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8 Best Michigan Online Real Estate Course Reviews (2024 Reviews)

Are you looking to find the best online real estate schools in Michigan? This is your guide to discovering the best Michigan online real estate course for you.

There are many options for the best real estate school in Michigan. Choosing the right one might seem overwhelming.

We have put together a list of the 8 best online real estate schools in Michigan to help get you started.

1. AceableAgent: Best Real Estate School In Michigan

AceableAgent Michigan course

AceableAgent is one of the top real estate schools in Michigan. They are perfect for busy individuals that are trying to fit a career change into their lives.

They are slightly different than some of the other real estate schools in Michigan on our list.

AceableAgent does not offer packages. They only offer one option. While this may seem like a disadvantage it isn’t.

With only giving one option to potential students they take away the decision fatigue that can come with choosing a real estate school.

One of the things that we love is that they offer a money-back guarantee. If you don’t pass the test they will give you your money back.

Offering these safety net students that are on a budget will feel better about making that investment.

They also have great support in place. Most of their students are going to be engaging with the course during odd hours. The AceableAgent knows this.

That is why customer support is available all day, every day. Everyone has to take a final exam to pass the pre-licensure courses.

The exam has to be proctored and even some of the online real estate schools in Michigan require these in person.

AceableAgent proctors the exam online so you don’t have to go anywhere.


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2. Colibri Real Estate: Best Online Real Estate Schools In Michigan

Real Estate Express Michigan

Colibri Real Estate is a great option when it comes to real estate schools in Michigan. With years of experience behind them, they know what it takes for students to be successful.

When it comes to offering real estate classes in Michigan Colibri Real Estate gives students many options.

They want their students to be successful. This doesn’t just mean in class. They also want them to be successful in their careers.

Because of this goal, it has led them to create courses and packages that can simply help students pass an exam as well as courses and packages to help them launch careers.

They offer four different packages each one of them with the student’s best in mind. There are also very affordable options for students on a budget.

The first package is called the basic package and it is truly basic. It only has the courses, supports, and the e-books required for the course.

Each of the following packages builds on this basic package.

The Exam Prep Package comes with exam prep, a pass guarantee, and a prep for basic success membership.

Exam Preparation Package Plus adds a real estate dictionary and instructor Q&A.

The last package is the most expensive and most comprehensive package. The Ultimate Learning package includes the printed textbook and a one-year professional development membership to help start your career.

As it is with many online real estate schools in Michigan, Colibri Real Estate is fully accredited, has amazing reviews, and offers live support.

With the two highest packages the students can even have live Q&A sessions with the instructors to help set them up for success.

3. The CE Shop: Best Real Estate Classes In Michigan

The CE shop Michigan

The CE Shop is a great option when it comes to real estate schools in Michigan. They are committed to staying up to date with the licensing requirements of the state.

Not only do they offer the most up to date learning options and course materials but they also have an impressive passing rate.

Michigan students that take their pre-licensing courses through The CE Shop enjoy a 95% passing rate.

This is an impressive rate by anyone’s standards. Not only do they have a high passing rate but they have a high satisfaction rate.

Out of all of the students that take classes with them 96% of them are satisfied with their experience.

This is something that stands out from the other online real estate schools in Michigan.

If students are very motivated and have the time to dedicate to the course they can complete it in one week and be ready to test.

Doing this would help the process of becoming a real estate agent go much faster.

The CE Shop offers three different packages for students to choose from. All of them will help them get to the goal of a real estate agent.

The Standard Package is the most affordable and includes some exam prep help in addition to the courses.

The Value Package has everything the Standard Package has but adds the Business Building Courses to help with career prep.

The last package is the Premium Package. It also includes continuing education that will be needed in the first year of being an agent.

4. Kaplan Real Estate School In Michigan

Kaplan is a leading name in test prep across the board but when it comes to real estate pre-licensing courses they are among the best online real estate schools in Michigan.

For students that are hoping to get their real estate license in Michigan, Kaplan real estate offers a variety of packages to help them achieve these goals.

The first option that they have for real estate classes in Michigan is the master exam prep package for real estate fundamentals in Michigan.

This is one of the most popular packages and is the middle of the road option as far as pricing is concerned.

If you choose this package in addition to your pre-licensing courses and exam practice, you will get the National PSI online practice and drill Qbank.

Included is also the Michigan version of the drill and practice Qbank. This package is $199 so it is still very affordable.

If you just want the pre-licensure courses and basic exam practice then you can get the package below the above mentioned.

It has what you need to take your licensing exam and start your career as a real estate agent. But at $179 it would be worth it to get the better package.

If you want more and want help launching your career as a Michigan real estate agent then you might want to spend more money and get the career launcher package.

