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8 Best Online Real Estate Schools In Wisconsin (2024 Classes)

Before you get your real estate pre-license education, discover the 8 best online real estate schools in Wisconsin.

Getting your real estate license in Wisconsin can be a lucrative and rewarding endeavor. With so many people moving from the coasts of the country to places like the Midwest, there has never been a better time. Wherever there are homes being sold, real estate agents are making commissions.

By reading this review of the best online real estate schools in Wisconsin, you can find the education package that will work best for you. Not all real estate schools in Wisconsin are equal, so it is imperative you find one that is best suited for your learning style and schedule.

1. Colibri Real Estate: Best Real Estate School in Wisconsin

Colibri Real Estate currently has the best catalog of online test prep courses for Wisconsin real estate agents. This website lists educational resources that you can complete in a variety of ways and on whatever computer or smart device you use in your day-to-day life.

Course Features

This online real estate company offers four different options for Wisconsin students. Starting with The Basics, you get access to a 72-hour course that meets the state hour requirement to sit for the exam, in addition to 2 books on the real estate business. For less than $100, you can upgrade to the Exam Preparation package, which adds  an extra exam prep course and a pass guarantee.

Next up is the Exam Preparation Plus package. This costs about $75 more and adds a few incredibly helpful features, such as live exam cram materials and regular Q&A sessions with your instructor. You also get a dictionary with some real estate terms; that’s not a huge upgrade, but the live content alone is worth paying the extra cost to upgrade.

Finally, the Ultimate Learning package is the most expensive, although it’s still below $600. This package includes everything Colibri Real Estate made to help Wisconsin real estate students:

  • Pre-Licensing course that meets the Wisconsin 72-hour requirement
  • Real estate eBooks, dictionary, and physical textbook
  • Support from a Wisconsin instructor with regular Q&A sessions
  • Exam prep course and live exam cram series
  • 90-day bootcamp course
  • Pass guarantee

I recommend either the Exam Preparation Plus or Ultimate Learning bundle out of their entire library. Saving a few hundred dollars on one of their cheaper courses isn’t a good idea since you would miss out on some of this company’s best educational content. Check out these pros and cons to learn more:

Pros and Cons

  • Pro – Well-Rounded Education: Colibri Real Estate doesn’t just help you pass your Wisconsin real estate agent exam. It also provides multiple resources that can help you establish a successful career after earning your license.
  • Pro – Livestreams: Aside from their test prep packages, Colibri Real Estate also offers livestreamed classes at certain times throughout the year. This is the closest you can get to a traditional classroom environment from an online course, since it allows you to ask questions and work with your fellow students.
  • Pro – Flexible Format: These study materials are designed to be used in different ways, and they can be used on different devices. Feel free to start studying a set of practice questions on your computer, then switch to your phone or tablet to work through an eBook or send a message to your instructor.

Bottom Line

For the absolute best online study experience, I recommend that all Wisconsin-based real estate professionals check out Colibri Real Estate before any other course. This has the best features for affordable prices; they even guarantee you’ll succeed on your exam the first time!


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2. The CE Shop: Online Real Estate School In Wisconsin

the ce shop wisconsin

The CE Shop has been at the top of the real estate education game for years. Their accessible approach to teaching students has been honed since their inception. Since then, they have been helping people from all walks of life get started in their new career.

Course Features

The CE Shop offers a few different packages to help you complete the required 72 hours of real estate education in the state of Wisconsin. Each one has different features that may or may not be helpful to you depending on your learning style. Knowing how you learn best is key to picking the right package.

  • If you feel confident in your knowledge of selling real estate, the Basic package may be right for you. This package includes the required courses only and is set up to be as streamlined as possible. At just under $350, this could be the right option for someone looking to dip their toe in the industry.
  • The Standard package includes an invaluable pass or no pay guarantee. This guarantee ensures that if you do not pass the course, you will not have to pay the tuition. Not all real estate schools in Wisconsin offer this guarantee, so this is an incredibly beneficial feature. This package also includes The CE Shop’s exam prep course as well. This extra preparation is very helpful for nervous test takers.
  • The CE Shop’s Premium package also includes an 18 hour Wisconsin real estate continuing education package. This will cover the first year’s renewal of your license. At under $500, this could end up saving you money in the long run.

Pros and Cons

  • Pro – Course Demo: Customers can try out a free course demo before buying anything. Doing so should make their purchasing decisions much easier.
  • Pro – Ethics Course: The CE Shop automatically includes ethics classes with their courses. As a result, you can meet the ethics requirement for your licenses without paying any extra money.
  • Con – No Live Learning: Currently CE shop courses only consist of self study programs. Hopefully they can offer live instruction of some kind in future updates to their catalog.

Bottom Line

CE Shop’s real estate courses are an effective tool to guarantee you’ll pass the real estate exam. They also provide invaluable resources to help you start your career, which is one reason why students are extremely satisfied with their study materials.

