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Rockwell Institute Real Estate Review (Are They Still Good In 2024?)

If you are looking for current and accurate information about The Rockwell Institute then this Rockwell Institute review is what you are looking for. This Rockwell Institute review is going to give a general overview as well as an in-depth look to help prospective students the information needed for an informed decision.

UPDATED: June 2024

Our Overall Rating

Overview of Rockwell Institute

The Rockwell Institute is a well known and experienced real school on the west coast. The students who graduate from there are on the road to success. Founded in 1974 this school has expanded to include two states.

With most of the reviews found online framing the institute in a positive light, Rockwell Institute can be classified as a top real estate school in their area. Although the number of students that they have served is unavailable, with the number of years they have been in the business it is easy to imagine.

There have been thousands of students go through the courses either in-person or online over the 41 year history of Rockwell Institute. Currently they are only offering the online courses currently and all of the office visits are by appointment only.

Passing Guarantee

While we didn’t see any awards for the Rockwell real estate institute they do offer their students a passing guarantee. For details about this students will need to ask an enrollment advisor about the stipulations.

Satellite Schools

They do franchise the school in a manner of speaking. The Rockwell Institute allows interested parties to partner with them and open a satellite school.

The process to become a satellite provider is on the website. Satellite schools can offer live or online classes depending on the area they are servicing.

The satellite schools are set up as a recruiting tool for real estate agents. Agents and brokers that are looking to grow their business can become a satellite school to make the recruitment process easier.

The program is free for the broker to join. When they charge tuition the broker keeps part of the money while the rest goes to Rockwell real estate institute.

Exam Prep

Rockwell Institute also provides exam prep and continuing education courses. These can be offered by the satellite offices as well. However, the offices do have to be in one of the two states’ Rockwell Institute services.

In-Depth Look at Rockwell Institute

The Rockwell Institute has different course offerings in two different states. Even the satellite schools have to be in these states. California and Washington are the home states of Rockwell real estate institute.

Founded in 1974, they have been helping students become successful real estate agents for more than 40 years. With a high rate of student success Rockwell Institute has a reputation for helping future agents reach their lofty career goals.

The passing rate of Rockwell students is above 80% both nationally and in California and Washington. Many of the real estate institutes don’t tell prospective students what their passing rates are but Rockwell Institute is proud of their passing rate.

Rockwell Institute Passing Guarantee

This is around 20% higher than other schools in the same states. With a passing rate that high it’s no wonder this real estate school offers a passing guarantee. However, there are stipulations and certain things that need to be done.

In order for students to qualify for the passing guarantee the first thing that they have to do is take their pre-licensing courses with Rockwell. Not only do students need to take their courses with Rockwell, they also must pass all of the practice exams with 80% or higher.

The practice exams are taken through the cram course. The pre-licensing package has the cram course included. Students also must take the licensing exam within 90 days of taking the last cram course practice exam.

If all of the requirements are satisfied and the student doesn’t pass the licensing exam on the first try then Rockwell will refund the cost of the exam fee. You will have to provide proof of passing the practice exams with an 80 as well a copy of the exam failure notice.

This is a great guarantee for students who struggle with test anxiety.

Rockwell Washington Course Offerings

Rockwell Washington Course Offerings

As with most schools Rockwell has courses that suit the needs of the students. This real estate school doesn’t however offer different packages. There is only one pre-licensing package.

There are other continuing education options that students can use later in their real estate career. But for the sake of this Rockwell Institute review we will be focusing on the pre-licensing course package first.

Students in Washington actually have to become a broker rather than simply a real estate agent. This doesn’t mean they get to work for themselves as they will still need a managing broker. But it does change the pre-licensing course work.

They offer one package and it is the same cost to students whether they take the course online or with a live instructor. Right now the courses are not offered live classes due to health concerns but online courses are still in session.

The pre-licensing courses are packed with everything students need to succeed in their coursework and their new careers as real estate agents. When students register with Rockwell Institute they will get quality content.

Not only is the content written well and easy to understand the course also has professional graphics to illustrate concepts that may be difficult to grasp. There are also a large amount of practice exams and quizzes to prepare students for the final exam as well as the licensing exam.

All of the online courses are fully online and require no software or hardware downloads. Students can conveniently access the content and coursework from anywhere they have a device and internet.

There is support that also comes with the Rockwell Washington state course. Students have access to the staff for questions and concerns. Most of this access is by appointment or email but they are responsive and happy to help.

The online option is done at the student’s pace but the live version is done on the schedule provided by the institute. When the students purchase the course they get the fundamentals course which includes the textbook.

They also get the real estate practice course with a textbook and the cram course with the textbook. The value offered by the Washington Rockwell Institute is undeniable.

To manage a real estate office in Washington agents must be a managing broker with the appropriate license. After an agent gets their brokerage license they can move on to the managing broker courses.

These are also offered by Rockwell in Washington. They have set up in the same way with online and live options. However, the live options are suspended currently.

The managing broker course offers advanced real estate law, brokerage management, business management, and managing broker’s cram courses. All of these courses come with the appropriate textbooks as well as unlimited instructor support.

Continuing education is also offered through Rockwell in Washington state. Agents and brokers need continuing education to keep their license current. This is offered online as packages or individual courses.

Rockwell California Course Offerings

Rockwell California Course Offerings

California is set up differently than Washington. Agents are not brokers. There is a salesperson licensing course and a broker course that is offered separately.

