want to choose a package that has all 60 hours of coursework in it then they have three options to choose from.

The Silver package is their most basic offering. It has what you need to take the courses and prepare for the exam. If you are going to be working towards your Virginia real estate license and are self-motivated then this could work for you.

This package doesn’t give you a pass guarantee like the other two packages though.

The next package of online real estate classes in Virginia is the Gold package. The only two things that make this different from Silver is the guarantee and the PSI.

The highest package is the platinum package. This adds an E-book and exam prep toolkit for Virginia learners.

If you are a Virginia resident that is wanting to become a real estate agent or need to take some continuing education courses then you can also enroll in.

They also offer e-books for purchase if you need some resources as your progress in your learning or career.

5. Kaplan Real Estate Education: Virginia Real Estate License Online

Kaplan is a well-known name in test prep and they live up to their reputation with the Virginia real estate exam prep.

When it comes to preparing future real estate agents of Virginia for the exam, Kaplan has some of the best and most effective real estate license classes in Virginia.

All of the course work is online and able to be done mostly on the students time table. However, you have to complete the coursework within six months.

This is something that seems to be unique to Kaplan. Many of the other programs on our list don’t have timelines like that.

However, it is great for students that might need a little extra motivation to keep moving forward in their exam prep.

Kaplan does have three different packages to help students get started. All of them have 60 hours of coursework that is required.

But there are two packages that have some extras that can help with other aspects of being a real estate agent.

The Master Exam Prep package has the addition of PSI Salesperson exam prep. This is not something that is required to become an agent in Virginia.

The Career Launcher package includes the Real Estate Accelerator. That is a course that was designed by Kaplan to give you the real-world skills that will be needed to become a successful agent.

(See Kaplan Real Estate Review)

6. 360Training (Agent Campus): VA Approved Real Estate Schools

With the many options for real estate license classes in Virginia, it may be hard to choose one. 360Training or Agent Campus is a great choice for future real estate agents in Virginia.

360Training is a great option for Virginia residents that want to start their career as well as for current agents.

Active real estate agents are in need of continuing education hours. Also during the first year of having a license agents have to have post-licensure course work.

That is where 360Training can help out. They have options for everyone.

As one of the many real estate schools in Virginia, they know what is needed to pass the Virginia state test and to become a successful agent.

They have several top packages for anything you might need. They have pre-licensure packages as well as single courses.

360Training also has post-licensure packages and courses for those that have already passed the Virginia licensing exam.

With all that, they offer the instructor support. And that is one of the most valuable things. If you have questions about the course or the content you have access to instructors that can help.

If the regulations of Virginia change then 360Training updates their courses immediately. They pride themselves on being compliant with all regulations.

7. Hondros College: Real Estate Schools in VA

Hondros College is a mostly online college that offers many different types of learning.

One of those types of learning is Virginia real estate pre-licensing courses. These are completely online and provide all that is needed to prepare for the exam.

They do offer a few different packages in their learning catalog. One of those packages has both the exam prep courses as well as what they call CompuCram.

This is the most popular package because it has all that is needed plus extra help.

According to their website the CompuCram add on package has an 89% passing rate. That means students that have taken CompuCram in addition to the 60 hours of prep will likely pass on the first try.

This is a high passing rate. Potential Virginia real estate agents will benefit from these courses.

It is also important to note that if a student does not want to choose a package deal they can choose individual courses.

Going that route will be more expensive in the long run but can be just as effective learning wise.

The package deal includes all of the CompuCram classes for both state and national tests. A national test is not necessary but it does offer another level of licensing and education.

8: Advanced School of Real Estate: Virginia Real Estate License Course

While the Advanced School of Real Estate does offer live instruction, the online option is one of the better real estate schools in Virginia.

They help Virginia residents that want to become real estate agents prepare for the licensing exam.

They have three packages to offer potential students. All of them can be completed on the student’s own time and schedule. There is no time limit for completing the course work.

There is however, a six month enrollment period.

Some real estate schools in Virginia will have package deals but will have extra fees associated. That is what makes Advanced School of Real Estate different.

They are very clear on their website that there are no additional fees when you purchase one of their packages.

The levels are basic, enhanced, and ultimate. On the landing page it says that the ultimate package is the most popular.

It does come with some great extra perks. One of those perks is a free class retake. This is a live stream option.

There is also a cram course, and personal final exam review. All of these are advantages when it comes to passing the exam on the first try.

However, any of the packages will get you the required 60 hours of pre-licensure coursework that must be taken before the exam.

9. Moseley Real Estate Schools: Virginia Real Estate License Classes

Moseley Real Estate Schools in Virginia have some great options and offerings for potential real estate agents in Virginia.

Something that is really unique to this school is that they have something called a Local Career Seminars.

These are completely free and give people wanting to become a real estate agent the chance to hear about the career. As well as ask questions.

This is a great thing to offer because of all of the preparation that goes into becoming an agent. Giving interested parties an opportunity to research and ask realty agents questions will give perspective before starting.

For those that are ready to jump and take the courses Moseley Real Estate Schools in Virginia does have an online learning package that has everything needed.

They do offer different packages but not like the other schools. They offer an in person package, an online package, and license renewal courses.

One of the best things about this online learning package is that they give you 12 months of enrollment with your tuition. This is double what some of the other schools offer.

It is completely self-paced and if you are self-motivated you can complete the course in less than a year and prepare to take your exam.

The post-licensing education courses through Moseley Real Estate Schools in Virginia are actually free of charge as are the continuing education courses.

If you are already licensed in another state and they happen to have reciprocity with Virginia then you can take the reciprocity license course. This will keep you from starting over.

10. TriCorner Real Estate Institute: Virginia Online Real Estate Course

TriCorner Real Estate Institute is the most affordable option on our list. They have several different options for Virginia real estate students.

With the basic package starting at only $90 with all that is needed to be read to take the state exam, there is no reason to not start learning.

There are higher priced packages that do offer national exam prep and other great extras but even they are affordable.

The next package for Virginia students is $150 and has everything you will need during the first two years of being an agent.

That package really sets you up for success with a minimal financial investment.

For online instruction the last package is $210 and has everything the first two have as well as live instructor assistance throughout the course.

They do offer a live package that can be in-person or live streaming as well if you would rather not do everything online.

However that package is $380 and to attend an in-person class you will need to live in the area or be willing to drive.

TriCorner Real Estate Institute has a number of benefits for Virginia real estate students and is a great value.

Virginia Real Estate Licensing Requirements

Virginia does have steps and regulations when it comes to becoming a real estate agent.

The first thing you need to do is have a high school diploma or GED. That also means you have to be at least 18 years old.

You also have to complete the 60 hours of pre-licensing coursework before you can even take the exam.

You will need a proctor to take the exam and that requires an appointment. The exam must be passed with at least a 75% if you want a license.

You will also have to take the Virginia Real Estate Salesperson exam after you pass the course final.

The next step is fingering printing as well as finding a broker to sponsor you. After all of this is down you apply for your license.