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8 Best Indiana Real Estate Schools (2023 Online Classes)

Getting your real estate license online is a big decision for anyone. With so many real estate schools in Indiana, it’s hard to know which one is going to be best of all the online real estate schools in Indiana. By understanding your own needs, you can choose the school that is best suited to you.

In this review of the best online real estate schools in Indiana, we cover all their features. By getting a good idea of what each school offers, you can make the right choice. Education is all about what you are able to get out of it.

1. Colibri Real Estate: Best Online Real Estate School In Indiana

real estate express in indiana

Colibri Real Estate is a popular online real estate school in Indiana. They have been helping people all over the country get their real estate license for a long time. Because of this, they are a reliable source of your education hours.

Colibri Real Estate offers instructor Q&A and customer support for some of their class packages. If you are needing some one-on-one contact, they could be a great choice. Even though they are exclusively online, they still want to help you feel connected.

They offer four different class packages for getting a real estate license. The most basic package will cover your required education hours. The next package offers a little bit more exam prep for that extra bit of confidence.

Their two premium packages offer the instructor Q&A as well as exam prep. If you feel confident in your learning abilities, you may not need these features. However, many students may want the extra leg up.

Colibri Real Estate offers their basic package for $330. This is on the cheaper side of online real estate classes in Indiana. If you only need that basic package, you can’t do much better than that.

One of the downsides of Colibri Real Estate is that they are a national chain. While they do offer real estate classes in Indiana, they are not exclusive to the state. Because of this, you may want to try a school that specializes in Indiana real estate but, it’s really not that important that a school have courses exclusively for a particular state.

2. The CE Shop: Online Real Estate School In Indiana

indiana ce shop

The CE Shop has been helping students all over the country get their real estate license for years. Their online education system is specifically designed for all kinds of learning styles. Because of this, they could be a good option if you aren’t sure what your learning style is.

The CE Shop Boasts a 91% pass rate for their students. With that kind of success, they seem to have a handle on online learning. Not all real estate schools in Indiana have success rates that are that high.

They offer different packages depending on what your needs might be. One of the nice things that The CE Shop offers is the option to just take the courses. With this option, you only receive the bare minimum requirements for taking the state exam.

If you want more help with your courses, you can purchase one of The CE Shop’s premium packages. These premium packages include things like extra test prep and math refresher courses. If you think you might need these extra features, spending a little more money might be worth it.

The CE Shop’s prices are one of its most attractive features. With the basic education hours-only package being under $350, it’s hard to beat. If you are trying to get your real estate license on the side, they could be a great choice.

One of the downsides of The CE Shop is that they do not offer much student support. Other real estate schools in Indiana have instructor-led Q&A sessions. The CE Shop does not offer this kind of hands-on instruction.

3. Tucker School of Real Estate: Indiana Real Estate School Review

Tucker School of Real Estate of Indiana

Tucker School of Real Estate is a real estate school in Indiana that focuses specifically on the state of Indiana. They have helped hundreds of Indiana students get their real estate license with a hands-on approach. Because they are so locally focused, they know the market.

They offer both live streamed and self-guided courses. This is an incredibly useful choice to have for all kinds of students. Because of this, you can pick on that you feel will best suit your learning style.

Tucker School of Real Estate offers the complete 90 hour real estate license curriculum. Both the self-guided and live streamed online courses contain the same material. Whichever one you choose, you will still be getting the same quality information.

These courses include topics such as real estate closings and property values. They cover everything you might need to know in your career since they know the Indiana market. This wealth of experience is reflected in the course material.

Both types of courses at Tucker School of Real Estate come in at $600. This is on the higher side of the price spectrum for online real estate classes in Indiana. Because of this, they might not be accessible to everybody.

One of the downsides of their classes being so expensive is that they don’t offer many extras. This can be interpreted as both good and bad since everybody gets the same education. However, you may not need everything included with that price tag, so it may not be worth it.

4. IBREA of Indianapolis: Real Estate Course Online

As far as online real estate courses in Indiana go, IBREA of Indianapolis is incredibly comprehensive. They have found a way to strike a balance between the ease of online learning and the experience of in-person. This makes them a great choice for people who would like a mix of both.

IBREA of Indianapolis offers free videotaped courses that you can take on your own time. This gives you the feel of an in-person class and the convenience of self-guided lessons. This best of both worlds is hard to find in real estate schools in Indiana.

IBREA of Indianapolis prides itself on being a local school. Many other real estate schools in Indiana aren’t as focused on that local feeling. This makes them a great choice if you are passionate about the state of Indiana.

They also offer a large library of practice exams. They pull from 850 different questions that comprise their simulated real estate exams. If test prep is very important to you, they could be a great choice.

The online courses that IBREA of Indianapolis offers are just under $600. While this is expensive, you get unlimited access to their course materials. This means that the cost of admission could keep paying off over time.

A downside of IBREA of Indianapolis is that they don’t offer any in-person instruction. They don’t have a live streaming option which may be crucial for some people. If you’re not comfortable taking the self-guided lessons, they might not be for you.

5. Turnkey School of Real Estate: Indiana Real Estate License Course

Turnkey School of Real Estate is an online real estate school in Indiana with many options for your education hours. They offer a few different packages that open up the possibilities for a wider variety of people. Since real estate is such a diverse industry, they have catered to all kinds of students.

They have developed their classes to be taken in almost any context. You can take their classes using a desktop computer or mobile device. This is ideal for students who might be trying to get their real estate license on the go.