In addition to what the fundamentals and master exam prep course offer this also has the Real Estate Accelerator course.

5. Mbition: Best Online Real Estate School In Michigan

Mbition (OnCourse Learning) is one of the best online real estate schools in Michigan. When it comes to online real estate schools in Michigan this one knows what it is doing.

One of the best ways to get going is to choose one of the three packages that they offer for students.

They have the Silver Solution. This is the lowest priced package that you can get but it still offers all you need to take your licensing exam.

This package includes the fundamentals courses, MathMaster, Instructor support, and Technical Support. If you are on a budget this will be a good choice.

All you need is provided for $179.

The middle of the road package is Gold Solution packages. This has all of the online real estate classes in Michigan that you will need for your license.

It comes with everything the Silver Solution has but with some extras. It has the National real estate exam prep as well as a pass the first time guarantee. For less than $280 it is nice to have a guarantee.

The most expensive package of real estate classes in Michigan is the platinum package.

This package adds the exam prep toolkit, Michigan exam prep, and copy of the textbook.

If you don’t want a package deal and only want the individual courses, they offer that as well. You can also purchase any of the textbooks they have available.

6. AYPORealEstate: Michigan Real Estate Classes Online

When it comes to real estate schools in Michigan for busy individuals AYPORealEstate is a perfect choice.

While there are many online real estate schools in Michigan there are not many that offer what APYO offers.

The thing that really sets them apart is the fact that nothing expires. Most of the online real estate courses in Michigan say that it is at your own pace but expires in six months.

APYO, or At Your Pace Online, really is at your pace. There is no enrollment period because they know that sometimes life surprises us.

Giving students this security with their online classes can encourage more people to enroll even when they are busy.

Another thing they offer is excellent customer support. This support is available 24/7 and has earned many five star ratings on search engines and their website.

There are two packages to choose from and are very affordable. The best selling package is actually their basic package.

This package includes the coursework, review questions, unlimited practice exam attempts, support, a completion certificate. It is $179 to enroll in this course.

The only difference between the basic package and the deluxe package is the price and the PDF download of the entire course.

7. Michigan Institute of Real Estate Reviews

Michigan Institute of Real Estate is one of the best real estate schools in Michigan because of the options they offer.

Not only do they offer an online option for distance learning but they also offer two other ways to complete the pre-licensing courses from home.

This is a great option for those that want a more traditional learning environment or would rather have more pen and paper options.

In addition to the online option, they also offer a remote learning option. While you may think this is the same as online learning it is different.

The remote learning option offers live online classes with an instructor for added support. This option also includes a textbook.

Because this is a live remote class you will have to attend during the time of the class. They do have flexible options for Michigan residents that include day and evening classes.

As one of the online real estate schools in Michigan that offers varied options, they do all of these options well.

The other distance option actually doesn’t use the internet at all. This is the home study option.

This option includes printed and recorded materials. You will take a test and send it in for grading to make sure you are doing the work.

This option is completely self-paced.

The online real estate classes in Michigan at this school do come in two different packages. Students can choose the basic option or the premium option.

The basic package comes with the cram course, pdf of the book, a real estate coaching session, audio narrated slides, and the ability to access the course on a mobile device.

There is a $100 difference between the basic and premium packages. The premium package adds a physical copy of the textbook as well as the exam prep program.

8. NCI School of Real Estate Classes in Michigan

NCI School of Real Estate offers real estate classes in Michigan for those that are trying to get their real estate license in that state.

The format of the real estate school is structured a little bit differently than some of the others on our list. But that makes them unique and enables them to cater to a different group of people.

One of the things that makes them different is the way they offer the courses. They don’t offer an on-demand online class so to speak.

The way they offer online classes is through a live webinar. While you can take this class from the comfort of your home you do still have to attend during the hours it is offered.

Their online classes are on certain days and do have a limit to how many people can register. So if there is a day you are needing then you will want to register early.

You can choose to take the course over five weeks for just one day a week or you can accelerate the course from Monday-Friday from 9-5 for one week.

If you have the time to take the one week course then you will be able to apply to take your exam earlier.

If that won’t work for then just take the five-week course. The course is $295 no matter how you take it and it does include a textbook.

With these online real estate classes in Michigan, you will have to take two exams in class and you will get a certificate of completion.

Michigan Real Estate License Requirements

When wanting to become a real estate agent in Michigan there are some requirements that you will have to meet.

The first requirement is that you have to be 18 years of age or older. You also have to have a high school diploma or GED.

Taking the 40 hours of pre-licensing courses is a must and you have to pass the final exam with a 70%.

After that, you will apply to test for your license. If you are approved you will schedule the test.

You will also need to find a broker to sponsor you for the first year or so. Then you are ready to start selling houses.