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Coldwell Banker Real Estate School Review

A big name in the real estate industry, Coldwell Banker Realty has an education division titled Coldwell Banker Real Estate Schools. This school is dedicated to helping real estate professions of all backgrounds to get started in a career they love. This Coldwell Banker Real Estate School review is everything you need to know about the school, including if it’s worth enrolling.

UPDATED: June 2022

Our Overall Rating

Overview Of Coldwell Banker Real Estate School

This real estate school is dynamic in its offerings, making it an acceptable choice for many situations. The group has a unique set of benefits originating from its business philosophy. Let’s take a look at their cultural mantras to better understand what to expect from the group.

Coldwell Banker Real Estate School’s culture begins with production power. This means they want to help their agents to sell more homes and, in turn, make more money by working the most efficiently.

The group then goes on to say that the next pillar of their culture is coaching confidence, in which they work to help agents build confidence via expanded business and skill development. From there is the culture of awesomeness, a pillar that hopes to increase diversity via collaboration, support, and fun.

The last culture pillar for Coldwell is a wealth builder. This pillar expresses how important financial strategies are so that agents can protect and grow their personal wealth as the years come. Because Coldwell is such a real estate giant, it’s a must that they maintain a central list of culture cores in order to avoid mismatched information.

Since the company usually spends hours teaching new agents, the group has a unique opportunity with their real estate school to build from the ground up. This allows the core values of Coldwell to be ingrained into students early on.

The school currently operates out of Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin, helping to teach students in each, eventually leading to licensure. Where the school does not have its own classrooms or options in each of the three states, it does offer partners Real Estate Express and The CE Shop for students to consider.

For the Coldwell Banker Real Estate School option in Illinois, Oscar Darden leads as the licensing instructor. Being a real estate broker is his passion, and he enjoys using all of his knowledge to help students gain insight into the world of real estate.

Within the school’s order of operations is Ayoub Rabah, president, and chief operating officer Bob Burns, regional vice president, Rebecca Thomson, regional vice president, Susan Swift, district vice president, Natalie Carpenter, district vice president and Gianna Ricci, district vice president. As for locations, Coldwell Banker has offices all across the south and southwest border of Lake Erie. Though, not all of these locations offer teaching services.

Wynnone Dudek also acts as a licensing instructor and enjoys being involved in real estate. Like Oscar, she has a passion for the career and loves to help clients find what they’re looking for. When it comes to teaching, she is committed to sharing her enthusiasm for real estate, and she loves to help her students grow as professionals. When presenting a list of reasons she loves to teach, she says, “I feel very rewarded when that little light bulb goes off.”