7 Best Real Estate Exam Prep Courses For 2021

The state and national real estate exam is a major source of anxiety for some people. If you would like to find the best real estate exam prep, there are many options. That’s why we have put together a guide of the best real estate exam prep courses available.

PrepAgent (#1 Best Real Estate Exam Prep Course)

PrepAgent exam prep


PrepAgent is a nationally recognized real estate exam prep school that is focused in this one area. Many real estate schools offer exam prep as an extra on top of their pre licensing courses. PrepAgent has locked down their niche and as a result, they can offer extremely comprehensive exam prep.

Because of this focus, they offer real estate exam prep in all 50 states. Not all real estate schools can offer this and instead only have courses for a few states. Because of this, PrepAgent is a good choice for almost anyone looking to take the exam.

Prep Content

The real estate exam prep content offered by PrepAgent is delivered in many different ways. Because of this, you can get the benefit of their knowledge no matter how you learn. Not everyone can benefit from simple digital PDFs with a lot of text.

PrepAgent offers content in audio form with podcasts and audiobooks. They also have explainer videos that you can watch that will walk you through the exam. On top of this, they have interactive practice questions that are specific to your state.

Exam Prep Pricing

PrepAgent offers different tiers of real estate exam prep courses depending on your needs. The basic package is $59 and includes access for one week but no access to video or audio content. The deluxe package is for one month and includes this extra multimedia content for $79.

The premium package is $99 and includes everything the above packages do plus some extras. This includes live online webinars with instructors where you can get your questions addressed. If you are trying to get the best possible exam prep, this is a great choice.

Extra Resources

One of the best extra resources that PrepAgent offers is a no-questions-asked money back guarantee. Some exam prep schools will offer a guarantee on passing the exam. PrepAgent will offer a refund if you are unsatisfied for any reason whatsoever.

This kind of faith and confidence in their material is a major plus for PrepAgent. The fact that they will give you a refund no matter what the circumstances are is incredibly unique. With this, you can be sure that you will be satisfied with your real estate exam prep.

CompuCram (#2 Real Estate Best Exam Prep Course)

CompuCram prep


CompuCram is one of the largest real estate exam prep institutions in the country. Many real estate schools use them for their exam prep courses on top of their pre licensing courses. This is a great indicator of their cache in the industry and the quality of their content.

Their courses are developed specifically by experts in the field. By working with people who understand the exam and what is covered, they can offer the best possible exam prep. This is an incredibly important step and ensures top quality.

Prep Content

The content included with the CompuCram courses will cover everything you need to know for the exam. They have a philosophy of making sure you are prepared on the day of the exam. They don’t want you to have to cover too much and get overwhelmed. Instead, they focus on what you are having trouble with.


CompuCram offers real estate exam prep for both the national portion and the state-specific portion. This means that you can get the specific prep that you need depending on what you’re struggling with. Most people, however, will want to get the exam prep for both portions of the test.

You can get the prep for the national portion for $59. For $49, you can get the prep for just your specific state. For both of the portions, you can get the exam prep for $89. This is lower on the price spectrum compared to other courses and could be a good deal for most people.

Extra Resources

CompuCram doesn’t offer much in the way of extra resources for their real estate exam prep. They do not offer any kind of guarantee regarding their courses like other schools do. Because of this, you may want to look elsewhere if that is important to you.

One reason why they may not offer this guarantee is the fact that they are nationally renowned. As mentioned above, many real estate schools use them for their exam prep courses. If their reputation alone is enough for you, you may not need a guarantee.

Real Estate Express Exam Prep Master (#3 Best Real Estate Exam Prep Course)

re prep master


Real Estate Express is a national organization that specializes in real estate education of all kinds. Since 1996, they have been helping people from all backgrounds get their real estate licenses. Because of this, you can feel confident that they will be able to help you prepare for the exam.

Because Real Estate Express offers all kinds of real estate education, they are well-versed in the exam. This experience allows them to fully understand what students need in order to be well prepared. If you’re looking for an exam prep course that has the benefit of experience, they could be a good choice.

Prep Content

With this real estate exam prep, you will receive many different study tools to help you be prepared. You will get up to ten practice exams that help simulate the actual test that you will be taking. These practice exams are incredibly helpful for getting you used to the format of the test itself.

You will also flashcards and custom exams that will focus on areas you are having trouble with. This is an innovative and helpful feature that will be a big help to you as an individual. Knowing your weak areas is a great way to prepare yourself and be as effective as possible.


Real Estate Express offers all kinds of real estate courses for getting your license. If you need your pre licensing education as well as exam prep, they have that available to you. Of course, this will be much more expensive than the real estate exam prep on its own.

The real estate exam prep courses offered by Real Estate Express are just under $100. For that price, it could be worth it to take the course as an insurance policy. Even if you are confident in your test taking skills, the price is low enough to take it anyway.

Extra Resources

One of the best resources that Real Estate Express offers is a Pass or No Pay Guarantee. This means that if you do not pass the real estate exam, you get a refund for the course. This could offer a good peace of mind for anyone who is unsure about the value of the test.

Not all real estate exam prep courses offer this guarantee. It is a good indicator of Real Estate Express’s confidence in their system. If they have that much faith in their exam prep, you can feel good about the quality of it.

Real Estate Exam Scholar (#4 Best Real Estate Exam Prep Course)

exam scholar


Real Estate Exam Scholar is an exam prep school that has many accolades from their years in business. FitSmallBusiness.com hailed them as the best real estate exam prep school working today. With that kind of reputation, they could be a good option for almost anyone looking to pass the test.

They offer real estate exam prep courses for all 50 states in the U.S. Because of this, they have something for everyone and will be effective for all the state exams. Not all real estate exam prep courses offer exam prep for this wide range of states.

