Best Online Real Estate Schools in Oklahoma (7 To See In 2021)

One of the single most important things you will do as you start a career in real estate is choosing one of the best online real estate schools in Oklahoma.

All of the real estate schools in Oklahoma have positives and negatives. But one thing is required and that is accreditation.

Students have to choose a school that is recognized by the state of Oklahoma in order for their coursework to count.

We have decided to do some of the work for you and did some research. With that research we found the 7 best online real estate schools in Oklahoma.

They all do things differently and have various offerings and packages for students. But you can choose any of these schools and confidently pass your state exam.

There are some schools that also offer things that will be needed during the first year such as the post-licensure courses.

Oftentimes there is a package that will include the courses.

Real Estate Express (#1 Best Online Real Estate Schools In Oklahoma)

re express

Real Estate Express is a well known name when it comes to real estate schools in Oklahoma. They have a reputation for excellence.

They have a high passing rate and they have great reviews from students. They are also very budget friendly.

When you get on the website you will see that there are four packages to choose from. That can be overwhelming by itself.

Real Estate Express understands that and has made videos about each package. They explain what is in each to help prospective students make an informed decision.

The first package option is the basics. The website says this package is the motivation for self-starters.

They also recommend this package for those that have a little bit of real estate experience. It is the least expensive package because it is so basic.

It is the course and ebooks required. As well as the instructor and course support.

The next package is the exam preparation package. This one comes with what the basic package comes with plus a money back guarantee.

It also has exam prep and a prep for success basic membership.

The exam prep plus package has even more than the exam prep package. This one comes with a real estate dictionary and an instructor Q&A.

The last package that Real Estate Express offers to Oklahoma residents is the Ultimate Learning Package.

This package includes everything the exam prep plus package has plus a one year professional development membership and a printed textbook.

The CE Shop (#2 Best Online Real Estate Schools In Oklahoma)

ce oklahoma

When you think of online real estate schools it is hard to not think of The CE Shop. They have been a name in online real estate learning for years.

They keep up to date on any changes that happen in the real estate industry and update their courses accordingly.

Students can be sure they are getting the most up to date material.

The CE Shop offers Oklahoma residents three different package options to choose from. But before perspective students register they can have a free trial.

This is not common but it is a great way to choose the right school. The CE Shop also has a demo video to show people what the dashboard looks like.

The first package option that The CE Shop offers is the standard package. This has the course, unlimited practice exams, and Oklahoma exam prep edge.

While this seems like it is basic without all of the bells and whistles, students that choose the basic package have the same benefit.

They don’t have a smaller chance of passing than the other packages. In fact, what is offered in the higher packages has to do with your business not the exam.

The next option is the value package. This has everything the standard package has but adds business building courses.

Business building courses are additional courses offered by The CE Shop to help students start building a successful business.

These courses have real world scenarios that students will encounter from day to day.

The last option for Oklahoma residents is the premium package. This is what the value package has with the added benefit of the post-licensing courses that will be needed in the first year of practice.

Every real estate agent in Oklahoma will have to post-licensing continuing education courses during their first year.

This will get them their license renewal and out of the provisional phase. If students plan to stick with real estate then the premium package does offer the great benefits long term.

The difference in price between the basic package and the premium package is around $100. Post-licensure courses are over $200 to take alone.

VanEd (#3 Best Online Real Estate Schools In Oklahoma)


VanEd is one of the best online real estate schools in Oklahoma. Their longevity speaks for itself.

They have been in business for more than 23 years. This means they have seen many changes in the real estate business and are prepared for others.

Their online real estate courses in Oklahoma and their broker license courses are well done and user friendly.

One of the things we like the most about these online real estate classes in Oklahoma is the free trial.

It is not often that you see one of the real estate schools in Oklahoma offer a free trial. VanEd offers a five day free trial.

This gives students an opportunity to really try the course without paying anything upfront. Students have different preferences and learning styles.

Finding a good fit is important for the success of the students. They also provide each student that is enrolled with a free ebook for each course that they take.

Each course also comes with a physical copy of the textbook that is included in the enrollment price.

There is also great instructor support for the duration of the enrollment period.

Before you enroll the website tells you which courses and sections are included in the class. With VanEd there is only one package offered for the online real estate courses in Oklahoma.

The courses that are included in the pre-licensure course package are the welcome orientation and National Principles in Real Estate.

As well as Oklahoma state specific laws and rules along with real estate license exam prep for the national test.

The last thing included in the Oklahoma real estate license exam prep. You can confidently take the exams and pass after taking this course.

Oklahoma Real Estate Academy

When it comes to online real estate schools in Oklahoma the Oklahoma Real Estate Academy is a top school.

They want the students to succeed and offer three packages to help them do so. Their packages are a little bit different from some other real estate schools in Oklahoma.

The first package that they offer is the basic package. This package includes a course that is completely online.

There will be no need to have any in-person contact during the course. It is completely self-paced.

These basic package courses are available 24/7 online so students can work on the material anytime and anywhere.