3. Prep Agent: Online Real Estate Classes in Wisconsin

prepagent wisconsin real estate course

Thanks to a combination of live presentations and self-study resources, Prep Agent is a great all-around education course that has an affordable price.

Course Features

  • Over 1000 audio and video lessons
  • Live webinars 5 times a week
  • Library of pre-recorded webinars
  • Vocabulary building resources
  • Instructor support
  • Pass guarantee

Pros and Cons

  • Pro – Time Saving: If you only have a few months (or a few weeks) to prepare for your exams, this is a good cram course. You only have to pay for the amount of time you plan to spend on your study schedule, so it saves you money as well!
  • Pro – Personal Touch: Thanks to the live webinars included with the Premium version of this course, you can collaborate and communicate with another real estate professional while preparing for your exam. This could provide valuable insight for your future career.
  • Con – Limited Content: There’s not nearly as much educational content here when compared to The CE Shop or Colibri Real Estate. Although this means you can work through this material much faster, it also means you’ll miss out on several features those companies include.

Bottom Line

Although not the very best, Prep Agent is a decent option for students who want to study quickly without spending too much money.

4. Mbition: Wisconsin Real Estate Course Online

mbition oncourse learning wisconsin

Mbition is a real estate school in Wisconsin that has been in the business for many years. They were formerly called OnCourse learning and have developed their distance learning system over the course of their existence. Many students find their format to be easy-to-understand and approachable.

Mbition also has a comprehensive digital library that you can use for reference. Some of these ebooks will continue to be useful to you even after you have begun your career. Having access to them could be helpful for all kinds of problems you may run into.

Mbition’s basic package comes in at just under $275. This puts them at the bottom end of the price spectrum compared to other real estate schools in Wisconsin. Even at this price, the basic package still includes instructor support and a math refresher course.

Their gold package has all the required courses as well as a few extras. For just $30 more, this includes a pass or no pay guarantee. That alone could be worth the extra few dollars. Even if you feel confident in your study habits and skills, it might be a good idea to get the gold package.

The platinum package at Mbition includes all the same features listed above as well as an exam prep toolkit. This toolkit includes things like flashcards and practice tests. For just $40 more than the gold package, this toolkit is a great value.

There is such a small difference in price between the packages that Mbition is one of the most affordable online real estate schools in Wisconsin. The platinum package might be worth the extra few dollars for all the features it comes with.

Mbition’s years of experience make them a great choice for someone who wants to be sure they are learning from seasoned instructors. Taking real estate classes in Wisconsin from people who have been working in the market is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your career.

5. Kaplan Real Estate Education: WI Real Estate License Course

kaplan real estate education wisconsin

Kaplan is an online real estate school in Wisconsin that specializes in giving students many options. Their varied formats are able to cater to all kinds of learners. Because of this, the odds are they will have a package that will be suited to you as an individual.

Kaplan offers two kinds of formats for their learning packages. You can either take your online real estate classes in Wisconsin in a live webinar format or in self-guided, on-demand lessons. Being able to choose between these two options is a valuable feature.

Their basic real estate principles package includes all the courses that cover the 72 required education hours. The on-demand videos present the difficult-to-understand material in a fun and entertaining way. Their experience allows them to design the courses to cater to all kinds of students.

The basic package also comes in a live webinar format. If you are the type of student who benefits from learning from an in-person instructor, this could be the package for you. Many students find that the webinar courses are more in-line with a traditional classroom.

They also offer a package that includes a comprehensive exam prep module. At just under $400, this package consists of the same required courses as well as a live study session with other students. This study session is a great way to retain the information you have already learned from the courses, which can be very helpful in passing the state real estate exam.

The Career Launcher package is the most expensive one that Kaplan offers. At $630, this package is geared specifically to selling real estate in Wisconsin. It includes a Real Estate Accelerator course that will teach you the ins-and-outs of selling real estate in the Wisconsin market.

The best thing about Kaplan’s system is being able to choose between the live format and the self-guided format. Not all students are as self-motivated as others. In their case, the live webinars will be incredibly helpful for keeping them on track and motivated throughout the entire process.

6. Turnkey School of Real Estate: Wisconsin Real Estate School

Turnkey School of Real Estate is a real estate school in Wisconsin offering comprehensive courses to students. They have a focus on self-guided lessons, on-demand videos and multimedia education. This makes them a great choice for students with busy lives who are trying to get their real estate license.

They have refined their courses to be as easy to navigate as possible. They do not require any textbooks or extra materials and there are no hidden costs. This is about as straightforward as it gets in the world of online real estate schools in Wisconsin.

The most attractive feature of Turnkey School of Real Estate’s online real estate classes in Wisconsin is the price. They only offer one package at just over $300. This makes them a great choice for people who do not need many extra features or exam prep.

