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How To Get A Real Estate License In Georgia (2024 Guide)

Real estate can be a lucrative career choice for those that are willing to take the time to be successful. There are steps to get a real estate license in Georgia that some people may not want to take. However, taking them could lead to the best decision of your life.

Choosing a career as a real estate agent in Georgia has great potential due to the booming economy and growth in the larger cities. As more and more people move to cities like Atlanta or Savannah, Georgia is going to need more licensed real estate agents to help buyers find their perfect home.

When choosing to learn about how to become a real estate agent in Georgia there are going to be some questions. One of those is usually about earning potential. When choosing a career or making a change to real estate it is important to know how much money you could potentially make.

With industry averages in the $50,000 salary range for those that work full-time hours, it can be profitable to get a real estate license in Georgia.

When individuals decide to become a real estate agent in Georgia the requirements must be met before they can start practicing. These requirements are not hard but they can be time-consuming and must be done in a certain sequence.

We are going to walk you through all of the steps required in detail to help you get a strong idea of how to get a real estate license in Georgia.

Pre-Requisites To Get A Real Estate License In Georgia

Georgia does have prerequisites that must be met before students can even register for the pre-licensure coursework. Like most states, Georgia has some prerequisites for interested parties to become a real estate agent in Georgia.

Every state can vary so it is important to make sure you know what they are for your state.

Real estate license requirements in Georgia start here.

The first thing that is required for candidates is that they hit the minimum age requirement. Every state has this same age requirement because a background check is typically needed.

Candidates must be 18 years of age or older in order to be able to register for classes to become a real estate agent in Georgia. This isn’t the only prerequisite that Georgia has for potential real estate agents.

Prospective agents also need to have a high school diploma or equivalent to become licensed. If this is something you haven’t obtained yet then you need to take this step first.

When you register for pre-licensure courses they won’t ask you this question but it will be asked on your licensing application. They will not allow you to sit for the state exam if you don’t have a diploma or equivalent.

Step One To Get A Real Estate License In Georgia: Pre-licensure Course

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Each state has pre-licensure courses that are required. Some have more hours that are required. The real estate license requirements in Georgia are middle of the road.

This state requires that each student take 75 hours of pre-licensure course work. This can be done online or in-person. The choice belongs to the student.

However, the school that the student chooses must meet the state requirements for real estate schools. How to become a real estate agent in Georgia starts with the course work.

The pre-licensing course will cover a number of topics as they relate to real estate practice in the state of Georgia. These classes typically cover topics like real estate law on the state as well as the national level.

This part of becoming a real estate agent will prepare students for the final course exam as well as the state and national licensing exams. There are also packages through various schools that will prepare students for the real world side of the business.

As long as the school you choose is accredited by the state board of real estate you will be able to meet the licensing requirements in Georgia.

The 75 hours required to get a real estate license in Georgia is completed as one course that is broken down into modules. Each accredited school typically sets this up differently. However, there are topics that are going to be covered regardless of the school.

There will be topics such as:

  • Real property law
  • Ownership
  • Brokerage
  • Rights and Interests in Real Property
  • Financing
  • Appraisal
  • Settlement Math
  • Closing Transactions

This list is not exhaustive. Any topic that is relevant to the practice of real estate in Georgia will be covered in the course material.

There are a number of options throughout the state of Georgia that offer the courses needed to become a real estate agent in Georgia. Depending on your location and your schedule there are in-person schools.

Some students prefer the personal nature of on-site courses as well as access to instructors and other students for questions. However, don’t let a busy schedule keep you from getting your coursework done.

There are multiple online real estate schools in Georgia. These offer on-demand options for students that can’t attend traditional courses.

Regardless of which style of school you choose there is one thing that you will need from them in the end. The school you choose needs to be able to provide students with either a transcript or a certificate of completion.

This will be required to apply to take your state and national exams as well as receive your real estate license.

Step Two To Get A Real Estate License In Georgia: Course Finals

How to become a real estate agent in Georgia requires several exams. The first one that you will need to pass is your course final.

While it may seem like overkill to have both a course final and two licensing exams, this is part of the process to become a real estate agent in Georgia. The course final must be passed by the students with a 72%.

This is a cumulative exam and will cover all of the topics that have been covered in the entire 75-hour course. This is how to get a real estate license in Georgia. Or at least one very important part of it.

