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What Does A Real Estate Agent Do? (Job Of A Real Estate Agent)

In recent years, you have probably heard that the real estate industry is booming. Because of this, you might be wondering, what does a real estate agent do? You may also wonder, what is the job of a real estate agent? In this article, we will dive deep into the job description of a real estate agent and their day-to-day life.

What Is The Job Description Of A Real Estate Agent?

There are many different ways to lay out the job description of a real estate agent. No matter how it is broken down, odds are it will change with each market and in each state. However, there are a few things that will always be the same no matter where you are working.

The main job of a real estate agent is to help clients sell, rent or buy properties. This can be for nearly any purpose be it residential, commercial or otherwise. Whenever there are real estate transactions happening, agents are needed to facilitate the process.

One of the main answers to the question of “what does a real estate agent do?” is counseling clients. Buying or selling a property is an incredibly taxing undertaking that most people can’t do on their own. Because of this, real estate agents are needed to help clients navigate the process and get the most from it.

Because of this, you will need to be incredibly knowledgeable about real estate transactions and the market. Real estate agents must go to an accredited real estate school in order to practice and work. Being well versed in the topic is your main selling point as an agent.

One of the other answers to “what does a real estate agent do?”, is networking with clients. Without a doubt, real estate agents must be comfortable with people. You will have to be a people person in order to successfully help them buy or sell a property.

It also helps to be knowledgeable about homes and have an understanding of basic home improvement. Knowing what a property may or may not need in order to sell is an important skill to have. This will help you effectively communicate to clients and be as honest with them as possible.

What Does A Real Estate Agent Do For Sellers?

If you are the one selling a home, you may have wondered, “what does a real estate agent do for me?” The truth is that agents work with both buyers and sellers and are often on both ends of transactions. Because of this, real estate agents must be adaptable and capable on either side.

Real estate agents for sellers are usually called selling agents or listing agents. One of the most important things that a selling agent can do is prepare the property for sale. This is where having knowledge on homes and the market is the most crucial.

In order for a selling agent to be effective, you will want to hire the help of a home inspector. They will do things like check the plumbing, electrical system and the roof to make sure it’s up to code. This not only helps determine the home’s value, but also helps you determine if it is ready to sell.

Most selling agents will also help stage the home and get it ready to be shown. This usually entails bringing in furniture and making the house look appealing for potential buyers. Because of this, it is helpful to have a good understanding of both merchandising and interior design.

Selling agents will also take photos of the home and get it posted on various housing listings. Knowing what the best places are to list a home is a key skill to have as a selling agent. It is also good to have a good grasp of marketing and social media.

As a selling agent, you will also help clients close the deal. This entails contacting other interested parties and letting them know about the offers. All of these skills help clients get the most for their home.

What Does A Real Estate Agent Do For Buyers?

One of the most common answers to “what does a real estate agent do?” is helping clients find a home. This type of real estate agent is called a buying agent and their job is primarily to work with clients. This means that you will have to be incredibly comfortable working with the public.

Purchasing a home is an incredibly stressful undertaking for most people. Having the skills to work with clients on this task is crucial as a buying agent. You will have to be empathetic and able to walk people through a difficult time in their lives.

You will also have to have an encyclopedic knowledge of the local real estate market. This will help you guide clients to neighborhoods and homes that will be in their price range. Having a good grasp of the market will allow you to perform this task as effectively as possible.

You will also help clients work with a mortgage loan originator to get their mortgage loan. This is where having knowledge of the market will come in handy as well. You must be able to tell clients whether or not they can actually afford a home in the area they’re looking.

Perhaps the most important job of a buying agent is finding house choices for clients. Most people will look at several homes before they decide on the one that is right for them. It is your job as the buying agent to present them with viable options that they can afford and will love.

When asking “what does a real estate agent do?”, you probably think of the job of a buying agent. This is one of the tougher aspects of real estate sales but can also be extremely rewarding. Helping people through this difficult phase is an important job.

Daily Life Of A Real Estate Agent

The day-to-day tasks of a real estate agent are going to change depending on the market. Some days you are going to be focused on aspects that you might not be other days. However, there are some things that are always going to be important no matter what.

One of the most important jobs of a real estate agent is lead generation. This means that you will be sourcing clients and trying to find people who are interested in buying. Because of this, it is important for you to have a background in sales or marketing.

Some daily tasks of a real estate agent are also going to be purely administrative. These will include things like budgeting, data entry and market analytics. Having an eye for these kinds of tasks will be crucial to your success as a real estate agent.

The biggest portion of the daily life of a real estate agent will be working with clients. Meeting with buyers to find out their needs or help them find a loan will take up most of a day. This is why having people skills is incredibly valuable to any potential real estate agent.

You will also spend a portion of time taking clients to look at potential homes. Clients want to have a lot of choices and will give you a list of their needs for a new house. It will be your job to take them to homes that fit this criteria.