All of the lessons and study materials offered by Turnkey come in printable PDFs or other digital media. These lessons cover things like the best real estate practices in Wisconsin and other crucial aspects of selling real estate for a living. Being able to keep these lessons even as you move on in your career can be incredibly valuable even for experienced agents.

The lessons offered by Turnkey School of Real Estate include things like case studies, vocabulary and quiz sections. They are specifically designed to be taken at your own pace and on your own time.

Turnkey also offers a comprehensive practice exam at the end of their online real estate courses in Wisconsin. This can be incredibly helpful for people who like to have a practice run before they take the actual test. Many students report that this helps them feel more comfortable when the time comes to take the Wisconsin state real estate exam.

7. Elite School of Real Estate: Wisconsin Real Estate License Classes

Elite School of Real Estate is one of the most people-oriented real estate schools in Wisconsin. They are dedicated to nurturing the personal, human aspects of selling homes. This makes them a great option if you are someone who is getting into real estate because you enjoy helping people.

The instructor at Elite School of Real Estate, Lori Muller, is extremely experienced. She has been working in the industry in Wisconsin for years and brings that to the online lessons. Her approach is focused on empathy, humanity and the desire to help people.

The courses at Elite School of Real Estate are self-guided and great for independent learners. They can be taken at your own pace and in your spare time. This makes them a fantastic choice for people who are already working full time jobs on top of getting their licenses.

The benefit of Elite School of Real Estate’s on-demand system is that you can start it at any time. You do not have to wait for other students to enroll or for an official start date. You can purchase the course and begin learning how to sell real estate in Wisconsin right away.

Their course is just under $300. This puts them on the cheaper end of the price spectrum and opens up the possibility of real estate licensing to all kinds of people. This is right in line with Elite Real Estate School’s attitude of openness and acceptance to a wide variety of students.

8. Action Real Estate School: Wisconsin Real Estate Course Review

Action Real Estate School is one of the more unique real estate schools in Wisconsin. They are a direct affiliate of Coldwell Banker Action Realty. Because of this connection, you are sure to be getting the right information that will be relevant to the state of Wisconsin and the minutiae of working in that market.

Because of their association with an actual realtor, Action Real Estate School has a wealth of experience they can impart to you. Steve LaCerte, the owner and lead instructor has been selling Wisconsin real estate for years. Because of this, he is able to design his courses to be as current and detailed as possible.

They offer two different types of class formats; message board-based and on-demand. Being able to choose between these two formats is a great option to have for all kinds of students. Not everyone has the ability to show up and post in the same place at the same time every week. In this case, on-demand courses would be the best choice.

The on-demand courses come in at $325. All of the texts required for this on-demand package are downloadable and readily available as soon as you enroll in the course. Being able to access these materials right away is a great feature that many students find to be beneficial in getting ahead of the game.

The on-demand courses are designed to make sure you are comprehending all the material. They include reviews at every step that can help you retain the information you have learned up to that point. Many students find these reviews to be incredibly helpful towards taking the actual Wisconsin state real estate exam.

Action Real Estate School also offers online courses led by the instructor. These courses are based on student message boards and encourage participation. You also are encouraged to email with the instructor regularly to to ask any questions that may come up over the course of the lessons.

The board-based online real estate courses in Wisconsin are a great option for people who benefit from learning alongside others. Oftentimes, other students will pose questions or frame material in a way that even instructors have not thought to do. Surprisingly, other students are often a great source of new ideas and new ways of looking at things.

The board-based classes are just $25 more than the on-demand courses. Because of this, you may want to think about choosing them even if you feel confident in your study skills. It never hurts to have the benefit of other people working on the same problems and learning the same material.

How to Get a Real Estate License in Wisconsin

To get your real estate license in Wisconsin, you must be 18 years of age and have your high school diploma or equivalent. You must also have a clean criminal record. One of the unique things you can do in Wisconsin is pre-apply for your license to be sure you do not have any marks on your criminal record that may prevent you from being approved for your license.

After ensuring that you are qualified, you can then enroll in 72 required hours of real estate courses. You are going to want to make sure that these courses are catered to your learning style. You also should look for a real estate school that is specifically geared toward the state of Wisconsin.

After finishing your courses, you must then pass the Wisconsin state real estate exam. The exam is the thing that most people are anxious about. However, if you get your education at one of the best online real estate schools in Wisconsin, you should be fully prepared. After passing the exam, you must apply for your license within one calendar year otherwise you will have to take the test again.

Final Thoughts

Getting a real estate license can be a complicated process. However, with the help of one of the best online real estate schools in Wisconsin, you can make sure you are fully prepared. The instructors and administrators at these schools live to help you succeed in the business.

By knowing your learning style and your study habits, you can make the right decision regarding which real estate school will work best for you. Depending on whether you thrive in a virtual classroom environment or work best on your own, there are options open to you that will be the most conducive to your specific situation.