Prep Content

The content for Real Estate Exam Scholar’s exam prep is based on the actual test. They have developed their curriculum by knowing what students are facing. Because of this, they can focus on what students tend to have the most trouble with.

They offer 1,200 practice questions that are in line with what you will be seeing at the actual exam. They also allow you to take as many practice exams as you could possibly need to feel comfortable. This kind of repetition is great for gaining confidence and poise when your time comes to take the exam.

Exam Prep Pricing

Real Estate Exam Scholar boasts some of the cheapest rates for their exam prep content. For six months worth of access to the real estate exam prep courses, it is only $39. For that low price, it is a good deal for almost anyone who is looking to take the real estate exam.

This price includes all exam prep questions as well as audio content and over 750 flash cards. This is less than half the price of some of the other real estate exam prep courses. Nearly anyone can afford to take this course and get the help they need for the exam.

Extra Resources

Like many of the best real estate exam prep courses, Real Estate Exam Scholar offers a pass guarantee. This is a great way for students to understand just how much they back their courses. If you don’t pass the exam, you won’t be on the hook for any of the fees for the prep.

The CE Shop Real Estate Exam Prep


The CE Shop is a leading real estate school for online learning and education. They have helped thousands upon thousands of students get ready for a real estate career. Because of this, they have a wide array of experience to draw from for their exam prep courses.

Since they also offer pre licensing courses as well, they know what students usually need to prepare for. This allows them to tailor their exam prep to the biggest problem areas for most students. Because of this, you can be sure you are getting the best real estate exam prep possible.

Prep Content

The real estate exam prep courses offered by The CE Shop are called Exam Prep Edge. They consist of practice exams that you take and are then sent to an evaluator. With these practice exams, they can help you identify problem areas for your specific situation.

This kind of individual customization is not something offered by other exam prep courses. It allows you to know exactly what you need to study more for and where to focus. This is incredibly helpful and will work wonders toward your success on the exam.


The CE Shop offers courses tailored to the state and national portion of the exam. The national portion is $49 and the individual state portions range from $60 to $80. This is one of the pricier exam prep courses available.

Extra Resources

The CE Shop offers support for any questions you might have 7 days a week. This is a great resource to utilize if you are having troubles with either the content or the format. Having access to that support could be an incredibly comforting prospect.

They also offer a preparedness dashboard that will update as you move through the material. This dashboard lets you know when you are ready to take the exam. Many people find that this is a valuable resource that is very visual and helpful as they finish up the exam prep.

360Training Agent Campus (Real Estate Exam Prep)


360 Training Agent Campus is another real estate school that offers both exam prep and pre-licensing. Getting your exam prep courses done at a comprehensive real estate school is a good idea for anyone. They will have the best possible understanding of the material and the exam itself.

Over the course of their career in education, they have worked with millions of students. This wide-ranging experience has been helpful for their development and understanding of students’ needs. By drawing from this knowledge, they have developed one of the best real estate exam prep courses available.

Real Estate Exam Prep Content

The content of the exam prep courses is contained in practice exams and detailed study guides. As you take the practice exams, you will get instant feedback on any wrong answers. You will also receive an explanation of any concepts that are needed for those questions.

All of the questions on the practice exams are grouped into areas by individual subjects. This allows you to know what areas you are needing more review in. By understanding this, you can focus your studying and know where your weaknesses are.


The exam prep courses offered by 360 Training Agent Campus are broken up into state and national modules. They are $79 each and you are encouraged to take both to be as prepared as possible. Both of these areas are of equal importance on the actual exam.

One of the nice things about them being broken up into these two modules is knowing where you need help. Even though both areas are on the exam, some people struggle more in one depending on the state. By having them separated out, you can get a good idea of what you will need the most help on.

Extra Resources

360 Training Agent Campus does not offer any sort of money back guarantee. This can be taken as both a good and bad thing, though. While some people may want that insurance, it can be taken that they have enough confidence in their courses.

If you are someone who wants to have that guarantee in order to feel comfortable, they may not be for you. There are many other real estate exam prep courses that do have this guarantee available. If it is going to make you feel more confident while taking it, it might be a good idea for you.

Kaplan Real Estate Exam Prep Course


Kaplan is one of the oldest real estate schools in operation in the United States. They have been working with students of all types for many years. This longevity is a testament to their effectiveness as an educational institution.

They not only offer real estate exam prep courses, they offer pre-licensing packages as well. By covering all these bases, they are able to let one influence the other. This is an incredibly effective way to design curriculum.

Real Estate Exam Prep Content

Kaplan offers two ways for you to take their real estate exam prep. You can get it on demand in a digital format, or in a live, webinar style class. Depending on the type of learner you are, one may be better than the other for you.

If you are someone who is self-motivated, you may want to take the on demand course. However, learning from an actual instructor is a great way to absorb the information and retain it. You also get the benefit of working with an experienced person and ask questions face-to-face


Both the webinar style courses and the on demand courses come in at $199. This is higher on the price spectrum than some of the other exam prep courses. However, it may be worth it since they offer the webinar classes.

Since the webinar classes are the same price as the on demand classes, you may want to take advantage of them. Many students find that they learn much better in a classroom format. You get to have that same in-person experience and work with other students at the same time.

Extra Resources

Kaplan does not offer much in the way of extra resources. If you are looking for 24/7 support or a money-back guarantee, you should look elsewhere. It is going to depend on what your needs are and what will make you comfortable.

Final Thoughts

The best exam prep course will be the one that is most suited to your needs as an individual. There is a wide variety of courses available and not all of them are the same. By understanding how you can succeed and be prepared, you can pick the best real estate exam prep for you.

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