You will also need to spend time getting continued education and certificates. This is why it is important that you find a good real estate school that you can keep coming back to. Being able to depend on an institution for all your education needs will save you a lot of time and energy.

What Do You Need To Be A Real Estate Agent?

In order to become a real estate agent, you will have to complete your state’s required education. Most states have a set amount of hours you must spend learning about the business. These can be completed at an accredited real estate school in person or online.

In many states, you will also have to find a brokerage to sponsor you in order to get your license. A brokerage is an umbrella business that has many different real estate agents working under it. This will help you get your foot in the door and start working with clients after you are licensed.

Last but not least, you will need perseverance and dedication to be a real estate agent. Real estate is not easy to break into, but it can be both lucrative and rewarding for the right person. If you have the skills and personality needed, you can be successful as a real estate agent.

Do Real Estate Agents Work Every Day?

One of the reasons people want to become a real estate agent is because of the personal responsibility. As a realtor, you will be responsible for filling quotas and making sure your tasks are completed. This means that you will often have to work beyond a 9 to 5 schedule.

Real estate agents also work based on commissions for sales. You will usually get a percentage of the selling price for homes that you have a part in selling. This alone is motivation to work as much as you can to make as much money as possible.

Because of these factors, real estate agents often work every day in order to make more. However, that does not mean that it’s required for everyone who does the job. Generally, you can choose whether or not to work more than the average person depending on your ambitions.

Is A Real Estate Agent A Good Job?

Real estate is, without a doubt, a competitive job in an incredibly competitive market. It requires a dedication and a perseverance that other jobs don’t need. In order to be successful, you will have to work hard and give 100% effort.

That being said, if you are the type of person who thrives on pressure, realty could be a good job. There are many opportunities for you to make good money and feel fulfilled in your career. If you like immediacy and a meritocracy, real estate agent might be a great job for you.

Real estate could be a good career if you are a people person as well. You will have to be the kind of person who gets along with the public and is interested in helping them. These qualities will go a long way towards ensuring your success in the real estate industry.

Do Real Estate Agents Travel A Lot?

One of the benefits of being a real estate agent is that the job is different every day. You will not necessarily be tied to a desk behind a computer all day. Because of this, you will be spending a lot of time outside of the office and out in the field.

Real estate agents spend a lot of time meeting with clients and showing houses. This is especially true if you are a seller agent for your clients. You will be spending more time in the houses you sell than you are in the office you work in.

If you are a buyer agent, you will be spending a lot of time showing your clients houses. A big part of the job involves traveling around town with your clients. Because of this, you will be working in the field for most of your day instead of in the office.

Is Real Estate A Stressful Job?

As stated above, real estate is an extremely competitive industry no matter where you’re working. There are a lot of different factors that can affect your income and your success as a realtor. Because of this, it can be a stressful job if you let it be stressful.

It will be incredibly important for you as a real estate agent to be able to manage stress effectively. Any job can be stressful if you let it but real estate is very dependent on the individual. You will be responsible for your own success and a lot of times that can be difficult.

Real estate is also very dependent on the market in your area. Markets are incredibly fluid and dynamic and things are changing all the time. This can often mean that your income will be fluid as well, so it is important that you are prepared for this.

Can I Work From Home As A Real Estate Agent?

Depending on your state, there will be different requirements for you to practice real estate. Many times, you have to work for a brokerage before you are able to strike out on your own. This means that you will generally have to work in an office when you are starting out.

If you live in a state where you are able to work on your own, you may be able to work from home. Generally, you will make your own hours as an independent agent. In fact, many people work as a real estate agent in their spare time while working other jobs.

It is important to keep in mind that while you can make your own hours, you will be in the field often. You will not be spending much time at home even if you work from home. Most of your days will be spent showing houses or getting them ready to be shown.

Do Real Estate Agents Work Long Hours?

Because real estate is so competitive, sometimes long hours are required in order to get ahead. This is especially true when you are just starting out and trying to establish yourself. One of the biggest challenges as a new agent is going to be garnering a reputation and clients.

Generating leads can be a time consuming process. As a new real estate agent, you will have to work hard to establish yourself in the community. The industry is small and competitive, so working long hours may be a necessity at the beginning.

Do Real Estate Agents Get Days Off?

Real estate agents generally are responsible for their own success. Because of this, the amount of days off you get will be determined by your expectations for the job. The more you want to make, the more days you will have to work, especially at first.

It is very important that you give yourself breaks if you need them as a new real estate agent. Overworking yourself will generally lower the quality of your work and it’s important to find a balance. Making sure to take days off when you need them will ensure that you are in top form.

Final Thoughts

The day to day life of a real estate agent will change depending on the market you’re in and your needs. If you plan on supporting yourself as an agent full time, it will require a lot of dedication. However, if you are focused and dedicated to your own success, it can be a very lucrative and rewarding undertaking.