Turnkey School of Real Estate offers classes both live streaming and as self-guided lessons. Because they offer both, they cater to students from all walks of life. This accessibility is crucial for allowing a wide range of students to receive their real estate license.

They also offer an intensive two-week version of their class. This boot camp style of learning is great for students who want to start working right away. However, it is not going to be for everyone and you should think about if you can learn that way.

All of the courses at Turnkey School of Real Estate are $600. Since they are covering the same curriculum no matter which package you take, this makes sense. This makes the two-week course the most efficient money-wise if you think you are able to complete it.

One of the downsides of Turnkey School of Real Estate is that they charge extra for textbooks. For a price so high on the price spectrum, textbooks should be included. This extra expense can add up and may not be viable for everyone.

6. Indiana Real Estate Institute: IN Real Estate School Review

Indiana Real Estate Institute has helped many students pass the Indiana state real estate license exam. Their courses are comprehensive and in-depth. They also have the added benefit of being specific to the state of Indiana.

Many real estate schools in Indiana are not currently offering in-person instruction. However, Indiana Real Estate Institute gives you that option. If you feel that you must complete your education hours in person, they could be a great choice.

You can either complete your education hours online or in person with Indiana Real Estate Institute. If you are a self-starter who is good at sticking to deadlines, online coursework should be just fine. Many people choose to take these online real estate courses in Indiana for convenience’s sake.

The course curriculum covers things like land use control and forms of ownership. These specific details are incredibly important to any real estate agent. The fact that Indiana Real Estate Institute covers these specific things in the curriculum means they have the right experience.

All the courses at Indiana Real Estate Institute run $625. This is a fairly high price tag for online real estate courses in Indiana. However, their attention to detail and comprehensive curriculum might make the price worth it.

One thing they offer that other online real estate schools in Indiana don’t is online study sessions. These sessions are set up by an instructor and give you an opportunity to ask questions in an online setting. Many students find this to be incredibly helpful and a good substitute for in-person instruction.

7. Real Estate Licensing Institute: Online Real Estate Classes

Real Estate Licensing Institute has been doing real estate instruction for over 30 years. Their experience is unmatched compared to other online real estate schools in Indiana. They have developed their curriculum and teaching style by utilizing this experience.

Their curriculum is based on technical study and repetition. They believe that this is the best way to make the information second nature. If you are interested in becoming an expert in Indiana real estate, they could be your best choice.

Real Estate Licensing Institute offers both live streaming and self-guided courses. Both of these options contain the same curriculum and are the same price. It is really up to you which one you want to take.

The curriculum for these courses includes content that will not just help you pass the exam. They are interested in preparing you for anything that might come up in your career as a real estate agent. This kind of attention to your actual career is crucial if you want longevity in the industry.

The prices are comparable to other online real estate schools in Indiana. At $600, you are not spending any more money then you would at a different institution. Because of this, you should make a choice based solely on the content of their courses.

One of the downsides of using Real Estate Licensing Institute is that they don’t offer any instructor Q&A. Should you choose to take the self-guided online courses, you will not have access to an instructor. This could be a major downside if you think you could benefit from face to face communication with an expert.

8. Beer School of Real Estate: Online Real Estate Course Review

Beer School of Real Estate is one of the oldest of all the online real estate schools in Indiana. They have been teaching real estate students since 1977. They were also one of the first non-public real estate schools in the state of Indiana.

Because of their long-standing reputation, they truly understand the Indiana real estate market. Choosing a school based on their merits with a local market is incredibly valuable. In this capacity, you could hardly do better than Beer School of Real Estate.

The courses at Beer School of Real Estate have a focus on meaningful repetition. This technique has been proven to help students retain information and pass exams. Because of their experience, they know exactly what information should be focused on.

All of their courses come with extremely thorough practice exams. The questions on their practice exams have been culled from years of state and local real estate tests. This is the kind of test prep you can only get from a school that has been around for many years.

How to Get Your Real Estate License in Indiana

In order to get your real estate license in Indiana, you must be 18 years old and have a high school diploma. If you satisfy those two requirements, you can move on to the next step of getting your education hours. Indiana is one of the few states that requires a high school diploma to be a real estate agent.

You will then complete your 90 hours of education at a real estate school. We have already covered some of the best online real estate schools in Indiana above. Choosing one of these from the list is a great start.

Then, you must pass the school’s final exam. In order to graduate from a real estate school, you must pass this cumulative exam of everything covered. Your instructors and institution will do their best to prepare you for this final.

After completing your school’s final exam, you must pass the Indiana Real Estate Examination. This test is 125 questions and covers information regarding both state and national policies. All real estate schools in Indiana will do their best to prepare you for this exam.

After passing the Indiana Real Estate Examination, you must find a sponsoring broker. A broker is an umbrella of real estate agents that you will work under. This is not only a requirement for new agents, it can help you get your bearings in the business.

Once you have been hired at a broker, you will have to apply for your license. Real estate license applications take a while to process, so it is best to start early. Keep all the paperwork related to your license so you have it available once you reach this point.

Final Thoughts on Indiana Real Estate Schools Online

A real estate license can be a rewarding and lucrative undertaking for the right person. Real estate agents make their own hours and have freedom that other professionals just don’t have. If you think you have the right personality for the job, it might be for you.

In this review of the best online real estate schools in Indiana, we have covered everything you should look for. By understanding what each school offers and what they don’t, you won’t encounter any surprises. Being as informed as possible is the best tool you can have as a real estate student.

By reading this review and making note of what things are important to you, you have made the first step. Becoming a real estate agent isn’t easy by any means. However, by choosing from the best online real estate schools in Indiana, you are giving yourself the best possible chance.