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Tampa School of Real Estate Review (Are They Right For You?)

Selling real estate has the potential to be an interesting and rewarding career as well as incredibly lucrative. Tampa School of Real Estate has courses to help you get into this industry and get on the right track. In this Tampa School of Real Estate review, we will examine all of their classes and help you decide if they will work for you.

UPDATED: November 2022

Our Overall Rating

Overview Of Tampa School of Real Estate


In 2007, Tampa School of Real Estate was founded with the intention of helping people start a new career. Since then, they have worked with people all over the state of Florida and taught them the real estate principles. These years of teaching experience can be incredibly beneficial to you as a student.

Since their inception, they have been focused on the success of their students as well as their reputation. They understand that if you succeed in your career, they will also succeed. This philosophy has led to their current ranking as the number one real estate school in the state of Florida.

Since they have been around for nearly 15 years, they have seen real estate trends come and go. The real estate industry is a very dynamic business that is constantly changing and evolving. With their years in the profession, they know exactly how to weather these changing tides.

Their history of success is reflected in their reviews by former and current students. Since 2007, they have garnered thousands of positive testimonials that show a school that is dedicated and experienced. Because of this, the odds are good that they know how to provide you with the education you need.


The experience of the school lies in their years that they have been in business in the Tampa area. Their mission centers around a desire to provide you with the quality of information they have gathered. They are able to do this by staying abreast of new trends and features of the real estate market.

The fact that most of their reviews lie in the 5-star range, is a testament to the quality of their instructors. These instructors are available to you any time so you can ask questions and get advice. This is a fantastic resource and allows you to benefit from the real world experience of the instructors.

All of the instructors at Tampa School of Real Estate have been working in the business for years. Because of this, they know what it is like to actually work as a real estate agent in Florida. This kind of expertise is a great thing to have access to, especially if you are just getting into the industry.

Learning from people who have actually worked as real estate agents is the key to a quality education. It is one thing to learn the principles and everything you need in order to pass the state and national exam. It is another thing altogether to learn the ins and outs of the daily life of an agent. This can help you know if it is the right job for you and your personality.

Teaching Style

The teaching style at Tampa School of Real Estate is designed to make you feel confident. Many people get their real estate license long after they have been in school last. Because of this, they want you to feel like the material is accessible and available to you.

One of the things that they strive for is to make the dream of being a real estate agent achievable. This is done by making the material simple and easy to understand for almost anyone. That kind of accessibility is essential for any training on a subject that can be complex and intricate.

They also focus on answering any questions you may have as the class goes on. The last thing they want is for you to walk out of the course more confused than you were before. Because of this, many students felt that the information was clear and concise.

By taking a complicated subject like real estate principles and simplifying it, you can get a head start. This allows you to go through the material with confidence and curiosity, which is incredibly important. They believe that a good education starts with the student’s morale and how they feel about themselves.

In-Depth Look At Tampa School of Real Estate

Tampa School of Real Estate courses


The instructors at Tampa School of Real Estate have all worked in some capacity as agents in the past. Because of this, students can benefit from their expertise on the minutiae of the job. Being able to ask questions about the day to day life of a realtor is an essential part of the education.

Not only have the instructors worked as real estate agents, they are also experienced in education. Some real estate schools do their hiring based on the instructor’s work experience alone. However, that does not necessarily translate to the classroom and can lead to issues with students.

At Tampa Real Estate School, though, the instructors have years of classroom experience as well. This is a good mix to have and allows them to provide well rounded instruction as well as teaching skills. These two elements make for a better experience for the student and encourage more success.

The instructors are all professionals and have a wealth of knowledge to impart to you through the course. While real estate is an incredibly in-depth and complicated subject, they do their best to simplify it. If you are slightly intimidated by the complexity of the subject matter, they could be a great choice for you.

Tampa School of Real Estate Course Options

Tampa School of Real Estate has a wide variety of ways that you can take your courses. In the state of Florida, you must complete 63 hours of real estate education in order to sit for the exam. The fact that they have different ways to complete this is incredibly helpful.

The in-person courses at Tampa School of Real Estate are by far their most popular. With these courses, you can get the benefit of being in the room with the instructor and other students. Many people find that this pushes them to be better students and that they retain more information.

You can also take the courses in a live, webinar style format. This is done in the comfort of your own home but with a live instructor and other students. This could be a good option if you are not in the Tampa area but still want a live class experience.

