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Real Estate Express Review: Is Real Estate Express Legit? (2022 Update)

This in-depth Real Estate Express review will help you to decide if this online real estate course is for you. It’s very important that you read this review before you join as it contains important information that you should know before you sign up.

A career in real estate can be gratifying. Real estate agents help people find the home of their dreams and enjoy the flexibility of working from home and scheduling their hours. Real estate is a flexible career that allows you to be the boss or become part of a larger team with various career path options. To earn a high income with unlimited growth potential, you need a solid foundation of skills and knowledge of state laws.

Whether it’s getting a real estate license in California or real estate license in Texas, each state has a separate set of licensing requirements for becoming a real estate agent. The most common conditions include age, education, background checks and fingerprinting, completion of a certain number of hours of pre-licensing courses, and sitting for the state real estate licensing exam.

The amount of time you are required to spend in these courses and their content varies from state to state. Prospective real estate agents can take the real estate pre-licensing course live and in person or they can use a state accredited real estate licensing school like Real Estate Express.

UPDATED: May 2022

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Real Estate Express

Who is Real Estate Express?

Real Estate Express is a leading company in real estate online education and training. They are the largest company that provides courses to prepare for the real estate exam, study guides, and exam prep tests in the U.S.

Started in 1996, Real Estate Express claims to have helped over 400,000 professionals in real estate start a career. Real Estate Express has a learning platform that is nationally accredited and offers pre and post licensing courses, and exam test prep for the real estate profession.

Real Estate Express was the first group of real estate education, online providers, to go through the ARELLO certification process. ARELLO, also known as The Association of Real Estate License Law Officials, maintains exacting standards for distance education courses offered worldwide. Real estate online course providers who meet ARELLO’s standards are approved for distance education certification.

Real Estate Express Review: In-Depth Look at Their Courses

Real Estate Express courses are offered 100% online. Getting your real estate license online offers provides many advantages for busy people.

Online real estate schools permit you to complete lessons and coursework whenever you have time as long as you meet the posted deadlines.

Obtaining your license in real estate online can make it easier to balance work and school.
Online classes can be less expensive than in-person courses, making a real estate license more affordable.

How Real Estate Express Courses Work

real estate express quizzes

Real Estate Express courses are designed for students to learn the material easily, prepare for students for a career in real estate, provide practical skills and knowledge. No programs need to be downloaded to your computer. Everything works in your web browser.

Each student sets up a Real Estate Express online account after enrolling in the course. Your account is where you will manage your profile, payments, access your online courses, and receive your course completion certificates. You can even receive Career Support from your account.

Once you access your online course, you can navigate any part of the course at your own pace using the navigation menu on the left on the page. The top menu bar provides immediate access to email your instructor, use the help menu, take notes, or contact customer service.

Courses are laid out online, similar to most online courses, with a text page that you read through. The course’s progress checker at the bottom of the text page shows you a continuous update of how much of the lesson you have completed and how much more is left to complete.

At each chapter’s conclusion, you will complete a multiple-choice quiz over the material you have just learned. Questions and answers are designed to ensure that students do not have any surprises on the real estate exam date.

If you don’t pass the quiz, you can reread sections of the chapter and retake it. As you are working online, Real Estate Express’s course progress checker tracks the number of hours you are logged in and your course progress.

Real Estate Express’s learning management system delivers the course content at your own pace combined with tools such as a progress checker and goal-setting to enhance productivity and help students stay on track. It’s like having a personalized mentor helping you prepare to pass your real estate license exam.

Real Estate Express uses a unique learning methodology to improve comprehension and retention of critical information known as Smart Bites. Smart Bites breaks down content into smaller chunks, then repeats them periodically as a review and to reinforce the concepts.

Courses are designed to help students stay on schedule with goal setting, progress tracking, and pacing prompts. Their software will automatically track your progress and requirements, so you know how close you are to completing your required number of hours of pre-license real estate classes. Their progress dashboard will alert you to what topics you have completed and what items you still need to finish.

Real Estate Express offers many extras, like in-course note taking and free downloads, to give students the tools to prepare for the licensing exam. After completing the pre-licensing course, you can take the Exam Prep Master Program, a package of 1,000+ practice questions, practice exams, tips, and tricks to understand the exam questions and complete them. You can also create custom exams to focus on topics you struggle to master.

After you have completed a Real Estate Express course, you will be emailed a link to your student homepage and certificate of completion.

What Type of Support Does Real Estate Express Offer?

Customer Service support is available 24/7 via email and phone.

The level of Course support that is available to you is dependent on the type of course package that you purchase. The Basic Course offers only email support. The Exam Preparation Plus package and the Ultimate Learning package offer live webinar support at prescribed times daily Monday to Friday. The schedule of Webinar times and days and topics or open sessions are emailed to you.

Course support is available via your mobile device and email. You can ask experts. Join student forum sessions led by Academic Advisors to learn from other classmates and ask relevant questions.

Real Estate Express Pass or You Don’t Pay Guarantee

Pass or You Don't Pay Guarantee

Very few online real estate education providers offer a money-back guarantee. Real Estate Express’s goal is to provide the best learning experience and make sure you get everything you are looking for from their courses. This goal is why they stand behind every purchase with a satisfaction guarantee. If their curriculum doesn’t feel work for you after one week, you can request a total refund. If you did not begin the course, you have one month from the date of purchase to make a request.

Real Estate Express also offers a Pass or you don’t pay guarantee. The Real Estate licensing exams in most states are challenging, and the failure rate can be as high as 30%. Suppose you have completed a Real Estate Express Exam Preparation, Exam Preparation Plus, or Ultimate Learning Course package and do not pass the state real estate exam. In that case, you have 150 days to use Real Estate Express practice exams to help prep to retake the exam.

If you still don’t pass the exam, you email your failure notice from the state, and they’ll refund your money. The Pass or don’t pay is not available with the Basic Course package.

Real Estate Express Pricing

real estate express pricing

Real Estate Express offers four real estate pre-licensing course packages in 27 different states.

Prices vary depending on the state because each state has different licensing requirements.