The cost of the course includes all of the material that students need to complete the work. That means quizzes, practice tests, ebooks, and the final.

There is also instructor support for the duration of the coursework. This package is $300 with no hidden fees.

The economy and premium packages are different because they are hybrid courses. They both require online work but students also have the option to attend in-person sessions.

There is no classroom attendance required for the hybrid courses for students to complete the class.

These classes cost more than $200 more than the basic package but it isn’t just because they are hybrid.

They also have many added benefits. They both come with everything the basic package has.

The economy package adds a real estate practice textbook, a state-specific book, a study guide, and the option for live classes.

With the premium package there are five added benefits on top of what the economy package offers.

If the student has the premium package they have the option for test review and tutoring. This could help with the exam.

There is also access to more than 400 study questions with explanations for the answers, flashcards, and 68 videos.

Barnes Real Estate School

Barnes Real Estate Schools in Oklahoma takes real estate seriously. But they also take helping people seriously.

That is why they became real estate agents and opened one of the online real estate schools in Oklahoma.

They offer a number of reasons why students should choose the Barnes Real Estate Schools of Oklahoma.

One of those reasons is their guarantee that students will pass the state exam the first time. To see all of the details of that guarantee you can look at the terms and services.

According to their website they also have the highest first time passing rate. Upon further investigation that claim is from 2017-2018 when they did have the highest first time passing rate.

Another benefit is that even though their real estate courses in Oklahoma are all online, students can choose to attend a live virtual sessions.

This is an added edge and will give students the opportunity to ask questions in real time. They also have online exam prep.

Make sure before you enroll in the online course that you are able to commit and complete the course in six months.

If you don’t complete the work in six months then you will need to re-enroll for full price.

Barnes Real Estate Schools in Oklahoma also offers different package levels. There are two packages that students can choose from.

The Silver course is the least expensive but does come with some good benefits. All of the courses and materials are online and there is free online test prep.

This course does come with the option to attend virtual sessions. Also at the end of the silver package course you will get a downloadable certificate.

The Gold package has exactly the same things with one big difference. This package also has the post licensure courses.

Real estate agents will need these courses during their first year of practice.

Kevo University

If you want a University that does real estate classes in Oklahoma well then Kevo University is right for you.

Their website looks very basic but it is clean and simple to use and follow. They carry this over to the course materials as well.

When you click the “enroll” link for the online 90 hour pre-licensure course you will see the full rundown of the course.

What you learn each class and what is included in each lesson and unit. This amount of transparency is good to see.

Everything is online but you can purchase a textbook if you would like to have one. However, it is not necessary.

There are many schools that keep enrollment open for 12 months after you sign up for the course. But Kevo University only allows six months to complete the coursework.

If you fail to complete it in the time frame you will need to re-enroll for full price.

They do have a course for real estate agents that have let their license lapse and need to take more real estate classes in Oklahoma to get it back.

The online courses that we are focused on are the courses for students that have never had a real estate license.

This is one of the online real estate schools in Oklahoma that will soon be adding a broker licensing class.

The course covers all of the aspects of real estate that you will need to pass the test. There will be vocabulary, law, practices, and many other topics.

4R Real Estate School

4R Real Estate Schools in Oklahoma have a wide range of offerings for the students that register for courses with them.

The four Rs stand for real estate, resolute, relationships, and referrals. All of these things are necessary to become a good real estate agent.

This school became one of the best online real estate schools in Oklahoma because they teach these principles to their students.

As far as courses go they have a number of options but not all of them are online. Only one of them is an online course.

But there is another one that is considered self-paced and works from home. That is the correspondence course that they offer.

It differs from the online course because you do have to meet with the professor once a week to discuss what you have been studying.

The online course is totally online with no in-person requirements. The online course covers everything that a student needs to learn to pass the exam.

But it does have some helpful additions. There are 11 extra chapters included with the online real estate classes in Oklahoma.

The extra chapters are called additional study materials. There are also three practice tests given in the materials for the students.

There are test questions at the end of the chapters for added practice. Real estate classes in Oklahoma require students to pass with an 80% or higher to get the certificate of completion.

The course is in-depth and has good reviews. It is $375 to enroll in this course.

If you want something self-paced but like human contact then you can check out their correspondence course.

The correspondence course is not online at all. You will get physical materials. This course is $400.

Licensing Requirements in Oklahoma

To become a licensed real estate agent in Oklahoma there are some requirements that you have to meet. But before you get to those you will need to meet the pre-requirements.

In the state of Oklahoma a person must be 18 years old and be of good moral character. These two things will get you to the requirements stage.

You do have to meet 90 hours of pre-licensure coursework to be eligible for a real estate license. You can also complete six college credits in a real estate discipline.

Once you have taken the courses or finished the credits you will find a broker to sponsor you. The website says to do this before the exam but it isn’t a pre-exam requirement.

Before you are approved for testing you have to pass fingerprinting and background checks. Once that comes back you can finally take the state exam.

If you pass you will be ready to start selling homes.

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