If you don’t pass your final course exam then the school will not issue transcripts or a certificate of completion. Without one of these documents you can’t proceed to the next steps.

One thing that you need to remember when trying to get a real estate license in Georgia is that you will need a proctor for your final exam. When you choose an online real estate course it is often the case that the proctor is part of the program.

For most online courses you will still need to make an appointment with a proctor for this service. For the in-person courses they will have a proctor available at the end of the course.

Since it is an in-person class the students will take the final exam together rather than scheduling it on their own time like the online courses.

If you don’t pass on the first time you will be able to have another attempt. However, it will slow the licensing process down.

Step 3: Background Check

Background Check

Every state requires a background check and most of them require fingerprinting. However, the sequence in which this step comes can be different from state to state. It is important to know when you state this.

When it comes to how to get a real estate license in Georgia, the background check comes right after you pass your final course exam. This has to happen before you apply to sit for your state exams or apply for license.

There is typically a time frame for when this needs to happen. To get a real estate license in Georgia this must be obtained no more than 60 days before you apply to take the licensing tests.

This is an important part of the process. When you become a real estate agent in Georgia you will have access to people’s homes and information.

It has to be certain that licensed agents are trustworthy and have no criminal history. Without a clear criminal history, a licensing application won’t be approved. A student won’t even be approved to sit for the state licensing exam without a clear background check.

Step 4: Find a Sponsoring Broker

Georgia is one of the states that does require new real estate agents to have a sponsoring broker. This will be a broker that mentors the new agent and gives them a place of employment in the beginning.

Real estate agents, in general, must work in an office with a licensed broker. They are the owner of the business and all of the regulations fall on them. This is a great opportunity for new real estate agents to learn the ropes of being an agent.

Not every state requires a sponsor to get licensed. Real estate agents in Georgia will need to work under their sponsor for at least the first year of licensing. At that time they can leave that office and find another office to work out of.

They can also get their own brokerage license and truly work for themselves. When you are choosing a sponsor there are some questions that will help you make a wise choice.

  • Does the broker have a good reputation on the state and national level?
  • What is the structure for commission for new agents?
  • Can you grow with this broker and their office?
  • Do they offer any educational or professional support?
  • What is their technology like in the office?
  • Are their benefits such as health benefits or retirement packages?
  • Do they help with leads and marketing?

If you are not comfortable with these answers as they pertain to the broker you are looking at for sponsorship then you need to look for someone else. It is also wise to identify the things that are deal breakers for you as a new agent.

If technology is important but they still use paper or have an outdated system then that office may not be a good fit for you. Or if the broker doesn’t offer support or leads then this might not be a great sponsor.

Step 5: Sit For Your Georgia State Exam

When all of the other four steps have been met then you are ready to move to the next to last step. It is time to sit for your Georgia State Exam. This is a critically important exam.

If this is not passed with a 75% or above then your license will not be issued. You can take the exam again if you fail but it will hold up the start of your new career.

This exam is not to be taken lightly. It is a 152 question exam. It is broken up into two sections. The sections are for the state information you will be tested over and the national information you will be tested over.

If you are concerned that you are not going to be prepared for the exams most schools do have an exam prep course.

The exam is a multiple choice exam with no other types of questions.

Step 6: You need to get your license

Passing your licensing exam is the last step of the pre-licensing process. However, you will still need to complete an application to get your official Georgia state real estate license.

There are regulations when it comes to submitting your application as well as a time limit. Once you have passed your exam you can apply as early as two hours after you have passed the exam.

There are times when you won’t be able to apply until the next day depending on what time of day you took the exam. If you don’t get the application in on one of those days, you will still have time to apply.

One thing that applicants need to remember is that there is a timeclock on sending in the application. All applications for Georgia state real estate licensing needs to be submitted within one year of passing the exam.

If you don’t meet the one year deadline then you will need to start over with courses, background checks, and testing.

Once you have applied for and received your real estate license in Georgia it is time to get started in your new career. Remember that all of these things do have a cost associated with them, so timely applications and launching of your new career will be imperative.

Georgia is a booming state with many opportunities for new real estate agents to build lucrative real estate careers and achieve that sought after work/life balance.

If you are ready to launch your new real estate career then choose a program and get started.