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Best Online Real Estate Schools in Nevada (Top 7 Courses In 2023)

If you have decided that you want to take the plunge and get your real estate license but don’t know where to start we can help. To get your real estate license in Nevada you will need to find the best online real estate schools in Nevada.

If you are a resident of Nevada the first thing you need is a list of real estate schools in Nevada.

You will have to take some pre-licensure coursework from an accredited school. It can be hard to find the right online school so we put a list together.

We have gathered the 7 best online real estate schools in Nevada to get you started.

1. Colibri Real Estate: Best Online Real Estate School In Nevada

Real Estate Express of Nevada

Colibri Real Estate is a well-known name in real estate education. They don’t only do pre-licensure courses.

You can also go to Colibri Real Estate for continuing education. When you arrive at the website landing page for the Nevada real estate courses you will see the areas in which their students work.

You will also see your course and package options. They offer four different options for real estate students in Nevada.

By offering these different options they have one of the top real estate schools in Nevada.

While their courses and packages are usually pretty expensive, there is a sale going on right now.

The first package option for Nevada residents is called the basics. This is exactly what it sounds like.

You get the courses you need, instructor support, and the three ebooks that you need. This is fairly budget-friendly with tuition of $209.

The next package that is an option is the exam preparation package. It has everything the basic package has.

It also includes exam prep, don’t pass don’t pay, and prep for success membership.

There are two more packages that offer even more great benefits. They both afford you an instructor Q&A which would be worth the cost of the course alone.

They also have the real estate dictionary with the top package including one year of a professional development membership.

Which one you choose will be up to you but weigh all of the benefits of each package first.

If you want to take the courses individually or need some continuing education, they offer that as well.

You can also upgrade your license if that is something you need or want to do.

2. The CE Shop: Online Real Estate Course In Nevada

the ce shop

Nevada ce shop

When looking for real estate schools in Nevada make sure you look into The CE Shop before you choose.

They are easily one of the better online real estate schools in Nevada for a few reasons.

This school keeps up with all of the changes that happen with real estate regulations, laws, and how they license.

If anything changes they change their courses to match. That is what real estate schools in Nevada should do.

They have an impressive passing rate for the state and national tests. Of all of the students that have used The CE Shop real estate classes in Nevada, 96% of them passed the test.

That is a high passing rate by anyone’s standards. The Ce Shop also has a high student satisfaction rate.

They offer above standard support both technical and customer support. This is one thing that contributes to the satisfaction rate.

This class is a self-paced course so you take three weeks or six months. Just make sure you complete it before your enrollment period ends.

When it comes to real estate schools in Nevada, The CE Shop does offer four different learning options for real estate students.

The student’s first option is to simply take the courses. No extras at all. This is perfectly acceptable and can save some money in the short term

However, if you want to get the extra value you might want to look for a package deal. You can get the standard package which includes exam prep.

Or you can get the business building package that includes the business building courses.

The last option is the premium package. This includes the first renewal and continuing education.

All of these options are under $400 so they really make your money go a long way.

Watch the course demo below: