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Best Online Real Estate Schools In Maryland (Top 3 Online Classes In 2023)

Here’s your guide to helping you find the 3 best online real estate schools in Maryland. These three are the best to help you get your pre-license education.

Getting a real estate license in Maryland is a big decision no matter who you are. There is always a little bit of risk involved with putting yourself out there for a new venture. Luckily, there are many real estate schools that will help you along the way and put you on the right path.

In this article, we have reviewed the best real estate schools in Maryland. Not all of them are the same and some will be more suited to your learning style than others. By understanding these distinctions, you can find real estate classes in Maryland that will give you your best shot at success.

1. Colibri Real Estate: Best Online Real Estate School In Maryland

The video below will give you a comprehensive look at the Colibri Real Estate program:

Colibri Real Estate has established themselves as one of the most popular real estate schools in Maryland. Their courses have been used by thousands of students to prepare them for the Maryland real estate exam. They are time-tested and have the experience necessary to get you ready for your career.

Colibri Real Estate has been around since 1996. Throughout this time, they have developed their curriculum to appeal to all kinds of students. Because of this, they are able to offer some of the most accessible online real estate courses in Maryland.

One of the best things about Colibri Real Estate is that their instructors are already working in the business. Many of the instructors are real estate professionals or real estate textbook authors. This kind of experience is unparalleled in the world of Maryland real estate schools.

Taking your real estate classes at Colibri Real Estate is a good idea if you are a self-starter. Their classes are self-guided and can be done on your own schedule. The on-demand lessons are designed to work for a wide variety of learning styles.

While the classes at Colibri Real Estate are designed to be taken independently, there are other options. Many of their course packages include instructor-led webinars. These can be incredibly helpful if you prefer an in-person learning experience.

The Basic Package at Colibri Real Estate contains the 60 education hours needed to fulfill the state requirements. If you are the kind of person who doesn’t need a whole lot of extra help, this could be your best choice. Priced at just over $100, this is a great deal for someone who is getting their license in their spare time.

They also offer two packages that include some extra exam prep. These could be very helpful if you are slightly nervous about taking the exam. The Exam Prep Plus Package also includes a state-approved instructor Q&A.

If you want the best possible preparation for your career, the Ultimate Learning Package might be your best choice. This package includes not only the 60 hours of required education, it also has a year-long Career Development Membership. This membership is incredibly valuable if you are not starting out with a lot of contacts in the business.