They also offer self-guided, on-demand courses that you can take on your own time. These are delivered in the form of videos and digital literature that you will review and cover on your own. If you are a self starter and highly motivated, these could be a great option for you.

Tampa School of Real Estate Student Resources

Tampa School of Real Estate offers many different student resources for you to take advantage of. If you would like a little extra help in your education and career, it could be a good idea to use them. They are designed by the experts at the school to help you get a leg up on the competition.

One of the resources that Tampa School of Real Estate offers is an Ask The Instructor section. Here, students can ask questions and they are answered in video form by an instructor. These extra videos are well worth the time it takes to watch them and could be a big help.

They also have a comprehensive bookstore section where you can purchase a few different texts. These books cover things like test preparation and the course materials you learn in the classes themselves. They also offer the main textbook in Spanish to make it easier to learn if English is your second language.

Tampa School of Real Estate’s State of Real Estate video series is also well worth a watch. They cover everything you need to know about the dynamic real estate market in the state of Florida. These videos are a must watch if you are just getting started in the area and they are free to watch.

Tampa School of Real Estate Pricing

cost of realty school

In-Class Courses

The in-class course at Tampa School of Real Estate is their most comprehensive package. There, you will meet regularly with a class and an instructor just like in any other classroom environment. This is a great option if you need a little extra motivation and help along the way.

The in-person classes run just under $400 for all 63 education hours. For that price, it could be well worth the little extra money to have the full classroom experience. Being challenged by other students and being face-to-face with the instructor is a great path to success.

Live Webinar

The live webinar classes follow the same format as the in-person classes. At just under $300, they are a great choice if you want that same kind of in-person experience. However, you will not have to go to one of their locations and can do it all at home.

This is a good option if you are not in the Tampa area or if you can’t commit to going to the location. Many people who have full time jobs or families can’t make the drive regularly but may want the same experience. This is a good mix of both and can help you get the best of both worlds.


The on-demand courses are the same price as the live webinar classes. At just under $300, you receive everything you need to pass the state and national real estate exam. Plus, you can complete it at your own pace and on your own schedule.

The on-demand online real estate courses are the best option if you are getting your real estate license in your free time. Many people who get licensed are working other jobs or have other obligations. The on-demand courses let you finish up whenever you are ready and work at your own pace.

Pros And Cons Of Using Tampa School of Real Estate


  • Thirty Day Satisfaction Guarantee – Tampa School of Real Estate offers a satisfaction guarantee within 30 days or your money back. This means that if you are not happy with your courses, you can get your tuition refunded. This is a great feature for people who are not sure if real estate is the right subject for them.
  • One Year of Instructor Support – You can use the support system of instructors for an entire year after you have graduated. Because of this, you can feel confident in your career moves as you start working as an agent. This is an invaluable feature for anyone who might have questions about what to do moving forward.
  • High Testimonial Ranking – Almost all of the previous student reviews of Tampa School of Real Estate are positive. Many of their previous students have felt that their time and money was well spent. Because of this, the odds are good that you will feel the same way.


  • Only Locations in Tampa Area – Because Tampa School of Real Estate only has locations in the Tampa area, they may not be that accessible. If you are not in the Tampa area, you will have to either take the webinar classes or the on-demand classes.
  • No Networking Opportunities – Many real estate schools offer networking opportunities for their students to meet and make connections. Tampa School of Real Estate does not have these events. If you don’t have a way to make these meaningful connections, you might want to look at a school that does.
  • Response Times – We contacted this real estate school to check their response time and to ask questions about their courses. They never responded which is not a good sign.

Conclusion And Verdict

Overall, the students at Tampa School of Real Estate have felt informed and prepared for their exams. This is one of the most important things to look for in a real estate school. However, it is not the only thing that you should be considering.

If you are looking for a school that breaks information down to its most accessible parts, they are a good choice. Their whole philosophy is based on making sure that you completely understand the principles and the practices of the job. All of the instructors follow this practice and are heavily invested in your success as a student and realtor.

The amount of instructor support is one of the most important things in this Tampa School of Real Estate review. Understanding that they will have your back throughout the whole process is key to feeling confident and capable. Knowing that you can contact them for free up to a year afterwards is a great assurance for many.

The main takeaway from this Tampa School of Real Estate review should be their dedication. By investing in their students, they make sure that they are a success as well. This investment in people is one of the reasons they have been in the business for so long.

We did not like the fact that when we contacted the school, we never received a response. We would encourage you to contact the school first to be sure that they respond to your questions.