The pricing is also different because the agents aren’t taking brokerage courses at the same time. There is a package that is offered to students who enroll in the California Rockwell Institute.

With the package the students will receive top support that is unlimited from the instructors. This unlimited support does need to be by appointment or email. However, they are pleased to help you succeed.

The course also comes with textbooks required as well as any needed documentation. The California salesperson course covers topics related to real estate principles as well as real estate practice.

On top of the required courses there is also a 45-hour elective that is included in the package. The textbook for the elective is also included in the price of the package. This pre-licensing course also comes with the cram course as well as the e-book needed.

One important fact about the California salesperson course through Rockwell is that it is a correspondence course. It is not a true online course. It has an online aspect but the material is not solely online.

When a real estate agent has decided that it is time to be a broker, if that is what they want to do, Rockwell Institute can also help with that. There is a brokerage course available.

There are several different packages available to brokerage students. If a student doesn’t want to take all of the courses at the same time then they can break them up. However, there are eight classes required to test for a broker’s license.

If students take five courses or more at the same time through the package options then they will also get the cram course free. But students can take anywhere from two to eight courses at a time.

Each package comes with support from instructors. This support is unlimited but will be done via telephone or email. Appointments typically need to be made.

Just like the Washington program, the California program also offers continuing education courses. There are packages available or students can take the classes individually as they need them.

The package deals do save some money for the students in the long run.

Rockwell Institute Pricing

As with the course offerings there are differences in the pricing from state to state and package to package.

Rockwell Institute California Pricing

california pricing

The pricing in California is lower in some instances than the pricing in Washington. This has to do with the salesperson aspect. Since California doesn’t require all of their agents to be brokers they can offer the courses at a lower price.

The California salesperson pre-licensing course package costs $269. This is a value that actually saves students $147 over taking each course individually. It also comes with the cram course.

This cram course is important for students that may need to take advantage of the Rockwell passing guarantee.

The pricing on the broker licensing courses and packages varies depending on which package you choose. The packages range from two courses to the full eight courses needed.

For the lowest package the pricing starts at $139 but goes all the way up to $509. This will be a personal choice by the student based on their budget.

The continuing education packages are affordable. Whether it is the first renewal for the sales person, the broker, or the other renewals needed the packages are all $59.

Rockwell Institute Washington Pricing

Rockwell Institute Washington Pricing

Because Washington requires all real estate agents to have a brokerage license the pricing is higher than that of California but it is still affordable.

The package for the broker’s license comes with everything students need to be successful and costs $489 whether the student chooses online or live. The package is a value and saves students $234.

For the managing broker course work the pricing is actually the same. This makes the whole process of becoming a licensed broker or managing broker affordable for students.

Continuing education packages are not as affordable in Washington as they are in California. But there is only a first renewal package and a subsequent renewal package. They aren’t different for brokers or managing brokers.

The first renewal is priced at $299 for the package while the standard package is $149. These are still affordable and do save money over taking the classes separately.

Pros and Cons of Using Rockwell Institute

Even though the Rockwell Institute looks good on paper there are pros and cons to every real estate school.


The positive aspects of this school do outweigh the cons of the Rockwell real estate institute.

  • Live and Online Options
  • Passing Guarantee
  • Affordable Packages
  • Instructor Support Via Email and Telephone
  • Continuing education and Brokers Courses Available


The cons are small, however, they should still be addressed.

  • No live courses at this time
  • One course is a correspondence course rather than a fully online course
  • Stipulations with the passing guarantee
  • Poor response times

Conclusion And Verdict

Now is the part of the review where we give our conclusion and verdict about Rockwell Institute. The facts show that this real estate institute has the experience and knowledge required to help students become successful in the real estate field.

This is showcased especially with the instructor support they offer. These instructors are active agents and brokers working in the industry. They know what to look for and expect as well as how to prepare the students for the real world.

The passing guarantee is a great addition that does attract students. Especially students who are anxious about taking a long licensing exam.

However, make sure the stipulations are read and followed because the guarantee will be void if they are not met. This is typical of most real estate schools that have guarantees. If students are unsure about the fine print on the guarantee then they can ask an advisor or a customer service representative.

The pricing varies greatly from state to state. With Rockwell only serving Washington state and California state, the pricing is going to be different. Especially since the requirements for each state are different.

California is the most affordable of the programs but they don’t require agents to be brokers. Both of the programs are tailored to the requirements of the state and designed for optimum success.

Rockwell does have an overwhelming number of good reviews not only on their website but also on social media and other review outlets. Of course they are also people who have not liked the institute but the good reviews and satisfaction outweigh the poor reviews.

Another thing we like is the fact that brokers can turn their offices into satellite schools. This streamlines the recruitment process for both the brokers and the hopeful new agents. Being able to take the courses from the broker they will be working for starts their real world education early.

Being able to train in the market the agent or broker will be working in adds another element to an already good real estate education program.


Overall the Rockwell Institute is a great option for students in California and Washington. This institute offers features and resources that can only help new real estate agents and brokers succeed in their new careers.

We would recommend this program to residents of California and Washington to start their new careers. They are affordable, offer support, and have a passing guarantee. Not to mention all of the positive reviews from current and past students.

These are all features that are beneficial to the students. With the high passing rates there is a high chance of student success with Rockwell Institute.

That being said, we still think you should see our recommendations for the best real estate schools in Washington and best in California as there are even better schools out there.